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Top Systems Operator Skills

Below we've compiled a list of the most important skills for a systems operator. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of systems operator resumes they appeared on. For example, 20.9% of systems operator resumes contained procedures as a skill. Let's find out what skills a systems operator actually needs in order to be successful in the workplace.

The six most common skills found on Systems Operator resumes in 2020. Read below to see the full list.

1. Procedures

high Demand
Here's how Procedures is used in Systems Operator jobs:
  • Developed and implemented many regulations and standard operating procedures using Microsoft Suite, Earned over 20 medals for exceptional leadership skills.
  • Perform operator maintenance task with sufficient technical skills to follow troubleshooting procedures and convey findings to the Field Service Representative.
  • Assisted subordinate operators in the conduct of communication security operations, combat Net Radio interface procedures and associated computer/technical tasks
  • Followed all operational procedures and conducted safety briefings for personnel assigned to assist in operation of the facility.
  • Coordinate emergency operating and restoration procedures with impacted balancing areas during system disturbances and or black start procedures.
  • Identified real-time satellite anomalies and implemented the appropriate contingency procedures to safeguard the spacecraft and restore normal operations.
  • Manage and follow company directed procedures relative to network project upgrades as well as company specialized software upgrades.
  • Analyzed data and developed solutions to problems and procedures for optimum network efficiency with concise documentation of procedures.
  • Developed efficient operations of PC-based imaging and press proof software applications by utilizing company procedures and policies.
  • Conducted technical inspections; supervised troubleshooting and test diagnostics procedures; manage equipment repair and Quality Control.
  • Implemented disaster recovery plans and procedures for a Data Center for mission critical systems and applications.
  • Perform preventive maintenance and system backup procedures regularly in accordance with company standards using tape drives.
  • Controlled the operational changer request process and the development of computerized procedures for software/hardware upgrades.
  • Organized backup tapes into orderly system and developed written procedures and checklists for payroll processing.
  • Performed operational day to day tasks and maintenance procedures to completion with minimum direct supervision.
  • Performed all authorized maintenance and repairs following detailed procedures contained in technical manuals and publications.
  • Formulated and executed detailed procedures to correct satellite anomalies and reconfigure for data recovery.
  • Monitored and inspected all operation procedures and documents used by the entire operations crew.
  • Developed satellite command plans, emergency recovery, end-of-life testing and satellite disposal procedures.
  • Maintained and monitored the technical change request process for all operations and emergency procedures.

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2. Computer System

high Demand
Here's how Computer System is used in Systems Operator jobs:
  • Performed surveillance, combat identification, weapons control, tactical data link management, communications and computer system management.
  • Monitor multiple computer systems using Microsoft computer programs, responsible for tracking and delivery of daily volume.
  • Operated computer system to track officer movements and inmates or minors assigned to a specific facility.
  • Monitored and controlled production computer systems by operating the appropriate system console and associated peripheral devices.
  • Monitored computer systems and infrastructure proactively, escalating faults with all pertinent information.
  • Monitored computer systems for completeness and accuracy of system and job completion.
  • Monitor computer systems and correct and/or report systems problems to appropriate personnel.
  • Performed computer system and communications equipment configurations for uninterrupted real-time support.
  • Monitored computer systems and data collection locally and in remote locations.
  • Directed daily operations of various computer systems, applications and technologies.
  • Monitored all computer systems, operations, and environmental controls.
  • Operated IBM computer systems and various peripheral equipment.
  • Monitored and documented events of various computer systems.
  • Operated computer system which ran two automated warehouses.
  • Monitored and operated Tandem mainframe computer system.
  • Identified and corrected computer system problem.
  • Operated the energy management computer system.
  • Operated various computer systems and applications.
  • Perform maintenance checks concerning computer systems.
  • Perform system/network operations using computer systems.

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3. Management System

high Demand
Here's how Management System is used in Systems Operator jobs:
  • Performed weekly supply and equipment inventories, preventative maintenance, and logistics of equipment using COLTS inventory management system.
  • Utilized various computer based traffic and freeway management systems to manage incident and improve traffic conditions.
  • Maintain security over inventory records and backup warehouse management systems daily.
  • Operate various computer -based traffic and freeway management system.
  • Operate various computer-based traffic & freeway management system.
  • Utilized Warehouse Management System to process order information.
  • Perform field-level maintenance on numerous network management systems.
  • Operated and maintained warehouse management systems.
  • Provide tape management system administration.
  • Document all equipment locations, maintenance information, track parts and any other pertinent information into the work flow management systems.
  • Aided in integration and validation from Wal-Mart's GDS system conversion to the GLS and YMS Warehouse Management systems.
  • Operated a Fire Management System (FMS) in the facility to ensure the safety of all employees.
  • Helped maintain the FMS (Fire Management System) for both the Annex and Main buildings.
  • Entered and closed out work orders in the computerized maintenance management system (CMMS).
  • Provide accurate and timely logging of problems in the incident management system, ServiceNow.
  • Reset user ID's and passwords within the WMS (Warehouse Management System).
  • Maintained required logs to ensure the smooth operation of the Tape Management Systems.
  • Battle Management System Operator, Army (Enlisted), Salerno, Afghanistan.
  • Managed and operated Command and Control (C2) Battle Management Systems.
  • Adjust climate control of buildings on campus using web control management system.

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4. Combat

high Demand
Here's how Combat is used in Systems Operator jobs:
  • Performed maintenance on electronic switches, control centers, combat radios and communication security devices used on US Army telecommunications networks.
  • Provided supervision of personnel and equipment to 24 hour combat operational air traffic radar system and military intelligence network.
  • Maintained status as a combat mission-ready CSO prepared for immediate worldwide deployment in response to national security requirements.
  • Maintained secure email circuits for DoD mobile platforms and safeguarded combat operations message delivery system.
  • Provided vital telecommunications support to top military commanders during training and combat deployment.
  • Provided recommendations to senior leaders on UAS employment methods to increase combat effectiveness.
  • Trained subordinate soldiers to install and maintain communication networks in a combat environment.
  • Increased operator accountability of sensitive equipment and access in a combat environment.
  • Certified combat lifesaver and other optional certifications which strengthened organizational capability.
  • Installed and maintained a communications support network in a combat environment.
  • Performed various operations in a combat environment during deployment to Iraq.
  • Created and implemented fully functional radio schemes for combat operations.
  • Provided aerial refueling and combat logistics support.
  • Maintained physical fitness as combat preparedness.
  • Served as an Air Defense Early Warning Systems Operator for 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade as part of a three man crew.
  • Experienced in Special Operations unconventional Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures, Combat Search and Rescue, and Casualty Evacuation procedures.
  • Supervised a combat mission ready crew of two officers, six Non-commissioned officers and Airmen and up to seven crew trainees.
  • Served as JOC (Joint Operations Center) Radio Telephone Operator (RTO) in down time and during combat missions.
  • Worked and installed PBX (Private Branch Exchange) systems for small and large connectivity in combat theaters around the world.
  • Increased team's combat readiness by providing enhanced tactical training that certified personnel as Air Defense Battle Management crew members.

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5. Situational Awareness

high Demand
Here's how Situational Awareness is used in Systems Operator jobs:
  • Japan Operated passive satellite surveillance system gathered and reported satellite positional data in support of DoD space situational awareness mission.
  • Provide situational awareness and warning from airspace, also providing tactical guidance.
  • Collaborated with multiple support organizations to provide situational awareness to higher management.
  • Developed supplemental visuals for logistic information to maintain situational awareness during training.
  • Provided early warning and situational awareness to peers and supervisors.
  • Provided real time situational awareness to seniors and peers simultaneously.
  • Process, analyze and improve situational awareness constantly.
  • Provide situational awareness and monitoring of airspace.
  • Provide situational awareness and warning from airspace.
  • Provide FOB security and situational awareness.
  • Provided vital situational awareness and early warning data to protect friendly ground and air assets from airborne threats.
  • Delivered critical space situational awareness, missile warning and missile defense to command and space centers.
  • Tracked 40K targets with over 100 observations using SBSS to deliver increased space situational awareness.
  • Provide situational awareness and assessment of enemy airspace Conduct planning and execution of airspace management required for supported echelon
  • Managed and oversaw situational awareness against incoming ballistic missilethreats for entire multinational bases under immense stress successfully.

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6. Operational Requirements

high Demand
Here's how Operational Requirements is used in Systems Operator jobs:
  • Implemented network operations center generated changes to support operational requirements Install, operate, and perform PMCS on power generators.
  • Network management facilities, Trouble shooting and re-engineering nodal assets as needed in support of operational requirements.
  • Selected and loaded appropriate missile profiles and Areas of Interest as determined by operational requirements.
  • Implement network operations center generated changes to support operational requirements.
  • Inspected and ensured area was prepared daily for operational requirements.
  • Utilized Air Force Satellite Control Network resources in support of Telemetry, Tracking, Commanding, and mission operational requirements.
  • Perform network management functions in support of maintain, troubleshooting and reengineering of nodal assets in support of operational requirements.

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7. Internet

high Demand
Here's how Internet is used in Systems Operator jobs:
  • Tested user/process intensive applications for Internet, Intranet and Client/Server based applications.
  • Provide technical support centered on internet connectivity and phone service for customers.
  • Provided high security voice and high-speed internet communications to military VIPs.
  • Provided communications via phone and internet to remote locations.
  • Maintain telephone exchange and internet protocols.
  • Configured Cisco routers, firewalls, and switching components as well as internet protocol based and analog PBX voice switching systems.
  • Maintained heavy and medium data packages by providing SIPR and NIPR internet links and secure telephone links between tactical field sites.
  • Provided phone, internet, network, communication security, and customer support services to deployed units throughout the region.
  • Provided local and long distance voice services, high speed data, and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).
  • Establish, maintain, and repair internet and VoIP communications/JNN Operations for J6/JTF Haiti in support of Operation Unified Response.
  • Provide technical support to unit level Branch with Windows 95, TCP/IP, Internet browsers, and MS Office.
  • Planned and supervised installations of all satellite, internet and radio communications systems in support of management's needs.
  • Manage tactical high-speed data network (THSDN), internet subscriber IP addresses, and switch caller profiles.
  • Tested & repaired integration system cabinets, which provided access to the Internet wireless communication system.
  • Run SATCOM systems for the company and maintain Internet and communications with and through remote locations.
  • Install, operate and maintaining of Internet Protocol based switching, multiplexing and video teleconferencing systems.
  • Served as STT team member, operating a mobile phone & internet connection in several locations.
  • Set up our satellite link which provided Internet and phones to the bases we were supporting.
  • Provided voice, data, radio, and internet communications for elements in the field.
  • Provided internet and VOIP services at home and on critical missions around the world.

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8. LAN

high Demand
Here's how LAN is used in Systems Operator jobs:
  • Monitored and maintained connectivity of 250-user LAN.
  • Installed, maintained and operated equipment such as LAN Switches, Hubs and CISCO Routers in direct support of VoIP users.
  • Installed, configured and upgraded workstations, servers and related hardware and software in a LAN, WAN and stand-alone environment.
  • Supervised, installed, and maintained Local Area Network (LAN) services, communications security and equipment.
  • Supported LAN and WAN operations during peak and off-peak hours of operation on national and international levels.
  • Maintained ATM, WAN and LAN networks through the use of ATM/Ethernet switch and Cisco routers.
  • Monitor the LAN and WAN tunnel between the primary and secondary site.
  • Supported an organization of over 300 users on a LAN network.
  • Monitor and Maintain LAN and WAN link between data centers.
  • Involved in network configuration for planned installation of Ethernet LAN.
  • Configured telephone profiles for 40 subscribers and two LAN lines.
  • Maintained LAN and various large and standard business machines.
  • Monitor All Wan and LAN servers using IP Monitor.
  • Set up and operate both LAN and WAN networks
  • Served as Banyan Vines LAN Group Administrator.
  • Maintained all computer equipment and LAN.
  • Administer a 200 PC LAN using Windows NT, Alpha Server, IBM RS6000 AIX, and HP3000 servers.
  • Install, maintain, update and support TACLAN (Tactical LAN).
  • Trouble Shooting the LAN problems.
  • Managed infrastructure operations, including AS/400 and site-wide LAN Installed and managed new device configurations and profiles across global sites

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9. Communication Systems

high Demand
Here's how Communication Systems is used in Systems Operator jobs:
  • Evaluated tactical data for operations in a joint network and maintained data connectivity between various networks and communication systems.
  • Performed duties as government witness on Vehicular Intercommunication System environmental test, as sole military representative, New York.
  • Satellite communication systems operator-maintainers are responsible for making sure that the lines of communication are always up and running.
  • Operated and maintained voice and data telecommunication systems in secure, high priority environment.
  • Supervised technicians to ensure that proper maintenance procedures of microwave communication systems were followed.
  • Managed, installed, operated and maintained radio communication systems and associated equipment.
  • Maintained and managed the maintenance of computers and other information and communication systems.
  • Qualified and participated in the operation and maintenance of radar and communication systems.
  • Tested and certified Gulf Streams C-20B/C communication systems during periodic maintenance intervals.
  • Conducted remote and on-site troubleshooting for newly installed or existing telecommunication systems.
  • Monitored communication system performance to report status to the commanding officer.
  • Monitored and inspected communication systems maintenance being conducted within the platoon.
  • Maintained and repaired microwave communication systems, antennas and support equipment.
  • Maintained and troubleshot communication systems for Patriot Air Defense Artillery Units.
  • Monitored DoD tactical telecommunication systems through Cisco equipment and PBX services.
  • Performed data connectivity between various networks and communication systems.
  • Conducted daily maintenance on all internal communication system devices.
  • Operated and preformed unit level maintenance on communication systems.
  • Operate and maintain a mobile subscriber radio communication system
  • Performed communication system set-up and operation.

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10. Radar

high Demand
Here's how Radar is used in Systems Operator jobs:
  • Disseminated radar reports, pilot weather information, and intelligence reports to aircrews and associated agencies during unspecified operational deployments.
  • Monitored operation of radar inputs and counter-measure consoles, anti-jamming displays, and radar sensors to enhance radar presentations.
  • Provided computer programming support for the Semi-Automatic Ground Environment (SAGE) computer assisted radar facility.
  • Ensured all operational equipment and enlisted personnel were present in tracking and surveillance radar sections.
  • Provided radar control and monitoring of air weapons during offensive and defensive air operations.
  • Performed troubleshooting on radar components using diagnostic equipment such as voltmeters and frequency counters.
  • Interpreted and reacted to radar scope presentations and to console-generated displays.
  • Maintained and operated phased array radar system through electronic diagnostics.
  • Supervised, trained and evaluated radar operator technicians.
  • Identified aircraft by utilizing radar surveillance systems.
  • Assisted in evaluating radar detection performance.
  • Evaluated radar detection and performance.
  • Maintained maximum radar sensitivity using ECCM techniques to eliminate degradation caused by electronic warfare (EW) activities or other influences.
  • Performed first article inspections on multiple initial builds of projects including RADAR system, FLIR and, PRC-117 radio mounting devices.
  • Prepared various reports, such as radar operation reports, maintenance, parts management in stock and supplies.
  • Conducted JSTARS (Joint Service Target Acquisition Radar System) training for 20 personnel on multiple occasions.
  • Supported data and target acquisition AAA and SAM radar control in real-time simulated ground threat environment.
  • Used advanced radar technology to find, track, and coordinate moving targets on the battlefield.
  • Analyze and interpret images form thermal imagining systems, LIDAR, RADAR and RF spectrum data.
  • Performed operator level maintenance on UNIX based computer equipment, and AN/MPQ-64 Sentinel radar equipment.

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Jobs With Trending Skills

11. Troubleshoot

high Demand
Here's how Troubleshoot is used in Systems Operator jobs:
  • Installed, configured and troubleshoot network hardware, operating system software and peripheral network equipment.
  • Installed, operated, maintained and troubleshoot designated radio and data distribution systems.
  • Perform commanding, telemetry analysis, and troubleshoot command and telemetry anomalies.
  • Provide early warning against enemy incoming missiles and aircraft, troubleshoot computer/radar systems
  • Managed and monitored radio net resources and troubleshoot to maintain maximum connectivity.
  • Coordinated with communication and remote site personnel to troubleshoot network connectivity.
  • Interpreted computer printouts to troubleshoot and replace faulty line-replaceable units.
  • Utilized remote access to troubleshoot and resolve connectivity issues.
  • Maintain and troubleshoot lottery terminals and terminal peripherals.
  • Maintained microcomputers and troubleshoot hardware & software.
  • Monitored and troubleshoot system performance and functionality.
  • Monitor and troubleshoot integrated servers and peripherals.
  • Installed, tests, modified, upgraded, and troubleshoot classified and unclassified computers and peripherals connected in a networking environment.
  • Operate and troubleshoot plant systems in a 750 MW fossil fuel plant Monitoring and adjusting PH levels in scrubber recycle tanks.
  • Respond to events and escalate to the on-call technicians to troubleshoot as necessary with operations of high voltage equipment.
  • Perform and monitor backups and restore as directed and necessary troubleshoot and analyze system, user and printer problems.
  • Maintained, troubleshoot and performed nightly backups of UNIX and windows networks, O/S2, AIX and SUN systems.
  • Collaborated with third party vendors, customers, and internal stakeholders to troubleshoot and resolve data feed issues.
  • Installed, set up and troubleshoot new hardware such as printers, scanners, Blackberry devices, etc.
  • Operated, troubleshoot and repaired on all site generator sets from 85KW to the 1000KW power generation plants.

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12. Customer Service

high Demand
Here's how Customer Service is used in Systems Operator jobs:
  • Provide excellent customer service for client, volunteer and participant inquiries while making on-site adjustments based on game-day conditions
  • Provided customer service and support by regularly offering instructions on how to resolve security and some access/control problems.
  • Follow departmental guidelines on customer service to ensure quality customer service is provided to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Provide customer service that includes accepting requisitions, reviewing specifications of routine and non-complex jobs received.
  • Trained to document all fuel accountability distributed to the customer and provided excellent customer service.
  • Interact with clients on day-to-day basis, delivering exemplary customer service throughout each interaction.
  • Provided customer service and support for all telephone subscribers during deployment exercises.
  • Provided friendly and personable customer service to assist the college faculty/staff/students.
  • Work with International customer service agent in clearing international passenger bags.
  • Received internal and external calls maintaining excellent customer service skills.
  • Provide customer-specific reports to customers, billing and customer service.
  • Recognized for providing customer service that exceeds customer needs.
  • Provide excellence in internal and external customer service.
  • Troubleshooted and managed updates of customer service desktops.
  • Provide high-level customer service to internals and externals.
  • Provided customer service interface with supported organizations.
  • Provided exceptional customer service to military personnel.
  • Trained junior personnel and provided direct customer service
  • Improved customer service by developing a strategic plan focusing on quality customer care, on-time delivery of service and fewer outages.
  • Worked with customer service regarding scheduling, customer alterations, billing, estimating and consulted with customers regarding system work.

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13. Windows

high Demand
Here's how Windows is used in Systems Operator jobs:
  • Attended advanced training courses on UNIX administration, networking, Cisco Network Device configuration and Windows administration.
  • Monitored disk storage activity and performance of Windows Servers including security updates and service packs.
  • Resolved software and hardware issues on Windows based workstations over a nationwide company network
  • Performed attended and unattended setup and configuration of Microsoft Windows.
  • Administrated a Windows local area network of approximately 45 workstations.
  • Provided end-user troubleshooting and desktop support on Windows systems.
  • Assisted in daily planning for spacecraft visibility windows.
  • Operated and installed Unix/Linux and Windows operating systems.
  • Provided Windows Server 2003 database administration.
  • Conducted billing operations for 70+ stores for the Produce and Dry Goods departments, using Windows and Unix platform applications.
  • Recorded and filed all measurements, both manually and with a computer, using both Excel and Windows as needed.
  • Configured and troubleshot on Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT and Windows Server for System Administrator duties.
  • Performed monitoring and troubleshooting of UNIX, Windows NT, and the MV90 C&I System during production.
  • Developed a test domain for the conversion from Windows NT Server (WinNT) to Windows 2000 Advanced Server.
  • Installed all Windows XP updates for the unit as well as imaging all new computers and enforcing group policies.
  • Configured multiple networks using fiber, Ethernet, radio, and satellite connections on UNIX and Windows systems.
  • Streamlined and controlled the automated installation of Windows Updates by deploying WSUS (Windows Server Update Services).
  • Monitored Windows, Unix, & Linux systems, * Install & configure software on user workstations.
  • Organized and managed 40 IBM compatible computers running on DOS, Windows 3.0, 3.1 and 95.
  • Provide backup support for NT4 servers and Windows 95/98 clients to resolve both hardware and software issues.

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14. Hardware

high Demand
Here's how Hardware is used in Systems Operator jobs:
  • Monitored real-time performance of front-end processors and network interfaces Conducted regularly scheduled maintenance including checking and servicing hardware and computer housekeeping
  • Analyzed system hardware and software requirements and developed specifications for a personal computer based imaging and publishing system.
  • Worked with different Tandem applications, performed diagnostics to aid programmers and hardware personnel in problem resolutions.
  • Monitored, measured and optimized individual and combined utilization of hardware, software and telecommunications components.
  • Generate Software Flow Chart identifying Major Software Blocks including hardware interfaces and user interfaces.
  • Perform ongoing hardware and software maintenance operations including installing or upgrading hardware or software.
  • Monitor functions of newly installed telecommunications and computer hardware and software to evaluate performance.
  • Provide operational support for installation, removal and other retailer hardware as needed.
  • Ensured computer and interactive hardware were properly configured for eight tracking stations.
  • Provided customer support in configuration and installation on various hardware and software.
  • Monitored operating systems and reported to development and hardware when required.
  • Experience with signal flow troubleshooting and electronic diagnosing on hardware replacement.
  • Operate all computer hardware and software necessary to accomplish duties effectively.
  • Installed and maintained hardware and software necessary for secure military communications.
  • Respond to patient complaints of hardware situations during their rehabilitation.
  • Performed online/offline common hardware Software diagnostics and fault isolation programs.
  • Supported users with hardware, software configuration/installation and network issues.
  • Installed hardware materials, maintained support for in-house/remote users.
  • Analyzed and isolated classified and unclassified computer hardware problems.
  • Automated many processes and installed hardware and software installations.

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15. Hvac

average Demand
Here's how Hvac is used in Systems Operator jobs:
  • Provided BAS mentoring to include failure and recovery mode testing for each redundant HVAC system and BAS server.
  • Worked closely with craftsman (electricians, plumbers, HVAC, carpenters, and traffic engineers).
  • Inspect and maintain electrical, water, supplied air, HVAC, and hydraulic systems.
  • Utilize knowledge of controls and HVAC to monitor Building Automation Systems for Energy Management.
  • Monitor all Electrical, HVAC, Fire systems, Boiler Equipment and chiller Equipment.
  • Operate, Repair, operate and maintain HVAC systems and equipment.
  • Calibrated and programmed variable frequency drives for HVAC motors.
  • Monitored and made adjusted all HVAC controls throughout Base.
  • Install and program digital HVAC control system.
  • Assist in all HVAC applications.
  • Ice Builders, chillers, air handlers, HVAC, gas fired heaters, large freezers and coolers.
  • Controlled HVAC, security card access and energy management building automation systems using CSI/INET 2000, Honeywell, and Andover.
  • Researched and analyzed several different HVAC systems made for different applications using MATLAB and MS Office Software.
  • Controlled and troubleshot energy and HVAC control systems for Keesler Air Force Base.
  • Train all building support team members in all areas of commercial HVAC and Building Automation associated with Distech and Alerton Systems.

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16. Scada

average Demand
Here's how Scada is used in Systems Operator jobs:
  • Performed trouble shooting the SCADA systems for erroneous or true readings and dispatch needed technical departments for safety and customer support.
  • Provide economic dispatch of generation and gas for CSW's two control areas with use of EMS & SCADA systems.
  • Configure, set-up and maintain historical data files of the Cooperative's SCADA Control System.
  • Major accomplishment - ability to maintain knowledge and understanding of DC Water's SCADA system.
  • Encode the data from SCADA for safe, efficient, economic and safe system operation.
  • Monitor DC Water's SCADA system for normal operation at CSO sites and pumping stations.
  • Monitored and operated Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA).
  • Monitor SCADA equipment and report issues using the work order system
  • Maintained over 50 Pumping Plants and Control over 20 head gates automation from Control Center by Computer with Scada Communication.
  • Monitored process units, via SCADA system and quality control testing performance for plant processes and water quality sampling.
  • Experience with Telegyr and ABB SCADA control systems operation and testing.
  • Job duties include 230kv, 69kv and distribution voltage operations by Scada, as well as outagemanagement and restoration.
  • Monitor Scada Computer switching Substation reading Dispatching Building service orders and switching orders

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17. Air Defense

average Demand
Here's how Air Defense is used in Systems Operator jobs:
  • Established, supervised and participated in unit level training for crew certification programs and Air Defense exercises.
  • Air Defense Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence Tactical Operations Center Enhanced Operator/Maintainer
  • Advised an Air Defense Artillery battalion on automation operations and radio maintenance.
  • Operated and maintained Air Defense Artillery Systems during Operation Determined Resolve.
  • Perform data/network connectivity between various air defense communications equipment.
  • Assisted in the implementation of anti missile air defense into the Patriot Air Defense Artillery system used in Operation Desert Storm.
  • Completed the Terminal High Altitude Air Defense (THAAD) Fire Control and Communications Systems (TFCC) course.
  • Analyzed and tested new software for the Patriot Air Defense System, ensuring a successful live fire missile.
  • Perform security patrols, supporting other Air Defense systems to include all PAC II and PAC III systems.
  • Served as unit Maintenance Chief in charge of all PATRIOT Air Defense systems maintenance for 6 months.
  • Assisted in the designing and troubleshooting of Air Defense Command and Control Operating System Software.
  • Received Good Conduct Medal for exemplary conduct while assigned to the 69th Air Defense Artillery.
  • Worked as a driver, air defense systems operator and tactical operations center constructor.
  • Completed over 400 hours of training required to operate unit aviation/air defense equipment.
  • Served as a crew chief in Air Defense Command and Control nodes.
  • Implement defensive and offensive positioning of Air Defense Systems.
  • Performed operations and intelligence duties in Air Defense units.
  • Provided air defense over the National Capital Region.
  • Worked in the Joint Air Defense Operations Center.
  • Performed data connectivity between Air Defense communications equipment, and Tri-service Tactical Communications networks.

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18. PC

average Demand
Here's how PC is used in Systems Operator jobs:
  • Performed hardware/software installation, PC configuration, system and network troubleshooting and desktop support for users base wide including GSU's.
  • Performed all troubleshooting, maintenance of PCs, printers, dumb terminals, serial communication links, and data files.
  • Administered 120 servers & 9000 PCs; sustained 13,000 users in operating one of the Air Force's busiest airfield.
  • Operated peripheral devices, laser printers, microfiche, tape drives, and mainframe and PC (client/server) systems.
  • Provided PC repairs, upgrades and installations, as well as work station terminal and network device installation and configuration.
  • Performed Critical Services backups, technical trouble-shooting, and repair of PCs and printers on weekend overnight shift.
  • Provide PC support for office staff and maintain/troubleshoot peripherals including printers, fax machines, and scanners.
  • Provided technical support for PC's and peripherals and conducted troubleshooting and installation of Microsoft Office software.
  • Conducted re-imaging and deployment of wired and wireless network PC s, laptops, and peripherals.
  • Performed system and application maintenance of PC's, Mac's and AS400 systems 5.
  • Provided and coordinate reports on-time prompt to end-users / PC's and terminal daily.
  • Perform first-level trouble shooting support for PC, network and mainframe applications issues.
  • Provided PC and software support via phone and remote diagnostics to in-house employees.
  • Performed PCs and servers troubleshooting, and control and update of online content.
  • Prepare and download files from AS/400 to IBM PC using PC Support/Client Access.
  • Operated an IBM AS/400, PC, HP NetServer and its peripherals.
  • Performed backups and nightly processing on a VAX/VMS cluster and PC network.
  • Provided support for IBM OS/2 operating system on all bank PC's.
  • Set up and provide basic troubleshooting of computer equipment and PC's.
  • Major assignments are transmitting and receiving data using PCs and modems.

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19. Setup

average Demand
Here's how Setup is used in Systems Operator jobs:
  • Maintained and setup system networks during all unit training and operations providing voice and data connectivity.
  • Trained new soldiers on proper satellite access procedures including equipment setup and network etiquette.
  • Trained staff on computer-system setup and operations and responsible for keeping documentation current.
  • Performed setup and monitoring of backup and disaster recovery operations.
  • Maintain appropriate documentation of all authorized user setup requests.
  • Provided tech support for network and computer issues, network setup, installation of servers, printers, switches and applications.
  • Gained immense experience in troubleshooting and Infrastructure setup - used ATLASSIAN Confluence wiki as a knowledge base to document everything.
  • Operated and setup auto insertion system, which automatically inserted small electronic components into PCB's.
  • Gas measurement operations and inspections; ABB TotalFlow setup, plate changes and collections.
  • Automated scheduling, on line report setup and XEROX mainframe printer setup.
  • Establish and maintain communications at varying distances, setup networks and perform.
  • Supervised, setup, operated and performed maintenance on the Patriot system.
  • Organized and setup moral and welfare events for 6500 base residents.
  • Planned and setup a digital processing appliance for access management appliance.
  • Install VOIP phones, and setup calls managers.
  • Support and setup users with pager communication devices.
  • Followed established procedures to setup and operate orbital welding systems.
  • Worked with a six man team to setup and maintain a tactical network supporting more than 400 users.
  • Perform operations rounds, equipment setup, Lockout/Tagout, tanker truck loading, and other plant operations duties.
  • Organized and setup multiple reenlistments, ensuring the Army retained the most enthusiastic and highest quality soldiers available.

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20. IP

average Demand
Here's how IP is used in Systems Operator jobs:
  • Assisted in developing Mobile IP communication packages
  • Provide directory services utilizing dynamically assigned IP addresses, domain name server, storage area network, and electronic messaging resources.
  • Managed phone and IP address directory for 3rd Infantry Division assets and provided maintenance to phones and computer terminals as needed.
  • Maintained network administration work, configuration of routers IP phone Firewalls, Electronic switching systems repair and WAN network.
  • Configured, tested, and activated Network IP Routing (NIPR)/Secured IP Routing (SIPR) circuits.
  • Installed, initialized, operated, and performed field level maintenance on the IP Joint Network Node.
  • Set up IP phones, laptops and radios to ensure communications was established for tactical needs.
  • Configured VOIP phones and Cisco Call Manager software to facilitate Voice traffic over the IP network.
  • Verified layer 1 & 2 connectivity of devices to each other and IP backbone.
  • Set up network based boxes by using dynamically assigned IP addresses and DNS servers.
  • Configure Cisco call managers to set up voice over IP phones and other equipment.
  • Operated, deployment, provisioned, and maintained the electronic IP based nodal assemblages.
  • Installed and maintained Cisco IP phone 7965 used for communication within the shelters.
  • Program phone numbers and IP addresses in to the communications switch.
  • Support PelcoSentry 360 cameras, IP camera configuration and focusing.
  • Participated in Basic Networking Course and IP Course.
  • Configure IP phones, program voice gateways.
  • Interpret system and equipment error codes to correct system faults Actively manage IP Communications, audio/video conferencing, mobility, presence.
  • Installed IP radio connections from Fob Kalsu to Camp Victory at an approximate distance of 30 miles.
  • Assist in reconfiguration of IP based nodal systems equipment as needed.

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21. DOD

average Demand
Here's how DOD is used in Systems Operator jobs:
  • Install and Maintain a Complete Communications closet supplying over 250 Rangers with Multiple Servers, DOD Network Classifications and Patch Panels.
  • Test and development team member; worked with DoD and civilian contractors to ensure system met Air Force technical requirements.
  • Evaluated and installed vendor software and security updates for system hardening to conform to DoD Network Security Principles and Standards.
  • Operated and Supported main site of the DOD's Global Transportation System (GTN) at Scott AFB.
  • Provide CIA by verifying IA controls are implemented in accordance with DoD and Air Force IA standards.
  • Identified over 20 personnel on DoD most wanted list; preventing further harm to U.S. coalition forces.
  • Assigned in-flight hardware processing and satellite launch operations for DOD, NASA, and Commercial users.
  • Trained DoD civilians, Army Reserve units, and National Guard personnel on system operations.
  • Created and modified new user accounts in accordance with local and DOD policies and procedures.
  • Performed data processing and satellite operations for DoD, NASA, and other users.
  • Searched RF spectrum for targets of interest; reported data meeting DoD intelligence requirements.
  • Maintained, and serviced DoD servers for eastern US, and European stations.
  • Enforce national, DoD, and Air Force security policies and directives.
  • Processed up to 22 applications daily in strict compliance with DoD requirements.
  • Coordinated efforts with outside agencies to ensure all networks met DoD standards.
  • Test and maintain strategic fuel as per orders from DOD.
  • Supported three DOD satellites (GPS/TAOS/ACE).
  • Served as an range safety for weekly ranges; qualifying over 400 service members and DoD civilians on their individuals weapons.

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22. Peripheral Equipment

average Demand
Here's how Peripheral Equipment is used in Systems Operator jobs:
  • Installed and maintained networked personal computers, servers, networks, and associated networked peripheral equipment and ensured proper set-up.
  • Operate and control computer peripheral equipment.
  • Entered commands, using computer terminal, and activate controls on computer and peripheral equipment to integrate and operate equipment.
  • Operate peripheral equipment which includes mounting forms in printer, and mounting tapes and disks on respective devices.
  • Monitored and operated HP3000 MPE/IX Series 987, 947 with ASK MANMAN database and other peripheral equipment.
  • Operate computer and peripheral equipment to process business memos, and enter data into files.
  • Monitor peripheral equipment and error messages displayed on system console to detect system problems.
  • Installed, maintained, modified, troubleshot, and broke down various peripheral equipment.
  • Load peripheral equipment such as tapes and printer paper for operating runs.
  • Load peripheral equipment with selected materials such as tapes and printer paper.
  • Loaded peripheral equipment such as tapes for AS400 system and network backups.
  • Operate AS400 console and peripheral equipment.
  • Operated and monitored enterprise datacenter computer and peripheral equipment network, tape libraries, and storage area metrics.
  • Monitor Grids HP Operations Manager, Monitor operation of peripheral equipment - printers, IBM/Ricoh 4000-5000 tape drives, disk drives.
  • Installed and performed repairs to hardware, software, or peripheral equipment Installed equipment for service members to use.
  • Operated peripheral equipment such as tape drivers, printers and detachers when required.
  • Operated and maintained DEC VAX 8100 midrange clusters and peripheral equipment.

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23. Nerc

average Demand
Here's how Nerc is used in Systems Operator jobs:
  • Certified North American Electrical Reliability Cooperation (NERC) Reliability Coordinator and Control System Operator.
  • Ensured company was consistently in compliance with NERC guidelines for reliability within the interconnection.
  • Defined specifications and architectural foundations that later supported NERC CIP requirements.
  • Draft self-reports, advocate and negotiate settlements with four Regions, NERC and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).
  • Serve as the lead legal contact for IT, intellectual property, and North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC).
  • Assisted and guided requirement owners with compliance efforts focusing on NERC CIP standards and controls.
  • Use of three way communication, following all NERC and FERC standards.
  • Support the Systems Operations department in keeping up with NERC CIP compliance.
  • Maintain NERC certification & comply with FERC standards of conduct.
  • Prevented violation of NERC and NPCC Disturbance Control Standards.
  • Retired as licensed System Operator NERC.
  • Insure compliance with NERC, SPP, ERCOT, and other guidelines.
  • Attend and participate in energy industry cyber security forums, including NERC's GridEx, GridSecCon, and E-ISAC.
  • Obtained NERC System Operator Certification (Mar.
  • Uphold ferc, ercot and nerc standards and policies.

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24. Emergency

average Demand
Here's how Emergency is used in Systems Operator jobs:
  • Declare energy emergency alerts for entities for who are experiencing a potential or actual energy or capacity deficiency.
  • Provided personal and asset protection by implementing advance security, detailed inspections, investigations, and emergency response.
  • Monitored emergency frequencies in order to detect distress calls and responded by dispatching emergency equipment and or personnel.
  • Resolved on-orbit emergencies, while monitoring ground resources and directing emergency actions to restore mission critical equipment.
  • Transmitted and verified commands using aerospace ground equipment and performed emergency operational actions assuring minimum spacecraft degradation.
  • Coordinated response forces, emergency medical and fire department forces arriving to emergency situations on the installations.
  • Coordinated, organized and managed emergency response, security, and maintenance encompassing the entire facility.
  • Supervised after hour emergency phone calls from customers and ensured effective management of emergency situations.
  • Performed preventative, scheduled, and emergency maintenance on all components of assigned equipment.
  • Monitored and tested ground system resources and implemented emergency procedures to correct failures.
  • Maintained communications between authorities and customers during emergency situations until situation was resolved.
  • Responded to emergency alarms and remotely monitored station flows and alarms via computer.
  • Coordinated planned and emergency generation outages with Southwest Power Pool operations personnel.
  • Installed and maintained specialized emergency power systems and battery back-up systems.
  • Maintain records of emergency personnel and equipment for rapid deployment.
  • Participated in 24/7 on call rotating schedule for emergency operations.
  • Provided emergency support during natural disasters and military operations.
  • Performed unscheduled, and emergency maintenance repairs as required.
  • Assured emergency diesel power generators were functioning properly.
  • Coordinated with Emergency Management operations building evacuations.

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25. System Problems

average Demand
Here's how System Problems is used in Systems Operator jobs:
  • Diagnosed system problems using troubleshooting techniques, technical manuals and schematics.
  • Trouble shoot and rectify computer operating system problems; ensuring inventory correctness in DM Plus system.
  • Collaborate with senior managers, analyst and operation staff to identify and solve daily system problems.
  • Logged computer operating time, system problems and actions taken Created system back-ups.
  • Monitor Server Monitoring System for UNIX based Ensemble system for system problems.
  • Logged and responded to system problems within the Production and Development communities.
  • Categorize, isolate, and resolve system problems.
  • Used backhoe to help repair collection system problems.
  • Investigate system problems throughout pressure zones.
  • Utilized cyber systems techniques to solve operating system problems while maintaining emerging technology ethics.
  • Maintained systems and troubleshot system problems Reduced downtime providing technical resources to co-workers.
  • Interfaced with Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax to solve system problems.

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26. Preventive Maintenance

average Demand
Here's how Preventive Maintenance is used in Systems Operator jobs:
  • Trained and supervised a cross-functional team of military personnel on operations, troubleshooting of system performance, and preventive maintenance procedures.
  • Performed organizational level system maintenance and preventive maintenance checks and services on fire control section and fire direction section equipment.
  • Installed, operated, supervised and performed preventive maintenance on tactical equipment and selected electronic equipment in tactical units.
  • Operated and performed preventive maintenance checks and services on assigned vehicles and power generators, ensuring mission-ready status.
  • Performed preventive maintenance checks and services, and unit level maintenance on communication security devices.
  • Maintained preventive maintenance files and equipment manuals per standard operating procedures and internal audit/compliance purposes.
  • Performed and instructed on preventive maintenance of various pieces of communication equipment and vehicles.
  • Performed regular preventive maintenance on all building equipment and monitored all systems.
  • Performed preventive maintenance checks and operated communication security devices (COMSEC).
  • Completed preventive maintenance of high-mobility artillery rocket systems and cleaned system components.
  • Performed preventive maintenance on equipment in powerhouse and throughout the institution.
  • Performed troubleshooting, basic repair and preventive maintenance on equipment.
  • Performed necessary preventive maintenance on communications and power generation systems.
  • Performed preventive maintenance of associated electronic devices and power generators.
  • Provided electrical troubleshooting and preventive maintenance for sally port gate.
  • Maintained numerous operational logs and performed preventive maintenance inspections.
  • Utilized various test equipment while performing preventive maintenance.
  • Operated and performed preventive maintenance on power generators.
  • Performed preventive maintenance as required on equipment.
  • Performed preventive maintenance as needed.

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27. GPS

average Demand
Here's how GPS is used in Systems Operator jobs:
  • Guaranteed the performance of GPS receiver systems by overseeing testing of vehicle-specific modifications; and successfully performed Delta-V..
  • Qualified on command and control system to maintain GPS constellation operations via a $300M dedicated network of ground control equipment.
  • Planned, built and executed real time commands for GPS, TOAS, and MSX for Anomalies and Disposal.
  • Commanded GPS satellite operations and activity of worldwide network of four dedicated ground antennas and six monitor stations.
  • Operated $3.6B GPS satellite constellation, providing precision navigation and timing to 3B Military and civilian users.
  • Participate in departmental data quality projects, 24 hour monitoring support, and GPS support.
  • Provide continuous navigation signals supporting United States, allied forces and civilian GPS applications worldwide.
  • Planned and performed launch, early orbit and disposal operations for the GPS constellation.
  • Performed Command and Control of NAVSTAR Global Positioning System (GPS) space segment.
  • Assisted with court documents for fugitive apprehension and sex offender GPS tracking units.
  • Supported Launch operations for NAVSTAR Global Positioning System (GPS) space segment.
  • Identified and resolved complex space vehicle and payload anomalies for the GPS constellation.
  • Satellite systems operator and instructor for Global Positioning system (GPS).
  • Monitored GPS spacecraft and executed numerous commands during launch and launch rehearsal.
  • Configured 12 intricate ground communications systems for interfaces with GPS satellite vehicles.
  • Maintained the Global Positioning System (GPS).
  • Certify 19 SOPS personnel as 1 SOPS SSO for the GPS Satellite.
  • Identified a remote ground facility misconfiguration during a critical GPS contact-prevented loss of navigation data to war fighters.
  • Performed training on multi-level Military issued radios and GPS equipment.
  • Programed and maintained GPS systems on UAV and GCS Monitoring Payload Telemetry, Commanding Payload POP 300 Executed government property administration.

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28. Unix

average Demand
Here's how Unix is used in Systems Operator jobs:
  • Tested and evaluated Unix software to improve performance and usability.
  • Conducted after action reports and system status reports utilizing MS Office, LINIX, UNIX, and web based systems.
  • Performed and monitored backups and restores using UNIX utilities and via VERITAS Net Backup application.
  • Utilized UNIX based systems to perform system collection and threat recognition capabilities.
  • Monitor Legato backups of NT Servers, Sun and Unix machines.
  • Handled and supported UNIX Window NT, Window 2000 workstation servers.
  • Scheduled and monitored backups on VMS, AS/400 and UNIX servers.
  • Performed backups on UNIX systems, networks, and the databases.
  • Administer and monitor Month End Billing Scripts written in Unix.
  • Monitored over 200 daily UNIX platform schedules for timely completion.
  • Operated UNIX base EIS System to generate daily sales report.
  • Prepared event data reports using UNIX utilities and commands.
  • Handled system support for Tru64 Unix and VAX/VMS systems.
  • Leveraged knowledge of UNIX commands and understanding of scripts.
  • Monitored UNIX applications and pooling of large tape library.
  • Created/Maintained directories, groups, and files via UNIX.
  • Completed Y2K upgrade of Unix based RIMS system.
  • Monitor Unix mainframe running Oracle and NT 4.0.
  • Maintained UNIX file integrity and system security.
  • Received intermediate training on the Unix System.

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29. System Maintenance

average Demand
Here's how System Maintenance is used in Systems Operator jobs:
  • Conducted routine system maintenance and administrative functions, including system configuration and modifications.
  • Performed backups, report generation, system maintenance and minor programming operations.
  • Supervised daily sensor tests and coordinated repairs of security system maintenance.
  • Performed scheduled and unscheduled system maintenance and inspections as required.
  • Tracked the progress of system maintenance, and provided Q&A to the customer before closing a ticket.
  • Set up system security and handled backups, database capacity, console commands, and other system maintenance.
  • Performed system maintenance and monitored the systems, applications, and data center environment on a continuous basis.
  • Conduct hourly network system maintenance checks using CDS/SMU terminal to include working knowledge of HP Open View.
  • Trained incoming personnel, officer and enlisted, on system maintenance and tactical operations.
  • Maintained system logs, distributing user output, and performing system maintenance functions.
  • Worked with 3rd party vendors for system maintenance and member research.
  • Certified 30 Level (Intermediate level) Senior System Maintenance Operator.
  • Performed daily system maintenance tasks and backups of production systems.
  • Coordinate and implement system maintenance with other support groups.
  • Perform system maintenance, diagnostics, analysis and troubleshooting.
  • Performed system maintenance on Patriot Missile System.
  • Performed system maintenance of all devices.
  • perform system maintenance on large or small electronic switches, and telecommunications equipment installer and repairer.
  • Perform initializations and system maintenance on air/missile defense planning control systems.
  • Job duties included performing march orders, emplacements, initializations, and system maintenance on air/missile defense planning control systems.

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30. Linux

low Demand
Here's how Linux is used in Systems Operator jobs:
  • Configured, troubleshot and maintained Linux satellite routers for network communication supporting 24/7 operations.
  • Monitored both internal and customer-facing systems running primarily Linux.
  • Operated and troubleshot numerous systems adeptly employing my knowledge of signal flow, system functionality and Linux shell commands.
  • Utilized intelligence tools such as: Google Earth, Falcon View, Microsoft and Linux Suites.
  • Maintained and upgraded products within Production and QA Linux environments for Traffic products and services.
  • Created new system calls and recompiled kernel to further develop understanding of the Linux kernel
  • Experience with Linux and responsible for the successful operation of multiple state lotteries.
  • Designed shell scripts to check and correct mistake in Linux file systems.
  • Use of multiple computer operating systems such as Microsoft and Linux.
  • Trained six soldiers in network configuration on LINUX based systems.
  • Worked with MS Office Suite as well training on Linux
  • Developed on Linux using C and debugging with GDB.
  • Use Linux commands to run company applications.
  • Monitor multiple HP proliant DL 3600 Linux servers and monitor root and home directories for disk space usages.
  • Configured Posum camera system running linux to alert on register activity and report unusual transactions

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31. User Accounts

low Demand
Here's how User Accounts is used in Systems Operator jobs:
  • End user support coupled with system management and maintenance responsibilities.
  • Established and managed user accounts to access network management servers.
  • Recruited to a newly developed team devoted to the monitoring of casino servers, coordinating contractors and end user support.
  • Manage user accounts, granting access to the network after confirming user has met all group policy requirements.
  • Administered user accounts and provided help desk functions for deployed personnel in support of special ops.
  • Supported generation and batch processing of various data sets and providing end user support to business users
  • Created, changed, and deleted user accounts Worked with customers to solve disk utilization errors.
  • Created and maintained SIPR and NIPR user accounts in Active directory while deployed in Afghanistan.
  • Manage user accounts for network and applications, to include password resets for staff.
  • Implemented EFS encryption, created group and user accounts and configured NTFS permissions.
  • Create user accounts, printer queues and reset passwords for users.
  • Managed user accounts (password resets, account lockouts etc.)
  • Manage system user accounts and provide customer assistance for assigned systems.
  • Create and maintain user accounts, install and monitor applications.
  • Created and managed over 300 user accounts using Active Directory.
  • Created and maintained 500+ user accounts in Active Directory.
  • Created and managed 500+ user accounts in Microsoft Exchange.
  • Provide end user support for CMS application.
  • Use of Active Directory for user accounts.
  • Created user accounts for TS network users.

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32. MSE

low Demand
Here's how MSE is used in Systems Operator jobs:
  • Performed maintenance and systems troubleshooting on Digital GroupMultiplexer (DGM), TROPO and Mobile Subscriber Equipment (MSE).
  • Installed, operated, troubleshot, and performed unit/DS level maintenance on Multi-Subscriber Equipment (MSE) node switches.
  • Provided unit level maintenance for MSE (Mobile Subscriber Equipment) and DGM (Digital Multiplexer) equipment.
  • Managed, trained, mentored, and evaluated employees responsible for MSE communications support to a 70,000-person community.
  • Supervised installation, operation, and maintenance for tactical Mobile Subscriber Equipment (MSE) area signalplatoon.

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33. Daily Operations

low Demand
Here's how Daily Operations is used in Systems Operator jobs:
  • Established satellite contacts, resolved emergencies, and performed satellite commanding and controlling during daily operations, and end-of-life testing.
  • Coordinated satellite contacts, resolved system emergencies, and performed routine satellite commanding including daily operations through satellite end-of-life testing.
  • Performed daily operation tasks including system monitoring, system back ups and related maintenance activities.
  • Supervised five personnel in daily operations which led to successful evaluation for unit readiness.
  • Supported and managed daily operations completing reports and spreadsheets for weekly briefings.
  • Synthesized daily operations of a company-sized element with numerous offices' requisites.
  • Trained over 60 personnel to integrate orbital safety principles in daily operations.
  • Directed daily operations of the Tactical Automated Security System Control Room.
  • Worked with various departments to schedule jobs without interrupting daily operations.
  • Executed daily operations of water distribution system of 5,000 customers.
  • Supervised and motivated four personnel during daily operations.
  • Supervised subordinates ensuring the accomplishment of daily operations.
  • Managed highly sensitive equipment for daily operational duties.
  • Executed daily operations of the distillation systems.
  • Created documentation for daily operation department procedures.
  • Enforced safety procedures during daily operations; ensured his soldiers understood and applied the risk management process at all times.
  • Provided support for all TUAS daily operations and missions Trained as Mission Coordinator with over 1000 mission hours.
  • Performed end of day accounting of equity trades to ensure system updates did not disrupt daily operations.
  • Supervised 20+ Airmen in daily operations including trouble shooting and maintenance of the HU-25 and HH-65 aircraft.
  • Oversee as well as lead crews on the manufacturing lines through communication and delegating the daily operations.

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34. Active Directory

low Demand
Here's how Active Directory is used in Systems Operator jobs:
  • Maintained and controlled all user access and networked various devices through active directory to allow functional capabilities.
  • Ensured smooth flowing productivity by effectively conducting Active Directory password resets and permission changes.
  • Designed & deployed Active Directory Domain-based infrastructure.
  • Managed Active Directory user and computer accounts.
  • Implemented and managed Active Directory network.
  • Utilized Active Directory to assist users with any account issues, as well as maintain proper privileges for users.
  • Created company standard deployment images for all desktop / laptops using Ghost, Active Directory, and Prism Deploy.
  • Experience with managing users and computers in Active Directory with both Server 2003 and 2008.
  • Managed Active Directory resources for users and devices along with providing system wide profile troubleshooting.
  • Managed electronic mail and log-on accounts for 100 users in Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange.
  • Used active directory tools and network monitoring software to track client usage and traffic.
  • Perform user administration, including Active Directory, VPN, and database user maintenance.
  • Profile creation and permissions via Active Directory for new hires and internal transfers.
  • Set up and managed users and computer accounts under Microsoft Active Directory.
  • Experience with Cisco Call Manager Active Directory and creating user profiles.
  • Assisted the network group with Active Directory unlocking and password resets.
  • Create and allocate Active Directory privileges for users and groups.
  • Add new users to Active Directory with corresponding permissions.
  • Deployed and maintained Active Directory & DNS.
  • Maintain Active Directory for the business.

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35. System Faults

low Demand
Here's how System Faults is used in Systems Operator jobs:
  • Utilized expertise to accurately predict potential spacecraft subsystem and component failures that successfully prevented future satellite subsystem faults.
  • Performed system/network operations and interpreted error codes to correct system faults.
  • Perform system/network operations and correct system faults.
  • Used computers and software tools to perform system/network operations and interpreted system and equipment error codes to correct system faults.
  • Applied first-hand knowledge of the functional operation of electronic units and systems to repair system faults.
  • Identify and resolve system faults using diagnostic tools for fault analysis.
  • Correct any and all system faults that may occur.
  • Interpreted BIT/BITE and error codes to correct system faults.
  • Perform system/network operations and correct system faults, with maintenance on all internal communications systems.
  • Field maintenance on electronic nodal assemblages Perform system/network operations and correct system faults.
  • Interpreted BIT/BITE error codes to correct system faults to include replacement of circuit cards and major subassemblies.

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36. ISR

low Demand
Here's how ISR is used in Systems Operator jobs:
  • Certified on 5 special SIGINT operations ISR aircraft, and 3 airborne mission systems, conducting 450 hours of ISR coverage.
  • Conducted 500 hours of ISR coverage on HVT in support of AFRICOM mission, drafted SIGINT reports, and target profile.
  • Provided threat warning to support ISR reconnaissance missions; supported national level intelligence assets, and simulated real world contingency.
  • Led and participated in over 100 Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • Performed duties as an Airborne Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Operator.
  • Performed identification, acquisition, recording, analysis and reporting of assigned ISR tasks.
  • Trained, advised & assisted partner nation military personnel on ISR capabilities and tactics.
  • Developed & implemented policies & procedures for Special Operations ISR community.
  • Provided threat warning to US ISR platforms - increased aircraft/crew safety.
  • Work schedule varied depending on the need for the ISR asset.
  • Certified and operated on multiple diverse ISR platforms.
  • Developed and implemented training resources for ISR unit.
  • Initial cadre for manned tactical ISR aircraft.
  • experience administering Cisco ISR routers and Catalyst switches.

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37. SQL

low Demand
Here's how SQL is used in Systems Operator jobs:
  • Authored and utilized SQL scripts to successfully complete all steps required for data delivery initiatives.
  • Worked with programmers testing code and provided feedback for enhancements and develop scheduling solutions to batch processing by using SQL queries
  • Analyze written programs (SQL), run SQL scripts, and execute them against SQL Server databases.
  • Transfer non-two-thousand compliant reports over to IQ reports written in SQL for the Y2K billing system.
  • Studied and mastered how to effectively utilize PowerShell, SQL and adding computer network devices.
  • Created, maintained, and queried databases using Microsoft Access and SQL Server.
  • Collaborated with colleagues to search the data error records using SQL scripts.
  • Configured applications using SQL and Microsoft Access and off the shelf applications.
  • Verify the successful completion of jobs by use of SQL Developer.
  • Monitor web server and SQL server running on window platform.
  • Work with the SQL on Oracle databases for data analysis.
  • Tuned SQL queries for faster access of data.
  • Execute SQL script on relation database server.
  • Generated and analyzed SQL reports.
  • Run SQL and Crystal reports.
  • Configure and maintain servers to include, database, cluster, SQL, shared file, and antivirus.
  • Develop web application for the lottery using .NET, SQL, and C#.
  • Develop SQL scripts for the lottery using SQL in Adhoc database.
  • Collect data using SQL queries and report to appropriate personnel.

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38. Trouble Tickets

low Demand
Here's how Trouble Tickets is used in Systems Operator jobs:
  • Maintained and distributed trouble tickets to insure minimum redundancies while maximizing time management and team cohesion.
  • Researched trouble tickets for problem/resolution and produced weekly and monthly analysis reports for management review.
  • Managed the Server Engineering network support trouble ticket queue utilizing Remedy Help Desk software and provided technical support to network users.
  • Create trouble tickets through the use of REMEDY as well as monitor trouble ticket database to ensure overall customer satisfaction.
  • Implemented and managed trouble tickets in a call center environment using Peregrine Service Center and HP OpenView Service Center.
  • Open trouble tickets, and interface with telecommunications providers to resolve issues on both new and existing circuits.
  • Opened trouble tickets, documented problems, provided updates to customers throughout the duration of open trouble tickets.
  • Track, respond to, resolve or escalate and update problems in our trouble ticketing system.
  • Maintained and updated circuit status, changes, and maintenance records with trouble ticketing software.
  • Report problems, write trouble tickets using Track-IT and assign to appropriate IT dept.
  • Track and follow-up on trouble tickets, remote interactions and fix agent notification.
  • Create, escalate and follow up on trouble tickets for current issues.
  • Use of SpiceWorks, LogMeIn, and other user trouble ticketing software
  • Designate trouble tickets to proper shops and/or elevate any unresolved tickets.
  • Created trouble tickets and resolved them utilizing BMC Remedy ITSM.
  • Use of a trouble ticketing system (Remedy).
  • Manage all trouble tickets in Remedy.
  • Monitored 500 company-wide trouble ticket queues.
  • Perform troubleshooting of backhaul and initiate internal or external trouble tickets as appropriate.
  • Used Tivoli Call Tracking to track trouble tickets.

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39. RF

low Demand
Here's how RF is used in Systems Operator jobs:
  • Maintained active critical communications for multiple sites ensuring RF relay equipment remained fully functional.
  • Provided uninterrupted operations including patching, multiplexing, encryption, decryption, and frequency conversion of IF to RF signals.
  • Worked with digital/analog systems, multiplexers, RF antennas, DC power supplies and AC power generators.
  • Replaced modulator tanks, circuit cards, RF & power cables, wires, and antennas.
  • Instruct classes weekly on non-traditional communications, improvisation and Radio Frequency (RF) manipulation.
  • Provided support for RF devices and reported any issue which needed to be escalated.
  • Program and fix RF equipment problems, along with general Computer Room duties.
  • Install and ran Microwave (RF) Network from remote field locations.
  • Operated/Maintained wide variety of remote Radio Frequency (RF) communication sites.
  • Operate and maintain a suite of sensors and RF telemetry systems.

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40. As/400

low Demand
Here's how As/400 is used in Systems Operator jobs:
  • Maintained AS/400 system security administration functions.
  • Perform backups on AS/400; for IBM S/390 perform some scheduling duties; print and breakdown reports, tape area functions.
  • Major responsibilities included, training the entire MIS staff on IBM AS/400 system while learning the IBM 4341 CICS/MVS system.
  • Monitored and executed scheduled/requested jobs in AS/400 job scheduler, NT scheduler and ActiveBatch in a timely driven environment.
  • Involved with the restructuring of corporate and branch office operations, as well as duties pertaining to AS/400 Operations.
  • Supported installation of a new AS/400 system, including acquiring a corresponding AC system for proper cooling.
  • Worked extensively with the IBM E Series mainframe system, running an AS/400 manufacturing software system.
  • Resolved issues with DPU Gateway, Hubs/Routers/Circuits, AS/400 and Support Center Voice Response Unit.
  • Trouble shooting AS/400 I series database problems with minor programming in COBOL and FTP.
  • Support automated warehouse system including proprietary software, AIX, and AS/400 operating system.
  • Maintained AS/400 system, process and bill call records, and help desk.
  • Supervised 4 employees and conducted daily backups for AS/400 systems and servers.
  • Processed and maintained backups for the IBM I- Series AS/400 and servers.
  • Insured the smooth operation of AS/400 system in day to day operation.
  • Maintain the IBM AS/400 mainframe computers are running in good order.
  • Install, configure and support PCs, printer devices to AS/400.
  • Assisted head programmer in maintaining the programs on our AS/400 system.
  • Set Net Work interface program called RUMBA for communication with AS/400.
  • Performed debugging on operational program problems using JCL with IBM AS/400.
  • Backed up major applications to tape on three IBM AS/400 systems.

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41. Cctv

low Demand
Here's how Cctv is used in Systems Operator jobs:
  • Monitored the entire facility using closed-circuit televisions (CCTV) while simultaneously performing dispatch duties.
  • Monitored CCTV cameras, electronic fence systems, and handled all radio communication and tracking of all inbound/outbound personnel.
  • Monitored the flow of traffic on the major roadways and bridges of the city via CCTV surveillance cameras.
  • Support the CCTV Manager by providing monitoring of the maintenance programmer to ensure activity of the system.
  • Facilitate incident management by using IT Components - CCTV, DMS, PVMS and HAR.
  • Tracked and maintained temperature monitoring system and closed circuit television (CCTV) system.
  • Report equipment failure to the CCTV manager to maximize operation of the system.
  • Prepare alarm texts, system maps, and programs Access Control/IDS/CCTV systems.
  • Monitor roadway via CCTV surveillance cameras and detection system.
  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) System Operator.
  • Monitor alarms, CCTV and Vindicator System.
  • Perform CCTV, SVT, PM and LOS audits.
  • Monitor CCTV Cameras Dispatch foot patrol and mobile security officers to alarm, security, and facility calls.
  • Perform CCTV monitoring of the site .

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42. Voip

low Demand
Here's how Voip is used in Systems Operator jobs:
  • Managed network communications for Europe and Afghanistan Theater* Maintained communications through VOIP phones* Regulated data rate* Configured Cisco Routers and Switches
  • Address all users' problems concerning workstations, printers, digital scanners, and voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) phones.
  • Configure, operate, and troubleshooting for Cisco Routers, E-switches, Call Managers, and VoIP phones.
  • Configured and managed Cisco Unified Call Manager and kept inventory of all VoIP equipment.
  • Configure and support Cisco Call Manager Express VoIP phone systems and PBX phone systems.
  • Operate and maintain computer and VOIP networks during training exercises and while deployed.
  • Trained and instructed Marines on Cisco VoIP technology and Cisco Call Manager 8.1.
  • Provided and maintained voice (VOIP) and data connectivity to subscribers.
  • Maintained weekly server, network, VoIP, and system performance metrics.
  • Assisted in integration and validation processes of Cisco VOIP phones.
  • Programmed and maintained switches, routers, and VOIP phones.
  • Provision and test new VOIP phones on our network.
  • Configure and maintain VoIP phones throughout several sites.
  • Install, operate and configure VoIP phone systems.
  • Used various VoIP systems to insure communication.
  • Provided phone services through VoIP.
  • Experienced with programing CISCO routers, switches, and VoIP Phones to design a voice and data network over secure systems.
  • Monitired ongoing prevention assessments in network security protocol featured in NIPR and SIPR environments, and voip.

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43. Satellite Communications Equipment

low Demand
Here's how Satellite Communications Equipment is used in Systems Operator jobs:
  • Configured, aligned, tested, and maintained satellite communications equipment and associated devices.
  • Provided in-field service on mobile satellite communications equipment.
  • Maintained tactical satellite communications equipment and associated devices.

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44. Missile

low Demand
Here's how Missile is used in Systems Operator jobs:
  • Monitored and controlled processing of warning information of Defense Support Program's multinational overseas missile warning ground station.
  • Supervised tactical operations of the Patriot guided missile system and training of Patriot control station operators.
  • Supplied operator to machine interface for manual infrared data collection and missile event processing.
  • Performed launch and on-orbit operations for military communications and missile early warning.
  • Provided reliable communications for Patriot Missile Systems in multiple environments.
  • Specialized in computerized missile technology and related equipment.
  • Managed, staffed and trained 16 personnel to provide year-round 24-hour early warning missile defense coverage over Bahrain and Qatar.
  • Provide guidance and recommendations to the Air Surveillance Officer on effective Anti Radiation Missile counter measures and threat conditions.
  • Briefed members of the Republic of Korea Army on capabilities of communications equipment used in the PATRIOT missile system.
  • Calculated target locations manually and electronically, handled ammunition, operated gun, missile, and rocket systems.
  • Reported over 100 missile launches, logged 1200 operational hours and ensured clear site pictures to national leaders.
  • Operated and maintained communication relay groups (text and voice) as part of the Patriot Missile System.
  • Fort Bliss, TX Performed organizational level maintenance and repair of the Patriot & HAWK Missile Systems.
  • Trained in conjunction with various foreign armed forces in order to maintain Air and Missile Defense readiness.
  • Provided continuous (24/7) human-in-the-loop Interim SBIRS Missile Defense Capability (ISMDC) operations.
  • Performed duties as a Homing All The Way Killer (HAWK) Missile System Operator.
  • Researched and identified 34 checklist deficiencies and revised 204 steps for future missile warning operations.
  • Experienced with Patriot Missile Defense electrical systems, software, radars, and communications equipment.
  • Monitored and maintained constant supervision of all Hawk firing sites and trajectory of missile flight.
  • Supervised missile launch detection using the $17.6B Space-Based Infrared System (SBIRS).

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45. Technical Assistance

low Demand
Here's how Technical Assistance is used in Systems Operator jobs:
  • Assisted distant end users with technical assistance and advanced troubleshooting to ensure minimal downtime of communications links.
  • Provided subordinates technical assistance in resolving connectivity problems, complex maintenance faults, and during contingency situations.
  • Provided technical assistance to subordinates engaged in the operation and maintenance of the satellite communications systems.
  • Provided technical assistance and unit level training for automation systems and automated telecommunications systems.
  • Provided technical assistance and training for automation and communications equipment.
  • Provided technical assistance to subordinates.
  • Supervised and prepares work schedules; assigned duties, provides technical assistance to subordinates in resolving complex maintenance problems.
  • Provide Level 2 Desktop Support, responding to telephone calls, emails and personnel requests for technical assistance.
  • Assisted, trained, and provided technical assistance to users of manual and automated communications systems and networks.
  • Provide advice, technical assistance, and recommendations to subordinates and commanders.
  • Provided technical assistance to the Help Desk.

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46. Secret Security

low Demand
Here's how Secret Security is used in Systems Operator jobs:
  • Received Top Secret security clearance and maintained security and encryption of tactical networks.
  • Maintained secret security clearance and was responsible for confidential papers and software
  • Possessed government Secret Security Clearance while on active duty.
  • Ranked Specialist; Secret Security Clearance
  • Obtained and maintained a SCI Top Secret Security clearance, ensuring consistent and reliable handling of sensitive compartmental information.
  • Performed as senior team member on all aspects of mission operations with a Secret security level clearance.
  • Supply Sergeant 2006-2009; Food Service Specialist 1999-2006 (Currently possess SECRET security clearance level)
  • Obtained and maintained a secret security clearance.
  • Possessed SECRET/NATO SECRET security clearances.
  • Deployed, operated, and maintained communications equipment units in garrison and during deployments while holding a secret security clearance.
  • Awarded and maintained Secret security clearance and assumed legal responsibility for classified cryptographic equipment and information.
  • Maintained and operated communications between networksObtained and held a secret security clearance
  • Obtained Secret Security Clearance to engineer modifications on secret aircrafts.
  • Top Secret Security Clearance Army Good Conduct medal, Army Commendation medal, two Army Achievement medals
  • Achieved E-4 Noncommissioned officer, rated for Special Forces support and acquired Secret security clearance.
  • Service included top-secret security clearance, a 2-year assignment in Germany with a honorable discharge.
  • Obtained TOP SECRET Security Clearance Completed Federal Aviation Administration Training Supported various Military Intelligence missions operating the Shadow Unmanned Aerial System.
  • Obtained Top Secret Security Clearance Supervised Airmen in daily military routines Awarded Achievement Medal for Meritorious Service
  • Top Secret Security Clearance * Served during Operation Desert Shield/Storm * Honorably Discharged

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47. Pmcs

low Demand
Here's how Pmcs is used in Systems Operator jobs:
  • Performed operations and intelligence duties and operates/performs operator PMCS on vehicles/system prime power units.
  • Operated and performed PMCS on PATRIOT system prime movers and power units while establishing and maintaining radio and wiring system.
  • Executed the installation, operation, PMCS and field level maintenance on all associated network management equipment and systems.
  • Install, operate and performs preventative maintenance checks and services (PMCS) on power generators.
  • Conduct PMCS on each system to include its components.
  • Operated and performed PMCS on assigned communications equipment and vehicles.
  • Installed, operated, performed swapping, restrapping, PMCS and unit level maintenance on COMSEC devices.

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48. Backup

low Demand
Here's how Backup is used in Systems Operator jobs:
  • Performed daily data backup of mainframe databases, provided technical documentation of backup procedures to bank personnel for training.
  • Create electronic data backup and disaster recovery operations to prevent loss of information.
  • Performed daily system backup procedures and maintenance insuring optimal performance of system operations.
  • Schedule system backup tests to ensure business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities.
  • Perform remote backup on logical partitions and primary partitions systems.
  • Executed production scheduling and file system backup and restorations.
  • Monitor communications devices; ran computer backup procedures.
  • Authored disaster recovery procedure guide for data backup.
  • Provide backup to facility system operator as needed.
  • Ensured regular performance of system backup procedures.
  • Managed off-site backup rotations and tape inventory.
  • Scheduled and monitored server backups.
  • Maintain school email distribution lists, software data information, and daily, weekly, monthly and yearly server backup tapes.
  • Assisted field Engineers to resolve site problems; run backup tapes; verified transmitters and receivers for 7 metro cities.
  • Monitor backup progress, coordinate corrective measures for backup problems, complete backups, and perform data restores as required.
  • Uploaded and downloaded files, distributed all output reports, performed system backup, processed weekly and month-end batch processing.
  • Provided backup as necessary, and assisted in training others on procedures, operation of equipment and use of tools.
  • Developed RMAN backup scripts for full hot backups, archive log and incremental backups on both production and QA environments.
  • Maintain servers, including e-mail, print, and backup servers and their associated operating systems and software.
  • Upgraded the network operating system software and managed the network backup tape library and off-site storage contract.

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49. UHF

low Demand
Here's how UHF is used in Systems Operator jobs:
  • Provided communication link for subscribers via UHF, VHF, Line of Sight radios (LOS), cables and antennas.
  • Managed and charted a highly motivated team to establish operation of three Ultra high frequency UHF satellite terminals.
  • Maintained and operated UHF, HF, VHF, International Maritime Satellite, and ground-based communications systems.
  • Installed, operated, and maintained line-of-site UHF, VHF, and SHF radio transmission equipment.
  • Controlled a secure tactical radio net by relaying UHF, SHF, and FM radio transmissions
  • Developed proficiency with MF, HF, VHF, UHF and television broadcast systems.
  • Maintained and operated mobile subscriber equipment to include UHF and VHF radios.
  • Installed, operated, and maintained UHF and SHF radio systems.
  • Performed maintenance on UHF and VHF radio stacks.
  • Monitored State of Health for DSCS III, UHF F/O, and NATO III.
  • Operated UHF and SHF radios, which allowed rapid jam-resistant operation in amobile tactical communications environment without fading.
  • Line Of Site ) equipment as well ensuring UHF and SHF radio transmission links from site to site in the field.
  • Attended safety and hazard training for equipmet including UHF, VHF antenna, cables, rope, full body harness.

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Online Courses For Systems Operators

One of the best ways to acquire the skills needed to be a systems operator is to take an online course. We've identified some online courses from Udemy and Coursera that will help you advance in your career. Since systems operators benefit from having skills like procedures, computer system, and management system, we found courses that will help you improve these skills.

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Computer Hardware and Operating Systems
edX (Global)

This is a self-paced course that provides an Introduction to Computer Hardware and Operating Systems This course will cover topics including: Fundamentals of system hardware Introduction to OS concepts OS processes and threads Thread concurrency and deadlocks Memory management...

Operating Systems and You: Becoming a Power User

In this course - through a combination of video lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on practice - you'll learn about the main components of an operating system and how to perform critical tasks like managing software and users, and configuring hardware. By the end of this course you'll be able to: ● navigate the Windows and Linux filesystems using a graphical user interface and command line interpreter ● set up users, groups, and permissions for account access ● install, configure, and remove so...

Embedded Hardware and Operating Systems

This course is intended for the Bachelor and Master's students, who like practical programming and making IoTs applications! In this course we will talk about two components of a cyber physical system, namely hardware and operating systems. After completing this course, you will have the knowledge of both hardware components and operating systems. You are able to plan and use embedded operating systems in resource-constraint devices for Internet-of-Things (cyber physical system) applications. In...

Systems and Application Security

Welcome to Systems and Application Security Course! In the Systems and Application Security Course, you will gain an understanding of computer code that can be described as harmful or malicious. Both technical and non-technical attacks will be discussed. You will learn how an organization can protect itself from these attacks. You will learn concepts in endpoint device security, cloud infrastructure security, securing big data systems, and securing virtual environments. Objectives 1. Identify ma...

System Administration and IT Infrastructure Services

This course will transition you from working on a single computer to an entire fleet. Systems administration is the field of IT that's responsible for maintaining reliable computers systems in a multi-user environment. In this course, you'll learn about the infrastructure services that keep all organizations, big and small, up and running. We'll deep dive on cloud so that you'll understand everything from typical cloud infrastructure setups to how to manage cloud resources. You'll also learn how...

Technical Support Fundamentals

This course is the first of a series that aims to prepare you for a role as an entry-level IT Support Specialist. In this course, you'll be introduced to the world of Information Technology, or IT. You'll learn about the different facets of Information Technology, like computer hardware, the Internet, computer software, troubleshooting, and customer service. This course covers a wide variety of topics in IT that are designed to give you an overview of what's to come in this certificate program...

Practice Tests to get 2019 Comptia A+ Certification 220-1001

Mobile devices, Networking, Hardware, Virtualization and cloud computing, Network and Hardware troubleshooting...

Operational Foundations of Mining
edX (Global)

In this course we will investigate different planning levels, mining methods, downstream beneficiation activities and ancillary services. There will be an emphasis on the mine life-cycle that highlights the opportunities for integration along the value chain. Through this course you will gain an understanding of the key unit procedures involved in different mining operations as you become familiar with different methods of exploiting an orebody, and the various intermediate products that are...

Understand Operating Systems Concepts

Understand operating systems, Be able to explain operating system concepts...

20 Most Common Skill For A Systems Operator

Computer System9.8%
Management System8.2%
Situational Awareness6.7%
Operational Requirements6.2%

Typical Skill-Sets Required For A Systems Operator

RankSkillPercentage of ResumesPercentage
Computer System
Computer System
Management System
Management System
Situational Awareness
Situational Awareness
Operational Requirements
Operational Requirements
Communication Systems
Communication Systems
Customer Service
Customer Service
Air Defense
Air Defense
Peripheral Equipment
Peripheral Equipment
System Problems
System Problems
Preventive Maintenance
Preventive Maintenance
System Maintenance
System Maintenance
User Accounts
User Accounts
Daily Operations
Daily Operations
Active Directory
Active Directory
System Faults
System Faults
Trouble Tickets
Trouble Tickets
Satellite Communications Equipment
Satellite Communications Equipment
Technical Assistance
Technical Assistance
Secret Security
Secret Security

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