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About WarnerMedia

Warner Media, LLC, doing business as WarnerMedia, is an American multinational mass media and entertainment conglomerate owned by AT&T and headquartered in New York City.

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Warner Media, LLC, doing business as WarnerMedia, is an American multinational mass media and entertainment conglomerate owned by AT&T and headquartered in New York City.

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March 19, 2019 on Zippia

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February 16, 2017 on Reddit

What's the craziest thing you've ever heard? And why isn't twc listed as a tv provider on most apps

I have no idea why they're not listed on most apps. I live in the north now and have Xfinity for our tv and it doesn't show up on many apps either. The craziest thing I've ever heard: I was on the phone with a customer who was telling me off about her bill and services not working. Sounds typical, right? Nah. She was cussing me out and screaming because she has late fees on her bill. I check out the account and she hasn't paid in 10 months. How her services JUST stopped working is beyond me. So she's in the middle of cursing me out about her late fees and she says.... "Why the *** would I pay my bill on time if my service don't even work?!" I said "ma'am, your services were just turned off last week after 9 months of no payment." Then she gets her teenage/young adult children on the phone to tell me off with her. So I'm on speaker with this lady and her grown kids cursing me out. So she wants to speak to a manager. I tell her no problem, and put her on hold. Now, there are two types of hold: the hold with music and ads... this means the call center employee can't hear you. Then there's the other hold... and by that I mean putting the customer on mute. So, she was on mute and she doesn't think I can hear her. And as it states when you call in, the call was being monitored/recorded. She doesn't realize I can hear her, and likely doesn't remember calls are recorded... So I hear her telling her kids how "that *** needs to turn on my cable before I kick her ***" followed by some pretty colorful threats. She's on mute the whole time and I'm just laughing. Needless to say she didn't get any credits.
February 16, 2017 on Reddit

Describe the angriest customer you spoke to.

Angriest? This man called in who lived in Canada but had a summer house in America. He claimed that every year when he leaves, we put his service on hold until they come back for a small fee, I believe 10 dollars a month (they do this for customers who have multiple residences) and that he put his service on hold in August (while he went back to Canada) and came back in May to find a massive bill and was charged for all those months of service (mind you he had a triple bundle... tv, internet and phone). Not only was he billed all of those months but they also took off his bundle offer so he was charged full price for everything for 9 months. After checking the notes on his account, he indeed called in and they noted that but never put the codes in. He was super nice to me because I was understanding and was genuinely trying to help him. My *** manager made him wait for an hour, then told me to tell the man he was SOL. So I complained to his immediate supervisor who still didn't do anything but offer a one month credit? Wtf. So I went to the floor manager (manages all of the teams) and told her what was going on. She helped me out and we set everything straight and refunded him. I felt so bad for the guy and was pissed that everyone took so damn long to help him out. Most annoying: A customer called in because her cable wasn't working (her box wasn't on) but kept me on the phone for 30 minutes. Why? She asked me if I was a Christian. I said no (I was in north Carolyn and all of our calls were from the south so not being a Christian was a huge deal). She asked what religion I was, and I said Muslim. She flipped her *** and ranted for 30 minutes then demanded to speak to a manager because a Muslim worked at her cable company. My manager hung up on her. Most awkward: a customer called in and was complaining that somehow he had "adult subscriptions" on his bill and he never ever ordered that. I look at the account notes and see that he calls every month to ask for refunds. Explaining to him that basically TWC didn't believe him for the 50th time was pretty awkward... his wife was on speaker with him. Haha.
February 16, 2017 on Reddit

What was the best deal you could give a current customer to try to prevent them from canceling service?

We were told to upsell them. Not a joke. There were a few limited deals you could give a cancelling customer, but they were never as good as the "first time customer" deals and were ONLY if the customer would upgrade their current package.
February 16, 2017 on Reddit

Hello, my question is what exactly would you tell people to stop from cancelling when their bills go up each month?

This was the most frustrating part of the job. Our managers were absolute crap and did nothing to help 99% of the time. The way the TWC call center is setup, at least in North Carolina, is that you have several floors, but one floor is for the call center. That floor has about 20 "teams" (there's no teamwork) with one manager per team. The teams consist of probably 10-15 people and each team works a specific shift (7-4, 3-10, etc). The manager sits at the end of his team at a desk surrounded by those office cubicle wall things. The issue is, you're not allowed to walk up to your managers desk. You have to use the work chat system to contact your manager if a customer is demanding to speak to a manager. What happens is you have basically no power to do anything, you'll get fired for giving unauthorized discounts to keep a customer, and your calls are monitored and you're graded on wether or not you tried to sell at least one product on each call, including while they are waiting to speak to a manager which can take 20+ minutes or never happen. You're not allowed to place them on hold for too long without penalty, and are given consequences at work if you don't upsell the customer constantly. The results are bad survey scores for the employees and angry customers. What we were told to do when a customer was cancelling was UPSELL them. I swear to God.
February 16, 2017 on Reddit

How much did you make?

Roughly $13 an hour, but that was due to prior experience (AT&T retail). I believe for non-supervisor positions you usually start around $10.
February 16, 2017 on Reddit

Did that job drive you to drinking or drugs?

No, but it drove me to move 900+ miles away where TWC service doesn't exist :D
February 16, 2017 on Reddit

Did you ever "hang up" on anybody.

All the time. There was a way to do it so that it looked like the customer hung up so you wouldn't get in trouble. Or sometimes we would "accidentally" close our call software which would disconnect the call and look like a software error. However, pressing the end call button would just get you fired.

Was your job just as bad as their service?

Yes. I hated it. Other job I had I didn't mind, or even enjoyed. But TWC? I'm pretty sure working there is WORSE than their service.
February 16, 2017 on Reddit

How many death threats did you receive?

Haha, no death threats. However, a coworker of mine did get one! Plenty of cursing, screaming customers though.
January 8, 2016 on Reddit

How was the pay? How hard is it to get fired?

Pay was pretty damn good if you made payout. You had to get below a certain statistical threshold. It was pretty difficult to get fired. The job has an extremely high turnover rate, so they wanted to do everything in their power to keep people. However, I would NOT recommend that job, to anyone, unless you're willing and ready to lie to customers in EVERY call, and are prepared to spend 6-10 hours a day getting yelled at for stuff that isn't your fault.

I used to work tier 1 tech support with Time Warner Cable. I probably transferred quite a few guys your way. I'm sorry. :(

It didn't matter, regardless. If a customer had a problem, they'd ask for a truck roll. The truck roll would cost money so then they'd want to cancel. They'd get transferred to me, at that point, I'd attempt to save them (and of course, after being transferred, every customer is angry) and so I had to go through my whole shpiel of pretty much saying "Even though you're having problems with your internet, cable, and phone, you're currently getting a really good deal, are you sure you don't wanna say '*** it' and keep us, even though your service sucks?"
January 7, 2016 on Reddit

How exactly does the retention department manipulate and cheat people out of their money?

Pretty much we're told to lie to the customers and tell them they can't get any better deals than what they already have.

How do you sleep at night knowing all the pain you've caused?

Trust me when I say, you might think it's a joke, but that job has honestly caused me more emotional issues than anything else in my life. Read a comment I posted as to my reasoning of working there. I really didn't want to, and wanted to quit every day since I went on the phones. I literally can't even bring myself to get TWC because of how *** that place made me feel, knowing I was forced to lie and cheat customers of money, I HAD to be an ***, and I had to treat people like they're worthless. If someone was in the hospital for a long time (possibly dying), I was still forced to try and keep the person from cancelling. When you spend 8 hours a day getting yelled at by customers, telling you you're worthless, you're a piece of ***, and you should kill yourself, for FOUR YEARS, things start to get to you. Trust me when I say, I would have taken my $10,000 in medical bills over the years of mental anguish that job caused me.
January 7, 2016 on Reddit

Are there packages or offers that only exist internally for employees?

I got free internet for two months when cable modems first came out. I had called every month for 6 months when I first heard about it in 1999. On the sixth month they asked if I wanted to beta test a cable modem.
January 7, 2016 on Reddit

I worked for comcast years ago, 2005-2006. Made me go back to college. When I was there retention was a good place to be at. Commissions were very high. Then I heard around 2008-09 they really cut commission rates and people started quitting. How is the commission there? Did twc go through same situation during that time?

I'm not sure, I wasn't there during that time. I was there from 2010-2014. However, I worked for a company that was contracted by TWC so I'm not sure either way. All I know is I made about $6000 one month because of how well I did that month.

What was your favorite and what was your least favorite customer interaction? What was a call when you genuinely pulled out all the stops because it was a great customer and went home feeling proud? What was a time you felt you did a great job and your superiors disagreed?

Literally 0 good feelings at that job. You were never allowed to "pull out all the stops". You had to lie and cheat the customer out of every penny you could. I never ever went home feeling proud.

Is it true that call center employees can't hang up on you as long as you are nice? Also, is it true that they are timed for their calls, so the longer you stay on the line with them the more likely you are to get concessions?

Ah, misunderstood your question, my apologies. In a way, you could say yes. However, being on the phone longer just to be rude is actually a terrible thing to do. I can promise you, NO ONE in that department enjoys their job. You're told you have to lie and cheat people out of their money, and you get yelled at by just about every single customer, simply because you're doing your job. So if your plan is to be rude and stay on the phone, I really advise you not to do that. I went home some days in tears because of how stressed I was. That job is literally one of the worst jobs on the planet.
January 7, 2016 on Reddit

How much authority did you have over things like prices?

We get a list of "promotions" and the only thing we can do (including managers) is give you the prices within those promotions. So many people think we can just change any price to anything. Like there is no way you can get cable, internet, and phone, for $20 a month. It's literally impossible. The absolute lowest you can go as an existing customer is the price that new customers get.
January 7, 2016 on Reddit

Are you in contact when the devil?

No lol. Trust me when I say, we hate our job.

A few questions if I could ... When door reps come in my area, they make a big show of being able to do "something" for me (x rate a month, or something). How much leeway/power did you have in that area? Did you get any good perks as a TWC employee? Would you work there again once the merger stuff shakes out? Thanks

> When door reps come in my area, they make a big show of being able to do "something" for me (x rate a month, or something). How much leeway/power did you have in that area? As in offer you a better deal than what you can get anywhere else, or talk to their supervisor or something? When I first started, the deals that door to door reps had were better than what you could get anywhere else, since we were used to contact the people that couldn't be contacted through normal channels (didn't have a landline or was on the do not call list for example), however, as we began the merger and our "mission" changed to be more normal, we pretty much lost all of our campaigns. In general though, I had very little to 0 power to control the prices, the prices were given at the top and that was that. We might find a slightly different and cheaper package for you, but at the end of the day, it was cheaper than the one discussed. We'd spin stuff by pretending like we were talking to our supervisors to get good deals or pretend like we had special rates, etc. I personally wasn't like this, but a lot of people would quote retail prices (the price that no one pays) and when the customer objected, they'd say "let me see what I could do" and come back with a better campaign rate, the same exact one you could get online in fact! However, it was still better than the original price, he'd pretend like he worked magic, and he'd make sales. I have a conscious, so I didn't do that. tl;dr-we had zero power to adjust sales prices. Free cable, every single channel including extremely expensive foreign channels (no adult channels), fastest internet available for free, free phone, free home security (still had to buy the equipment), pension and 401k, better cell phone rates than what most people who worked at cell phone companies could get, and a few other things that I can't remember off the top of my head. If it's the same management staff, then no. Those guys had my back for almost two years, but the moment it came time to fight for their reps they folded pretty much immediately. As far as I'm aware, they still have jobs but are training for the impending merger. I will not work with them again. Even if they weren't around, I'm not sure if the changes made was Comcast's doing, or just TWC not giving a damn because they were about to merge with someone. I know Comcast doesn't have as good of benefits as TWC did, but I'm trying to find something more lucrative at the moment. Door to door sales was the best job I've ever had in my life, I really did enjoy it while it was good.

Describe your worst or most memorable experience in dealing with a rude customer.

I was actually a door to door rep, so most of the time when I got a rude customer, I was glad, mostly because I immediately knew I didn't have to waste time with someone who was "trying to be nice" but wasn't interested at all in what I was saying. In sales, time is money, so every door slam I got was a blessing. Seriously, if a door to door salesman comes up to you and you are 100% not interested, close the door in their face. They are grateful. I think my most rude customer was coincidentally the 2nd person I had ever talked to, they just started yelling about how much they hated time warner, closed the door, and then came back out and followed me down the street continuing to tell me how much they hated us. In two years, I never really saw anything worse than that. I have a whole load of memories that I'll take with me, it was a really good job at first. I think my most memorable person was a lady that propositioned me for sex for a good deal on services, she was also high at the time so she probably wasn't thinking straight. And no, she wasn't attractive at all haha.

How worried are you guys about Google Fiber? It's the mentality there still "customers don't really want fiber"?

It's too soon to be worried about Fiber. I know we've lost a few hundred thousand to Fiber and that number is going to grow, but long-term I don't see Fiber being a threat because they can't be profitable at their low prices. As of now, they're just testing the service out but it's not a serious threat. Customer service is also a major issue with cable companies and Google doesn't have that positive reputation anyways. Also, our control and marketshare is not from a superior product or service (obviously) but for key major markets (LA, NY, etc) we have control where it's almost a monopoly because of legal stuff (I don't know specifics). A lot of the upper level executives have background and connections in DC which helps us have that control. As far as what most of the upper management think, they think Google Fiber is just a PR stunt and they're not a threat. Our speeds are what they are because there's no consumer application that needs speeds that Fiber provides and that we can offer those same speeds. I'm not sure of how true that really is. But that's a big reason why I'm looking to get out. The company is full of management consulting/ivy league MBA types and there's no innovation. It's just sleazy business practices.
December 8, 2013 on Reddit

Please let me know about the following: pay, perks, management, stuff going on in the news

Pay: Interns $12/hour as of 2012. For 2013 it was $20 and for 2014 it's going to be less for sure, probably around $15. Perks: Lots of free lunches, free tickets to Broadway shows, tickets to Mets, Yankees, Knicks, Nets, free internet, premium tv, phone service, 20%-40% off personal ATT, Verizon, or T-mobile cell phone service. Those are the biggest but there's always SOME type of discount for almost any service (travel, shopping, eating out, etc) management and stuff going on in the news I'd need specific questions

Where I live you can only get Time Warner cable or Satellite. I have Cable (sigh) it is the worst! Why do they make appts if they have NO intention of actually coming to my house to fix my cable? Do you all enjoy that I take a full day off of work cuz cable tech is coming between 10 am and 8 pm, but really know that no one will show up? Do you sit around and laugh? Do my screaming rants and threats ruin YOUR day like you have ruined mine? *sobs* I hate you Time Warner. Are you trained to deal with ranting lunatics (such as myself)? I usually ask to speak to a manager right away...instead of yelling at 3 people, who ask over and over what my name, address and phone number is.

We're not trained to deal with people like you, but I've def. picked up the skill in my 8 years in the industry. When I worked in dispatch we'd do 3 precalls on the number that you gave us, and if you didn't answer any of those calls, we wouldn't come out. Although, most people that put in the trouble calls don't tell the customers this, so they may have an out of date phone #, etc. etc. I get kind of bummed out when I hear stories like these, because I'm proud of the work I do, and I do a good job. I always do what I can to help you guys out, and I'd like to think the majority of my co-workers do the same, but the truth of the matter is that you're dealing with people - and it just doesn't always work out that way. Your screaming rants do not ruin my day. I'll generally just laugh at people that go straight up insane over something as simple as CABLE TELEVISION. I understand it's important to you, but the level of people losing their *** over their tv going out is un-***-real. The nicer you are to us, the easier it is (and likely more willing) for us to help you. ..but try out Satellite. I hear they charge a ridiculous amount to fix any issues you have, and you have a contract - but - they have some pretty awesome channel line ups. :)

I am a current employee of at&t uverse tech support. What was the worst customer you have ever spoken too?

I've dealt with so many bad customers over the years it's hard to pick out just one. Here are a few: This isn't your typical "bad customer" experience, but one that stands out. I was working the front lobby and an elderly man opened up the door. He came waddling towards me with a look of distress in his eye, and he must have been doing about one turtle mile per hour. Hump, stumble, hump hump, stumble. He finally gets my desk and asks me where the restroom is, but by that time it's too late. He has obviously *** himself. The stench of a 79 year old mans bowels letting go uncontrollably is quite possibly the worst thing I've ever smelled in my entire life. He made it to the bathroom before any leakage had appeared, but the restroom was closed for a week afterwards because he *** all over it. I also had a man threaten to kick my *** because apparently I "danced to my bosses office like a little fairy in a tutu." We called the cops on him because he threatened, while I was in my managers office, to beat up the girl that worked next to me. ..another good one is when I was working the phones. We had a lady that called in about 7 or 8 times explaining that every since she had cable installed her house had become possessed. We kept trying to blow it off, but after awhile we finally decided to get a tech out there and see what the problem was. Well, as it turns out - she claimed that her TV would move from one side of the room to the other on its own. The tech that ran the line into her house did so using a hole that was going through the wall, so the line ran straight from outside her house into the tv. She had a dog. This particular dog liked coax cable. He'd grab ahold of it and tug, and sure enough her TV would go screaming across the living room and into the wall. In my job I deal with a bunch of ***. That's just the nature of the game. Once you realize how people work, it's not hard to deal with - but it's people like this that stand out.

i hate time warner. and i hate you. every time you *** sticks come to hook something up, you hook up the wires and peace out before even making sure it works. i had to call you guys back out 2 times bc it wouldnt work after they left. i had one asshat tell me he couldnt stay to fix it bc he had to go pick up speakers from his friends house. I stood in the doorway and made him fix it before he left ( which took just under 4 minutes, i timed it ). so my question is, why are all you people *** / idiots / and losers? ( I'm sure there are some nice time warner repairmen out there, and you might be one, but in 10 yrs of ordering time warner, I have yet to meet one. ( and I can't switch services, before you people ask, bc time warner has a *** monopoly basically here where I live ) )

The reason every one sucks is because they can only afford to keep crappy people, the amount of money the job pays and the B/S you have to deal with only people that cant do anything else would stay. I have since left and make 4x more money working a 9-5 job, why would any one else work 14-16 hours a day (some times 7 days a week), bring home about 2k a month and have to climb 30 foot poles if they have other options?

Describe the messiest house you saw please. Ever see illegal activity like child abuse or drug use? Had to call the cops? Did you ever receive training for the police to spot such activity? Why are you always late?

The messiest house I saw was horrid, there was a hole about the size of a dinner table on the right side of the roof. Dog *** all over the porch, about an inch of dust in every room, Cats and dogs every where, and dirty cloths on the basement floor that piled up so high. As i walked into the house the two kids ran out and left due to embarrassment, the mother was in the house in her bath robe (this was around 4pm) and i wore a gas mask while i was doing work because it smelt so bad, infact i would wear a gas mask in alot of homes; it would offend people but i didnt want to breath low quality air. ________ I have never seen child abuse, i have seen alot of illegal drugs and guns but have never reported it, time warner had no policy on reporting these things they just wanted us in and out. _________ I was always late because customer service would promise each customer extra stuff that is not on the work order and i would have to fulfill the promises. For example the work order would ask for internet access, once i get to the house it turns out they have never had cable to the house and inf act this is a new install (that they should give you a few hours to do, but they mark it as an upgrade with less than an hour to do the job) i have to run a line from the pole to their house, run cat 5 to about 3 rooms and set up their wireless router (all because customer service promised them).
October 1, 2009 on Reddit

See any crazy stuff in people's houses? Ever sleep with a client? What didn't you like about the job? How much did you make?

I have seen a lot of crazy stuff, one weird example: went into a home where they just had dog *** every where (inside + outside), smelt horrible. I walked in, talked to the customers) saw the condition of the house, walked out immediately with out saying anything and drove off. Didn't call any one to say anything because they would force me to go back, and the customer didn't call to complain. _________ I have never slept with a client however this opportunity would present its self about once or twice a month. I was in a relationship at the time plus most the client were not pretty. _________ I didnt like the job because the entire system was set up extremely strange, you would have about an hour to a job that should take you about 5-6 hours to do (rewire an entire house, run cat5 to each room) so you had to take short cuts, however if they found out you took short cuts you would get in trouble. I didnt like not getting paid for working over time or getting screwed out of pay in general, and there were alot of unsafe working conditions. __________ I started at $11 an hour and ended at $17 after 2 years

That's a shame because the guys that come to setup my cable are usually pretty chill and I share a beer with them on the balcony after. I have plenty extra splitter if you need any.

I didnt hate the job because of the cool customers, the problem was there was too much bull *** involved (working 16 hr days 6 days a week) and when you would get your pay check it would not represent the correct amount of hours because some one changed it somewhere in the system to meet their budget demands. BS like that Customer wise pretty much any one under 30 was very easy to work with, every 10 years you add on after that they would become more difficult. (few exceptions on each end of the scale.)

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Mayo Stuntz JrExecutive $4,800Democratic Party
Daniel KrifcherExecutive $4,500Democratic Party
Tracy TuckerProject Manager $4,000Democratic Party
George VradenburgSenior Vice President $2,000Republican Party
Ralph AyersLicensing $1,700Democratic Party
Cameron GilreathGovt Affairs $1,250Republican Party
Constance HudasAdvertising $1,250Republican Party
Richard ParsonsChief Executive Officer $1,000Republican Party
Mark FoxVice President $500Republican Party
Dean MarksSenior Vice President $500Democratic Party
John LeavenworthVice President $500Democratic Party
Elizabeth StuntzExecutive $500Democratic Party
Jackie SandersLicensing Coordinator $65Democratic Party
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