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Job Title Company Location Start Date Salary
Product Manager for B2B Process Integration Tracelink, Inc. Wantagh, NY May 07, 2013 $130,000 -
Management Analyst Iavarone Brothers of Wantagh LLC Wantagh, NY Sep 08, 2015 $75,000
Executive Catering Chef Iavarone Brothers Wantagh, NY Aug 03, 2016 $65,894
Stone Setter Tatras Construction Corp. Wantagh, NY Aug 26, 2015 $39,957
Assistant Director RRSC, Inc. Wantagh, NY Oct 18, 2011 $37,500
Assistant Director RRSC, Inc. Wantagh, NY Oct 27, 2011 $37,500

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The Plus Group, Jones Beach State Park, CVS Pharmacy, Stericycle, Wantagh School District, Jones Beach Theater, Live Nation, Tragar Fuel Oil, TD Bank, JB Hunt

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