UT Medical Group, Inc. main competitors are Children's Minnesota, Hawaii Pacific Health, and UMass Memorial Health.

Competitor Summary. See how UT Medical Group, Inc. compares to its main competitors:

  • HealthPartners has the most employees (26,000).
  • Employees at Children's Minnesota earn more than most of the competitors, with an average yearly salary of $80,964.
  • The oldest company is Christie Clinic, founded in 1929.
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UT Medical Group, Inc. vs competitors

UT Medical Group, Inc. salaries vs Competitors

Among UT Medical Group, Inc. competitors, employees at Children's Minnesota earn the most with an average yearly salary of $80,964.

Compare UT Medical Group, Inc. Salaries VS Competitors

CompanyAverage SalaryHourly SalarySalary Score
UT Medical Group, Inc.
Christie Clinic
Ventura County Health Care Agency
Arnot Health
Saratoga Hospital
Carle Foundation

Compare UT Medical Group, Inc. Job Title Salaries VS Competitors

CompanyHighest SalaryHourly Salary
UT Medical Group, Inc.
Children's Minnesota
Scripps Health
Mercy Medical Center, Canton, Ohio
Hawaii Pacific Health
Detroit Medical Center
UMass Memorial Health
Rush Memorial Hospital
Carle Foundation
Saratoga Hospital
Arnot Health
Abbeville General Clinic
Piedmont Healthcare
Southeastern Lifestyle Fitness Center Lumberton
Christie Clinic
Ventura County Health Care Agency
Southeast Georgia Health System
The Institute for Family Health

UT Medical Group, Inc. Jobs

UT Medical Group, Inc. demographics vs competitors

Compare Gender At UT Medical Group, Inc. Vs Competitors

Job TitleMaleFemale
Children's Minnesota22%78%
Christie Clinic26%74%
Piedmont Healthcare28%72%
Carle Foundation29%71%
Hawaii Pacific Health32%68%
UT Medical Group, Inc.--

Compare Race At UT Medical Group, Inc. Vs Competitors

CompanyWhiteHispanic or LatinoBlack or African AmericanAsianUnknownDiversity Score

UT Medical Group, Inc. And Similar Companies CEOs

James C. Leonard
Carle Foundation

Kenneth Bilger
Christie Clinic

KENNY BILGER is a Chief Executive Officer | Chief Financial Officer at Christie Clinic and Founder | Chief Executive Officer at Community Partners Health Plns and is based in Champaign, Illinois. He has worked as Chief Financial Officer | Shareholder at Devonshire Group. Kenny attended University of Illinois Urbana Champaign.

Jen H. Chahanovich
Hawaii Pacific Health

Angelo G. Calbone
Saratoga Hospital

Follow Chris van Gorder
Scripps Health

As president and CEO of Scripps Health since 2000, Chris Van Gorder has been instrumental in positioning Scripps among the nation’s foremost health care institutions. Now he is leading the restructure of the $3.1 billion, integrated health system to best prepare for the changes of health care reform.

Dr. Neil Calman S. is a President and Chief Executive Officer at INSTITUTE FOR FAMILY HEALTH/ and is based in United States.