Washington County Sheriff Company History Timeline

Washington County was created on 1800 June 4, as a county of the Mississippi Territory.
Washington County Sheriff s Office Since 1819.
Josiah D. Lister is first sheriff documented beginning in 1819.
The best guess is that this jail was in use from the 1770 s to 1826.
A display of artifacts at the Washington County Historic Courthouse tells the story of the Washington County Sheriff's Office, established in 1850, with the election of Jesse Taylor as the first sheriff of the newly formed Washington County, Minnesota Territory.
The current boundaries of Washington County were established in March of 1853.
In 1857, a fire completely destroyed the jail, but left the Sheriff s residence still standing.
The 1886 jail was unique at the time due to the sheriff s home being attached to the jailhouse, and featured two floors of cells.
The last hanging in Washington County occurred on June 30, 1916 when John Brown was hanged after being found guilty of murdering a Hagerstown Widow.
In 1972 there were 10 full-time jail employees.
In 1979 a third jail was built at its current location of 500 North Schmidt Road in West Bend.
Sheriff s during this time period did everything they could to accommodate the ever increasing inmate population which had grown to approximately 100 inmates by 1980.
He has been with the Sheriff s Office since January, 1982.
In June, 1984 the inmates were transferred from the old jail to the new Detention Center.
In 1988 the population of the Detention Center has grown to the point it was decided to add a second bunk to each cell.
Then in 1992 a Work Release Jail Substance Abuse Program JSAP Unit was added.
The Sheriff s Office has undergone substantial growth since its initial accreditation in 1992.
By 1996 the inmate population continued to grow and it was necessary to add another 76 bed housing unit.
Ed Graybeal, Jr. was appointed Sheriff by the County Commission when the former Sheriff resigned in January of 2003.
A general election was held in January 2004 and Sheriff Ed Graybeal was elected to a two year term with 83 of the vote to fulfill the remaining two years of the Sheriff s regular four-year term.
He came up through the ranks within the Sheriff s Office and was first elected Sheriff in 2006.
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