Updated December 31, 2020

How Much Does Tower US Holdings Pay?
Tower US Holdings employees earn an average of $36,344 per year, which is $17.0 an hour. The lowest earners at Tower US Holdings make under $21,000 a year, while the top 10 percent earn over $62,000. Show More

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Tower US Holdings Salaries By Department

Our data shows that different departments at Tower US Holdings pay different salaries. For example, workers in the engineering function earn the highest salaries at Tower US Holdings, with average earnings of $69,673. The second-highest paying department is it, where employees earn an average salary of $68,822 per year. The lowest paying organizational functions at Tower US Holdings are warehouse and customer service, where employees earn $28,247 and $30,605, respectively.
Average Salary


Salary Range55k - 87k$70k$69,673


Salary Range52k - 90k$69k$68,822

Supply Chain

Salary Range57k - 81k$68k$68,489

Human Resources

Salary Range45k - 90k$64k$63,886


Salary Range41k - 74k$55k$55,184


Salary Range42k - 67k$54k$53,669


Salary Range35k - 71k$50k$50,368

Real Estate

Salary Range34k - 48k$41k$40,918


Salary Range31k - 47k$39k$38,808


Salary Range27k - 51k$38k$37,913

Tower US Holdings Salaries By Job Title

While the average employee salary at Tower US Holdings is $36,344, there is a big variation in pay depending on the role. Some of the positions that earn high wages at Tower US Holdings include project manager, quality engineer, senior accountant, and welding engineer. A typical project manager salary at Tower US Holdings is $85,067. To get a better sense of the salaries at Tower US Holdings, other roles such as cashier and server can be considered as well. For comparison, the title cashier at Tower US Holdings earns $22,489 per year.
Job Title
Job Title
Average Salary
Project Manager Jobs
Salary Range72k - 99k$85k$85,067
Quality Engineer Jobs
Salary Range72k - 83k$78k$77,700
Senior Accountant Jobs
Salary Range66k - 79k$73k$72,896
Welding Engineer Jobs
Salary Range67k - 77k$72k$72,460
Electrician Jobs
Salary Range58k - 80k$69k$68,606
Foreman Jobs
Salary Range57k - 69k$63k$63,471
Production Supervisor Jobs
Salary Range55k - 70k$62k$62,348
Cost Accountant Jobs
Salary Range53k - 66k$59k$59,253
Cost Estimator Jobs
Salary Range55k - 61k$59k$58,511
Tool And Die Maker Jobs
Salary Range52k - 62k$57k$57,457

Tower US Holdings Jobs You Might Like

Tower US Holdings Plant/Manufacturing Salaries

Job Title
Average Salary
Manufacturing Supervisor
Salary Range59k - 70k$65k$64,570
Production Supervisor
Salary Range55k - 70k$62k$62,348
Tool And Die Maker
Salary Range52k - 62k$57k$57,457
Controls Technician
Salary Range47k - 55k$51k$51,225
Sheet Metal Mechanic
Salary Range40k - 49k$45k$45,072

Cooling Tower Technician

Salary Range36k - 38k$38k$37,683
Die Setter
Salary Range34k - 36k$36k$35,803
Salary Range32k - 37k$35k$35,044
Press Operator
Salary Range31k - 35k$34k$33,503
Quality Control Inspector
Salary Range29k - 36k$33k$33,168

Tower US Holdings Construction Salaries

Job Title
Average Salary
Salary Range58k - 80k$69k$68,606
Salary Range57k - 69k$63k$63,471
Cost Estimator
Salary Range55k - 61k$59k$58,511
Crew Leader
Salary Range34k - 37k$36k$35,591
Salary Range32k - 37k$35k$35,044
Electrical Apprentice
Salary Range31k - 36k$34k$34,013

Tower US Holdings Facilities Salaries

Job Title
Average Salary
Maintenance Supervisor
Salary Range47k - 51k$50k$49,650
Maintenance Technician
Salary Range39k - 48k$44k$43,741

Tower Hand

Salary Range41k - 44k$43k$42,810
Salary Range36k - 44k$41k$40,640

Machine Repairman

Salary Range33k - 38k$36k$35,871
Tower Technician
Salary Range34k - 36k$35k$35,436
Salary Range31k - 37k$35k$34,593
Security Guard
Salary Range26k - 32k$29k$29,353
Security Officer
Salary Range25k - 32k$29k$29,047
Salary Range24k - 29k$27k$26,880

Tower US Holdings Salaries By Location

When choosing a place to work, it's important to factor in the cost of living when negotiating a salary. At Tower US Holdings, the employees are paid different salaries depending on their location.
Average Salary
New Haven, CT Jobs
Salary Range30k - 61k$43k$42,891
Auburn, WA Jobs
Salary Range30k - 59k$43k$42,635
Los Angeles, CA Jobs
Salary Range27k - 58k$40k$39,841
Youngstown, NY Jobs
Salary Range27k - 55k$39k$39,213
Rockville, MD Jobs
Salary Range26k - 53k$38k$37,554
Prairie du Sac, WI Jobs
Salary Range27k - 49k$37k$36,518
Chicago, IL Jobs
Salary Range26k - 48k$36k$35,781
Clinton, MI Jobs
Salary Range24k - 48k$35k$34,681
Irving, TX Jobs
Salary Range23k - 48k$33k$33,339
Shepherdsville, KY Jobs
Salary Range24k - 45k$33k$33,005

Recently Added Tower US Holdings Salaries

JobLocationDate AddedSalary
Production Operators Top Out Pay
Shepherdsville, KY
Production Operators Top Out Pay
Shepherdsville, KY
Shepherdsville, KY
Utility Technician (Welder)
Chicago, IL
Utility Technician (Welder)
Chicago, IL
Chicago, IL
Maintenance Technicians
Shepherdsville, KY
Maintenance Technicians
Shepherdsville, KY
Shepherdsville, KY
Production Welders
Elkton, MI
Production Welders
Elkton, MI
Elkton, MI
Production Operators
Elkton, MI
Production Operators
Elkton, MI
Elkton, MI

Tower US Holdings Competitor Salaries

Based on our research, similar companies to Tower US Holdings are ABC Connection, Metal Finishing Co., and Specialty Heat Treating. The wages at ABC Connection average higher than the other similar companies, where the median salary is $72,050 per year. The employees at Metal Finishing Co. earn an average yearly salary of $71,977 per year, and the salaries at Specialty Heat Treating average $71,397 per year.
Average Salary

ABC Connection

Salary Range54k - 95k$72k$72,050

Metal Finishing Co.

Salary Range54k - 94k$72k$71,977

Specialty Heat Treating

Salary Range54k - 93k$71k$71,397
Corsair Components
Salary Range37k - 81k$55k$55,328

Force protection

Salary Range34k - 68k$49k$48,523
Salary Range32k - 63k$45k$45,471

US Pipe

Salary Range32k - 62k$45k$44,706
Matrix Service
Salary Range33k - 60k$45k$44,649
Amsted Rail
Salary Range32k - 60k$45k$44,589
Salary Range32k - 60k$44k$44,428

Tower US Holdings Jobs