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The company was founded on January 28, 1981, as Applied Energy Services by Roger Sant and Dennis Bakke, two appointees of the Federal Energy Administration under president Richard Nixon.


Sant was chairman, CEO, and president and Bakke was executive vice president until assuming the position of president in 1987.


One startling discovery was that the S-boxes appeared to be secure against an attack known as Differential Cryptanalysis which was only publicly discovered by Biham and Shamir in 1990.


However, despite all this controversy, in 1994 NIST reformed DES for government use for a further five years for use in areas other than “classifed”.


In January 1997 NIST issued a public request for candidates to replace the aging DES, which resulted in 15 viable submissions from 12 countries.


AES acquired the assets of Indianapolis Power & Light, Ipalco, in 2000.

AES acquired the Chilean-based subsidiary Gener in 2000.


However as of 2003, AES with key sizes of 192 and 256 bits has been found to be secure enough to protect information up to top secret.


Before joining Fluence as CEO, Manuel sat on the Fluence Board of Directors and has long been a proponent of energy storage at AES since 2007.


AES acquired DPL Inc. known as Dayton Power & Light in 2011.


In 2012, Hanrahan resigned, his position as President and CEO of the company succeeded by Andres Gluski.


In fiscal 2015 AES's total revenue was $15 billion.


In January 2018, Siemens and AES launched Fluence, uniting the scale, experience, breadth, and financial backing of the two most experienced icons in energy storage.


During his tenure at AES, he served as Senior VP of Global New Energy Solutions where he was responsible for global expansion in renewables, topping more than 2.8 GW in 2019 alone.

Company Founded
Arlington, VA
Company Headquarter
Dennis Bakke,Roger Sant
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