Updated December 31, 2020

How Much Does Summit School Pay?
Employees at Summit School make, on average, $39,926 a year or $19.0 an hour. Those in the bottom 10 percent make under $22,000 a year, and the top 10 percent make over $72,000. Show More

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Summit School Salaries By Department

How much you earn at Summit School depends on your role, and the organizational function that you work in. Employees in marketing roles earn the highest wages at Summit School, with an average salary of $58,923. The it organizational function also pays relatively high compared to other departments, where employees earn $57,172. Departments that don't pay as well at Summit School include the facilities and hospitality/service organizational functions, with employees earning $29,034 and $29,123, respectively.
Average Salary


Salary Range44k - 78k$59k$58,923


Salary Range40k - 80k$57k$57,172


Salary Range41k - 76k$57k$56,622


Salary Range38k - 64k$50k$49,910


Salary Range30k - 54k$41k$40,680

Non Profit/Government

Salary Range25k - 47k$35k$34,547


Salary Range24k - 41k$32k$31,709


Salary Range24k - 34k$29k$29,123


Salary Range22k - 37k$29k$29,034

Summit School Salaries By Job Title

While Summit School employees earn an average yearly salary of $39,926, different roles can command different wages. Some of the positions that earn high wages at Summit School include software engineer, communications director, head basketball coach, and special education teacher. A typical software engineer salary at Summit School is $90,080. Other roles at Summit School include cleaner and resident advisor. A cleaner at Summit School earns an average yearly salary of $23,891.
Job Title
Average Salary
Software Engineer Jobs
Salary Range74k - 109k$90k$90,080
Communications Director Jobs
Salary Range73k - 96k$84k$84,364
Head Basketball Coach Jobs
Salary Range72k - 96k$84k$83,702
Special Education Teacher Jobs
Salary Range69k - 96k$82k$82,138
Speech Language Pathologist Jobs
Salary Range71k - 86k$79k$78,758
Occupational Therapist Jobs
Salary Range69k - 85k$77k$76,817
Assistant Principal Jobs
Salary Range70k - 79k$75k$74,917
Senior Maintenance Engineer Jobs
Salary Range64k - 74k$69k$69,221
Director Of Facilities Jobs
Salary Range56k - 73k$64k$64,101
Operations Manager Jobs
Salary Range48k - 62k$55k$54,692

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Summit School Education Salaries

Job Title
Average Salary
Science Department Chairperson
Salary Range64k - 90k$76k$75,976
Basketball Coach
Salary Range58k - 83k$69k$69,412
Education Director
Salary Range51k - 70k$60k$60,275

Public Speaking Professor

Salary Range53k - 61k$57k$57,247
Salary Range36k - 56k$45k$45,401
Salary Range39k - 44k$42k$41,971

Training Executive

Salary Range37k - 43k$40k$40,497
School Coordinator
Salary Range38k - 41k$40k$39,848
Teaching Assistant
Salary Range36k - 43k$40k$39,703
Salary Range35k - 38k$37k$37,222

Summit School Healthcare Salaries

Job Title
Average Salary
School Psychologist
Salary Range83k - 92k$88k$87,875
Speech Language Pathologist
Salary Range71k - 86k$79k$78,758

Graduate Clinician

Salary Range71k - 87k$79k$78,653
Occupational Therapist
Salary Range69k - 85k$77k$76,817

Speech-Language Pathology Internship

Salary Range69k - 83k$76k$76,261

Graduate Student Clinician

Salary Range60k - 70k$66k$65,543
Speech And Language Specialist
Salary Range53k - 59k$56k$56,478
Food Service Director
Salary Range43k - 65k$54k$53,589
Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant
Salary Range47k - 53k$50k$50,397
Guidance Counselor
Salary Range45k - 50k$48k$47,813

Summit School Administrative Salaries

Job Title
Average Salary
Records Manager
Salary Range48k - 57k$53k$52,537
Office Manager
Salary Range38k - 51k$44k$44,248
Salary Range33k - 39k$37k$36,679
Administrative Assistant
Salary Range29k - 41k$35k$35,050
Salary Range26k - 31k$29k$29,148
School Secretary
Salary Range25k - 29k$27k$27,416
Salary Range25k - 29k$27k$27,383
Office Assistant
Salary Range25k - 28k$27k$27,025
Data Entry Associate
Salary Range21k - 25k$23k$23,274

Data Entry Internship

Salary Range22k - 24k$23k$23,231

Summit School Salaries By Location

When choosing a place to work, it's important to factor in the cost of living when negotiating a salary. At Summit School, the employees are paid different salaries depending on their location.
Average Salary
Redwood City, CA Jobs
Salary Range34k - 73k$51k$50,725
Summit, NJ Jobs
Salary Range30k - 62k$43k$43,435
Seattle, WA Jobs
Salary Range31k - 59k$43k$43,119
Frankfort, IL Jobs
Salary Range25k - 47k$35k$34,827
Dillon, CO Jobs
Salary Range24k - 44k$33k$32,562
Boca Raton, FL Jobs
Salary Range23k - 44k$32k$31,942

Recently Added Summit School Salaries

JobLocationDate AddedSalary
Elementary Spanish Teacher-Long Term Substitute Position
Summit, NJ
Elementary Spanish Teacher-Long Term Substitute Position
Summit, NJ
Summit, NJ
Physical Education Teacher-Long Term Substitute
Summit, NJ
Physical Education Teacher-Long Term Substitute
Summit, NJ
Summit, NJ
Anticipated Building Level Computer Technician
Frankfort, IL
Anticipated Building Level Computer Technician
Frankfort, IL
Frankfort, IL
Licensed Practical Nurse
Frankfort, IL
Licensed Practical Nurse
Frankfort, IL
Frankfort, IL
Kindergarten Teacher-Long Term Substitute
Summit, NJ
Kindergarten Teacher-Long Term Substitute
Summit, NJ
Summit, NJ

Summit School Competitor Salaries

Competitors of Summit School include Bridges Academy, The Monarch School, and Floral Park Memorial High School. The average salaries at Bridges Academy rank the highest, with their employees earning an average salary of $50,170 per year. The salaries at The Monarch School average $49,383 per year, and the salaries at Floral Park Memorial High School come in at $48,797 per year.
Average Salary
Bridges Academy
Salary Range38k - 65k$50k$50,170
The Monarch School
Salary Range37k - 65k$49k$49,383

Floral Park Memorial High School

Salary Range38k - 62k$49k$48,797

Brookstone School

Salary Range36k - 64k$48k$48,430

Brooklyn Schools

Salary Range37k - 58k$47k$46,886

Greensboro Day School

Salary Range34k - 63k$47k$46,881

Hutchinson School District

Salary Range33k - 58k$44k$44,314

John Glenn High School

Salary Range34k - 56k$44k$44,081

Menlo School

Salary Range33k - 56k$44k$43,685

Clarkston High School

Salary Range35k - 53k$43k$43,437

Summit School Jobs