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What does a Survey Manager do at Geosearch, Inc.

* Responsible charge of all aspects of a surveying (field and office) consisting of multiple field crews and supporting technical staff involved with public and private sector land improvement projects.
* Initiate and maintain contact with key personnel and officials of organizations and companies.
* Plan, organize and supervise survey crews, technicians and other staff members.
* Administer contracts and manage projects, interpret, organize, execute and coordinate assignments.
* Schedule and assign work to meet completion date and budget.
* Land Development survey experience required with emphasis physical surveys, plot plans and house staking, commercial and residential a plus.
* Experience with Trimble data collection, GPS receivers, robotic total stations, Civil 3d 2013, and ArcGIS a requirement.
* Knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Google Earth, and Trimble Data Transfer a plus

What does a Survey Manager do at NESC

* Establish operational plans and review staffing levels to ensure schedule and quality on surveying and mapping projects Plan and implement procedures and systems to maximize operating efficiency Provide oversight of multiple survey / mapping teams performing Boundary Surveys, Topographical Surveys, Right of Way Surveys, Legal Descriptions, Horizontal and Vertical Control Networks, Aerial Mapping, Construction Staking, As-built Surveys and Mapping, GIS services and various mapping exhibits Establish and maintain professional relationships to expand the customer / client base in the south Florida region Handle proposals and business development efforts by interfacing with engineering staff and provide external focus to seek project opportunities in the south Florida region Oversee financial details and performance of all survey projects or tasks, and directly supervise office and field staff assigned to the survey group Survey Manager
* Professional Surveyor
* Senior Mapper
* Licensed Land Surveyor
* Geodistist
* Engineering Project Manager
* Engineer
* Licensed Professional Surveyor Survey Manager

What does a Survey Manager do at ICF International

* _
* Working with host country implementing organizations and other survey stakeholders to implement The DHS Program surveys and activities to meet data needs within budget and time constraints;
* Negotiating and/or managing local cost budgets with host country implementing organizations;
* Providing direct technical assistance to countries in various stages of the survey process, e.g., questionnaire adaptation, field staff training, fieldwork monitoring, report writing, and dissemination of the survey findings;
* Assuring that DHS protocols are followed to ensure data quality and timeliness

What does a Survey Manager do at Sullivan, Cotter and Associates, Inc.

* Questionnaire development and design.
* Drafting business requirements for survey tools and processes.
* Data collection, cleaning, analysis and reporting.
* Training Data Analysts, coaching, reviewing and providing feedback on Analysts’ work.
* Report production including layout, table and graph generation, writing, proofing and editing.
* Serve as contact for clients and survey respondents with questions about survey data, process, etc.
* Assist with the development of new surveys or metrics, as required.
* Contribute to articles and marketing materials for client and prospect distribution as well as for posting to the SullivanCotter Website through detailed research of our various data assets.
* Identifying and implementing opportunities for efficiencies with day-to-day survey operations by leveraging software and programming solutions.
* Direct Data Analysts to aggregate and transform data to meet the needs of efficient data analysis and reporting

What does a Survey Manager do at Gap Inc.

* SURVEYSOwns and executes employee engagement surveys at Gap Inc., including: content creation, technical logistics, stakeholder management, and meeting facilitation.
* Partners with cross-brand and cross-functional stakeholders as a strategic thought partner to align survey deliverables with key business initiatives and to track progress against action plans
* Leads vendor relationships to determine strategic direction, implement change management, administer trainings, analyze results, identify trends, and pinpoint and resolve potential issues.
* Manages survey budget, including vendor and program costs.
* Ensures operational effectiveness to continuously add value within budget restrictions
* Supports and provides thought leadership on other employee surveys (e.g., onboarding and exit surveys)
* WORKFORCE ANALYTICSSupports development of key employee metrics and standardized reports, including metrics that support HR dashboards and scorecards
* Integrates survey results with other workforce data (e.g., turnover) to tell a more holistic story and drive action
* Establishes close partnerships with Brand and Function Operations teams to align around key metrics and reporting strategy and processes for the company
* Partners with technology leaders to ensure reporting capability and design are fully integrated with systems decisions (e.g., PeopleSoft, Taleo, SuccessFactors, etc.)
* Delivers ad hoc reporting and analysis to business partners to address business needs
* PREFERRED COMPETENCIES:Track record of:Learning Agility: open to learning and change; reaches out for new information, ideas, experience, and self-awareness

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how to become a Survey Manager

Surveyors typically need a bachelor’s degree. They must be licensed before they can certify legal documents and provide surveying services to the public.


Surveyors typically need a bachelor’s degree because they work with sophisticated technology and math. Some colleges and universities offer bachelor’s degree programs specifically designed to prepare students to become licensed surveyors. A bachelor’s degree in a closely related field, such as civil engineering or forestry, is sometimes acceptable as well.

Many states require individuals who want to become licensed surveyors to have a bachelor’s degree from a school accredited by ABET and approximately 4 years of work experience under a licensed surveyor. In other states, an associate’s degree in surveying, coupled with more years of work experience under a licensed surveyor, may be sufficient. Most states also have continuing education requirements.

Work Experience in a Related Occupation

Candidates with significant work experience as a survey technician can become licensed surveyors. To receive credit for this experience, candidates must work under a licensed surveyor. Many surveying technicians become licensed surveyors after working for as many as 10 years in the field of surveying. The amount of work experience required varies by state.

Licenses, Certifications, and Registrations

All 50 states and the District of Columbia require surveyors to be licensed before they can certify legal documents that show property lines or determine proper markings on construction projects. Candidates with a bachelor’s degree must usually work for several years under the direction of a licensed surveyor in order to qualify for licensure.

Although the process of obtaining a license varies by state, the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying has a generalized process of four steps:

      • Complete the level of education required in your state
      • Pass the Fundamentals of Surveying (FS) exam
      • Gain sufficient work experience under a licensed surveyor
      • Pass the Principles and Practice of Surveying (PS) exam

Important Qualities

Communication skills. Surveyors must provide clear instructions to team members, clients, and government officials. They also must be able to receive instructions from architects and construction managers, and explain the job’s progress to developers, lawyers, financiers, and government authorities.

Detail oriented. Surveyors must work with precision and accuracy because they produce legally binding documents.

Physical stamina. Surveyors traditionally work outdoors, often in rugged terrain. They must be able to walk long distances for long periods.

Problem-solving skills. Surveyors must figure out discrepancies between documents showing property lines and current conditions on the land. If there were changes in previous years, they must discover the reason behind them and reestablish property lines.

Time-management skills. Surveyors must be able to effectively plan their time and their team members’ time on the job. This is critical when pressing deadlines exist or while working outside during winter months when daylight hours are short.

Visualization skills. Surveyors must be able to envision new buildings and altered terrain.

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Real Survey Manager Salaries

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Job Title Company Location Start Date Salary
Survey Manager Kiewit Pacific Co. Pacifica, CA Sep 02, 2010 $140,275 -
Survey Manager Kiewit Infrastructure West Co. Folsom, CA Nov 04, 2013 $124,000
Chief Surveyor (Area Manager) A.L. Helmcamp, Inc. Buffalo, TX Aug 31, 2014 $91,000
Chief Surveyor (Project Manager) A.L. Helmcamp, Inc. Asherton, TX Aug 31, 2013 $88,400
Chief Surveyor (Project Manager) A.L. Helmcamp, Inc. Asherton, TX Aug 31, 2012 $88,400
Land Surveying Manager Ahneman Kirby, LLC Riverside, CT Sep 21, 2015 $83,480

Top Skills for a Survey Manager

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Top Survey Manager Skills

Legal Descriptions, Project Survey, Boundary Surveys, Data Collection, Base Cadd Package, GIS, Oversight, As-Built Surveys, CAD, Survey Department, Office Staff, Project Management, Pipeline, Survey Data, Survey Crews, Total Station, Topographic Surveys, Digital Terrain, Sewer, Construction Layout

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