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A technical writer and editor is primarily responsible for producing written content that defines and explains technical concepts to inform and educate readers. As a writer, it is essential to research and fact-check details to ensure the material's accuracy and value. They mostly follow directives and complete materials within an allotted deadline and format. Moreover, as an editor, they must also review and proofread materials for any errors and inconsistencies, perform corrective measures, and revise as needed.

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Technical Writer And Editor Responsibilities

Here are examples of responsibilities from real technical writer and editor resumes representing typical tasks they are likely to perform in their roles.

  • Identify and initiate wholesale computer upgrade to accommodate new CMS while allocating and managing staff resources devote to developing the software.
  • Utilize InDesign daily to create various layouts that adhere to strict guidelines.
  • Interview SME (vocational counselor) and benefits applicants, and occasionally provide advice and counseling to applicants.
  • Perform screen walkthroughs on newly design and existing windows to ensure they work as documented in the DDD.
  • Develop taxonomy vocabulary and metadata to improve SEO.
  • Develop self running media presentations and eLearning content.
  • Update Microsoft Visio diagrams displaying customer site computer hardware.
  • Create and maintain product documentation using RoboHelp and InDesign.
  • Experience in updating revisions to DoD technical and programmatic documentation.
  • Design Visio flow charts and plan-o-grams for various logistical applications.
  • Conduct quality assurance review meetings and participate in product testing.
  • Edit eLearning course storyboards and document eLearning course development processes.
  • Certify the functional accuracy of windows compatible weapon employment planning tools.
  • Collaborate to implement best practices documentation methodology for usage with JIRA.
  • Promote content accessibility by maintaining effective metadata structure in SharePoint knowledge management library.

12 Technical Writer And Editor Resume Examples