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What does a Substitute Teacher do

A Substitute Teacher works in the absence of the full-time classroom teacher. They ensure that normal classroom routines are followed and discipline is maintained.

Substitute Teacher Videos

Career Advice on becoming an Art Teacher by Carolyn O (Highlights)

Real Substitute Teacher Salaries

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Job Title Company Location Start Date Salary
Substitute Teacher Ocean Charter School Los Angeles, CA Aug 10, 2015 $69,560
Substitute Teacher Greyhills Academy High School Tuba City, AZ Jan 20, 2012 $49,545
Substitute Teacher Greyhills Academy High School Tuba City, AZ Jan 10, 2011 $48,356
Longterm Substitute Teacher BD of Education Muskegon Co Whitehall, MI Nov 01, 2013 $37,566
Substitute Teacher Ramah Navajo School Board of Education Hillsboro, NM Oct 20, 2009 $36,731
Substitute Teacher South Campus Palatine, IL Sep 22, 2012 $35,479
Substitute Teacher Eagle County Schools Edwards, CO Oct 22, 2007 $32,349
Substitute Teacher Heilicher Minneapolis Jewish Day School Minneapolis, MN Jul 09, 2012 $31,305
Substitute Teacher Heilicher Minneapolis Jewish Day School Minneapolis, MN Aug 20, 2012 $31,305
Substitute Teacher Artesia Public Schools Artesia, NM Dec 28, 2015 $29,573

Top Skills for a Substitute Teacher

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Top Substitute Teacher Skills

The three most common skills for substitute teacher jobs are:
  1. Teacher Lesson Plans
  2. Mathematics
  3. Grade Levels

The skill you don’t need: Classroom Activities.

Language Arts, Pre-K, Classroom Environment, Grade Levels, Student Learning, Teacher Lesson Plans, Mathematics, Permanent Teacher, Subject Areas, Public Schools, Physical Education, Supervise, Classroom Control, Substitute Teaching, Absent Teacher, Special Needs Children, Classroom Activities, Grades K-12, History, Subject Matter

Top Substitute Teacher Employers

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Top 10 Substitute Teacher Employers

There are currently 10 companies that are hiring a Substitute Teacher.

You can also find a good amount of Substitute Teacher jobs here:
  1. Kelly Services
  2. PESG
  3. Kelly Educational Services
  4. Source4Teachers

Kelly Educational Staffing, Kelly Services, PESG, Kelly Educational Services, Source4Teachers, Professional Education Services Group, PCMI, Fairfax County Public Schools, Subteach USA, Shelby County Schools

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