Uniti Group CEO and Executives

Executive Summary. Based on our data team's research, Kenneth A. Gunderman is the Uniti Group's CEO. Uniti Group has 316 employees, of which 30 are in a leadership position.

Here are further demographic highlights of the leadership team:

  • The Uniti Group executive team is 20% female and 80% male.
  • 68% of the management team is White.
  • 14% of Uniti Group management is Hispanic or Latino.
  • 11% of the management team is Black or African American.

Kenneth A. Gunderman

President and CEO

Michael Simmons

Chief Executive Officer

Vaughan Bowen

Executive Director

Darryl Inns

Chief Financial Officer

Geoff Aldridge

Chief Executive

Graeme Barclay

Independent Non-Executive Chairman

John Lindsay

Independent Non-Executive Director

Jordan Grives

Chief Executive

Kathy Gramp

Independent Non-Executive Director

Kurt Magner

Chief Executive

Daniel L. Heard


David L. Solomon


Uniti Group Jobs