Updated August 18, 2021
Average Sterile Processing Technician Salary
$16.55 hourly
$34,000 yearly

Entry level Salary
$25,000 yearly
10 %
90 %
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PercentileAnnual SalaryMonthly SalaryHourly Rate
90th Percentile$46,000$3,833$22
75th Percentile$40,000$3,333$19
25th Percentile$29,000$2,417$14
10th Percentile$25,000$2,083$12

Average Sterile Processing Technician Salary By State

The darker areas on the map show where sterile processing technicians earn the highest salaries across all 50 states.

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Average Salary:

Sterile Processing Technician average salary by State

StateAvg. salaryHourly rateJob Count
District of Columbia$33,250$15.9947
New Hampshire$37,993$18.27143
New Jersey$34,095$16.39778
New Mexico$32,868$15.80102
New York$33,919$16.311,074
North Carolina$30,389$14.61737
North Dakota$42,813$20.5845
Rhode Island$35,050$16.85117
South Carolina$33,105$15.92370
South Dakota$36,422$17.5160
West Virginia$35,368$17.00168

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Highest Paying Cities For Sterile Processing Technician

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CityAvg. salaryHourly rate
San Francisco, CA$55,445$26.66
Norwalk, CT$42,649$20.50
Grants Pass, OR$40,197$19.33
Bellingham, WA$39,896$19.18
Baltimore, MD$39,282$18.89
Royal Oak, MI$39,138$18.82

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How much does a Sterile Processing Technician make?

The average Sterile Processing Technician salary is $34,414 per year, or $16.55 per hour, in the United States. People on the lower end of that spectrum, the bottom 10% to be exact, make roughly $25,000 a year, while the top 10% makes $46,000. As most things go, location can be critical. California, Illinois, North Dakota, Connecticut, and Nevada provide the highest Sterile Processing Technician salaries.

Average Sterile Processing Technician Salary Over Time

Compare salaries for individual cities or states with the national average.

    YearAvg. salaryHourly rate% Change

    Average JOB Salary by Field

    Medical Supply Technician

    Avg. salary: $36,329

    A medical supply technician works at medical facilities where they are primarily in charge of sterilizing instruments and equipment, delivering in a timely and efficient manner. Part of their job is to run sterile tests according to protocols and health standards, monitor and maintain inventory records, and place orders to ensure adequate stock of medical supplies. There are also instances when they must liaise with suppliers, oversee the shipment of orders, and resolve issues should any arise.
    73,787 Medical Supply Technician Jobs

    Avg. salary: $36,521

    Technicians are skilled professionals who primarily work with technology in different industries. They are knowledgeable about the technical aspects of the various items they work with. They are usually working with electricity or with technological advancements. Technicians may be assigned to do the construction of equipment or materials related to their field of study. They may also be assigned to conduct diagnostics and other maintenance activities to ensure that the equipment works properly. Technicians may also be required to conduct basic repairs in case of problems. It is important that technicians have good analytical skills and decision-making skills.
    536,503 Technician Jobs
    Delivery Technician

    Avg. salary: $37,799

    Delivery Technicians are logistics personnel who ensure the safe delivery of the company's products. They usually handle products that require special assistance or assembly. As such, they are expected to be familiar with different company products and basic mechanical activities. Delivery Technicians primarily do delivery services for the company. They should know how to drive and should be able to do so safely. They should also know how to follow directions and have the presence of mind while out on delivery duties.
    57,880 Delivery Technician Jobs
    Central Sterilization Technician

    Avg. salary: $35,930

    A central sterilization technician is responsible for the cleanliness and sterilization of medical tools and equipment, including proper segregation of disposable items to prevent contamination and possible transmission of infections. Central sterilization technicians assist in providing high-quality patient services by ensuring the efficiency and performance of laboratory equipment and maintaining the adequacy of medical supplies. They also categorize medical equipment and keep them in safe and secure storage. Since central sterilization technicians often work inside a laboratory, they must follow strict safety protocols at all times, especially since they are exposed to chemicals and other fluids.
    14,838 Central Sterilization Technician Jobs
    Sterile Technician

    Avg. salary: $32,096

    In the medical industry, a sterile technician is in charge of cleaning and sterilizing surgical and medical tools and devices. They must also operate and organize equipment, monitor the inventory of supplies, maintain official records, coordinate with staff, transport supplies, and keep the cleanliness of different operating areas, decontaminating them to maintain a safe and healthy workflow. Furthermore, a sterile technician must set-up and prepare equipment for procedures, all while adhering to the facility's safety policies and regulations.
    29,458 Sterile Technician Jobs
    Central Processing Technician

    Avg. salary: $31,122

    A central processing technician monitors the daily operations of a processing facility, ensuring equipment and machinery function smoothly and efficiently. They primarily conduct assessments and inspections to monitor and adjust machine parameters, perform quality tests on different products, and ensure that all procedures comply with industry standards and company regulations. Moreover, they also conduct regular maintenance checks on machines, troubleshoot issues, perform basic repairs, report to managers about faulty equipment and processes, maintain daily production records, and enforce safety standards and guidelines.
    35,707 Central Processing Technician Jobs
    Job TitleAnnual SalaryMonthly SalaryHourly RateJob Openings
    Medical Supply Technician$36,329$3,027$17.4773,787
    Delivery Technician$37,799$3,150$18.1757,880
    Central Sterilization Technician$35,930$2,994$17.2714,838
    Sterile Technician$32,096$2,675$15.4329,458
    Central Processing Technician$31,122$2,594$14.9635,707
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    Which Companies Pay Sterile Processing Technicians The Most?

    If you insist on knowing when your check is going to come and for how much, then you'd be better off working for companies like Samaritan Health Partners and Steris PLC as they offer the highest salaries for Sterile Processing Technicians.

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    Recently Added Sterile Processing Technician Salaries

    CompanyJobLocationDate AddedSalary
    Centura HealthSterile Processing TechDenver, CO12/30/2021$36,376
    University of CaliforniaSterile Processing Tchn 1Davis, CA12/30/2021$55,994
    McLarenhlthSterile Process Tech CertFlint, MI12/30/2021$30,136
    Texas Health ResourcesCertified Sterile Processing Tech HoursFort Worth, TX12/29/2021$33,580
    Suny Upstate Medical UniversitySterile Supply Tech 2 (SST)-Sterile ProcessingSyracuse, NY12/29/2021$33,631
    Careerstaff UnlimitedSterile Processing Technician-SPTAstoria, OR12/28/2021$88,698
    SclhsSterile Processing TechDenver, CO12/28/2021$30,825
    Centura HealthSterile Processing TechGarden City, KS12/28/2021$31,305
    Careerstaff UnlimitedSterile Processing Technician-SPTOlympia, WA12/28/2021$73,045
    University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics AuthoritySterile Processing Tech I/II-University HospitalMadison, WI12/28/2021$39,757

    Average Sterile Processing Technician Salary by Demographic

    Sterile Processing Technician Gender Pay Gap

    Male Income
    Female Income
    Median Sterile Processing Technician Income by Race
    Hispanic or Latino Sterile Processing Technicians have the highest average salary compared to other ethnicities. Hispanic or Latino Sterile Processing Technicians have the lowest average salary at $32,150.
    Black or African American
    Hispanic or Latino
    Black or African American$32,272
    Hispanic or Latino$33,757
    Average Sterile Processing Technician Salary by Education Level
    Sterile Processing Technicians with a Masters degree earn more than those without, at $39,462 annually. With a Bachelors degree, Sterile Processing Technicians earn a median annual income of $38,241 compared to $36,355 for Sterile Processing Technicians with an Associate degree.
    High School Diploma or Less
    Some College/ Associate Degree
    Bachelor's Degree
    Master's Degree
    High School Diploma or Less$32,317
    Some College/ Associate Degree$36,355
    Bachelor's Degree$38,241
    Master's Degree$39,462

    Sterile Processing Technician Salaries FAQs

    How much do sterile processors make a year?

    Sterile processors make an average of $48,224 a year ($23 an hour). The range in how much a sterile processor can earn starts from as little as $28,000 a year to as much as $70,000 a year. Factors such as location and type of sterile processor positions can impact how much a sterile processor can earn.

    Top paying cities for sterile processors.

    • San Mateo, CA: $60,417 a year ($29.05 an hour)

    • Berkeley, CA: $58,439 a year ($28.10 an hour)

    • Daly City, CA: $58,275 a year ($28.02 an hour)

    • Richmond, CA: $56,605 a year ($27.21 an hour)

    • Stamford, CT: $55,120 a year ($26.50 an hour)

    • Bellevue, WA: $54,977 a year ($26.43 an hour)

    • Mountain View, CA: $54,809 a year ($26.35 an hour)

    • Brooklyn, NY: $54,187 a year ($26.05 an hour)

    • San Francisco, CA: $54,110 a year ($26.01 an hour)

    • Knik-Fairview, AK: $54,025 a year ($25.97 an hour)

    Top paying sterile processing positions.

    • IMS Steris: $100,531 a year ($48.33 an hour)

    • Sterile Compounding Pharmacist: $92,274 a year ($44.36 an hour)

    • Sterile Processing Manager: $86,154 a year ($41.42 an hour)

    • Sterile Packaging: $77,187 a year ($37.11 an hour)

    • Vice President Sterile Processing Technician: $73,514 a year ($35.34 an hour)

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    How much money does a sterilization technician make?

    A sterilization technician makes $48,224 a year. However, there is a considerable range in how much a sterile processor can earn, starting from as little as $28,000 a year to as much as $70,000 a year. Factors such as location and position type impact how much a sterilization technician can make.

    Highest paying states for sterilization technicians.

    • Massachusetts: $57,208 a year ($27.50 an hour)

    • Washington: $52,020 a year ($25.01 an hour)

    • Maryland: $50,847 a year ($24.45 an hour)

    • New York: $50,174 a year ($24.12 an hour)

    • Nebraska: $49,837 a year ($23.96 an hour)

    Lowest paying states for sterilization technicians.

    • Iowa: $39,991 a year ($19.23 an hour)

    • Alabama: $39,763 a year ($19.12 an hour)

    • New Mexico: $39,475 a year ($18.98 an hour)

    • Florida: $38,374 a year ($18.45 an hour)

    • Mississippi: $37,925 a year ($18.23 an hour)

    Top companies for sterile processing technicians.

    • B.E. Smith: $60.42 per hour

    • Voyage Healthcare: $32.15 per hour

    • Torrance Memorial Medical Center: $31.99 per hour

    • LanceSoft Inc: $31.71 per hour

    • ATC Healthcare: $31.54 per hour

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    Where do sterile processing techs make the most?

    Sterile processing techs make the most money working for B.E. Smith. The national average pay rate for a sterile processing tech is around $27.42 an hour, but at B.E. Smith, a sterile processing tech earns around $60 an hour.

    Overall, there's a considerable range and how much processing tech can make, starting from as low as $15 an hour to as much as $60 an hour. The two biggest determinants and how much a sterile processing tech will make are where the job is located and what company they work for

    Top companies pay for sterile processing techs.

    • B.E. Smith: $60.42 per hour

    • Voyage Healthcare: $32.15 per hour

    • Torrance Memorial Medical Center: $31.99 per hour

    • LanceSoft Inc: $31.71 per hour

    • ATC Healthcare: $31.54 per hour

    Highest paying states for sterilization technicians.

    • Massachusetts: $57,208 a year ($27.50 an hour)

    • Washington: $52,020 a year ($25.01 an hour)

    • Maryland: $50,847 a year ($24.45 an hour)

    • New York: $50,174 a year ($24.12 an hour)

    • Nebraska: $49,837 a year ($23.96 an hour)

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