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Working As A Web Administrator

  • Interacting With Computers
  • Updating and Using Relevant Knowledge
  • Getting Information
  • Making Decisions and Solving Problems
  • Thinking Creatively
  • Mostly Sitting

  • Repetitive

  • $74,000

    Average Salary

What Does A Web Administrator Do At Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

* Coordinates and manages the overhaul of the current agency main webpage and related websites to improve the user experience and to provide consistency to the agency s web presence.
* Works with agency divisions to develop standard procedures and best practices for developing and posting content on the website.
* Analyzes, evaluates, and makes recommendations concerning existing information technology/systems processes and the development of new procedures, standards, tools, and techniques.
* Analyzes web content for accessibility; recommends changes to remediate accessibility issues; and ensures issues are correctly resolved.
* Performs Section 508 compliance testing, makes code and layout changes, and reviews web sites and web applications interfaces to ensure adherence with web standards for usability and accessibility.
* Reviews and edits web content, including text, graphics and layout, to ensure it is consistent with agency branding, messaging and style.
* Reviews agency websites for ease of navigation and relevance to key audiences; recommends changes to improve user experience.
* Uses web governance and analytic software, including but not limited to SiteImprove and Google Analytics, to analyze and report on website usage; recommends changes to address any problem areas.
* Provides technical support and participates in employee web site training; consults with staff to plan web applications and site developments.
* Collaborates with the ER team to create high-quality content around important, relevant topics while ensuring digital content aligns with agency priorities, 60x30TX goals, legislative recommendations, and communications strategy.
* Works closely with the Division of Information Solutions and Services (ISS) staff on all technical aspects of maintaining and improving the website.
* Proactively scopes and presents new ideas to improve website user experience.
* Integrates new technologies and functionality into web application.
* Serves as lead on website SEO initiatives and content search rank for key terms at the top, middle, and bottom (branded) of marketing funnel.
* Plans, coordinates and manages multiple projects using project plans, deliverables, documentation, milestones, and other tools or resources to achieve positive, high-quality outcome within established deadlines.
* May write, design or edit website content that includes the preparation of graphics, text and tables.
* Solicits input from external audiences to determine user needs and experiences with the agency website.
* Tracks usage of systems, confers with managements, and advises on the status and progress of projects and processes.
* May assist in the application and implementation of Internet and intranet security.
* Performs related work as assigned

What Does A Web Administrator Do At Norton Staffing

* RESPONSIBILITIES-ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS 1. Provides timely administration and support for multiple framework and data systems.
* Design, implement and maintain framework and data systems.
* Familiarity with DevOps and Agile methodologies.
* Experience with automation/configuration management (
* Ansible, Jenkins, etc.).
* Provides various services including addressing service tickets, providing after-hours production support, performance tuning, triaging and resolving application outages, and performs management for supported hosting environments and systems.
* Provides technical research, consultation, and support services to developers in various areas (
* Web and Application Frameworks, Load Balancing, Disaster Recovery, security certificates, etc.).
* Identifies administration project tasks and dimensions time and human resources to complete tasks.
* Sizes total cost of ownership for framework and data system rollouts by identifying long-term corporate commitments.
* Builds relationships with local, third-party solution providers to stay current on the latest technology best practices.
* Evaluates third-party administration and development tools by working closely with vendors.
* Develops and documents processes, procedures and best practices.
* Maintains regular and predictable attendance.
* Performs other duties as assigned

What Does A Web Administrator Do At IES

* Maintenance (50%)
* Responsible for managing the content and web presence of C&I Website as well as employee blog access permissions (LiveWire) and act as liaison for content residing on these sites.
* Ensure that all web site content is uploaded to the site on a timely basis, refreshed and updated according to the content schedule and that information and its design flow adheres to branding specifications and is conducive to a user friendly find/view pattern.
* Maintain responsibility for overall navigational design of the web and blog sites and provide technical support to divisional content providers in the design of divisional web sites.
* Develop and report access statistics from the web sites for evaluation to managers and aid in interpreting results and impact on individual branches.
* Act as liaison to obtain clearance on copyrighted material ensuring all issues are resolved and no PHI is available or collected on any portion of the sites
* Development (35%)
* Gather web site material from a variety of sources as well as editing, proofing and posting said material content.
* Write and/or procure from available sources web site content related to news, research, events, recruitment, and division event calendar and activities postings.
* Evaluate all content for its value in search engine optimization according to key word frequency, key word density, formatting, etc.
* Act as the lead person for the web content by providing oversight to multiple branch web sites including graphics and content.
* Evaluate new content for industry accuracy, brand/voice consistency, spelling and grammatical correctness.
* Research information/best practices that enhance the value of the website.
* Work to keep the sites up to date with branding standards and available technologies.
* Effectively manage, warehouse and catalog all web site content assets.
* Quality Assurance (15%)
* Adhere to IES branding and legal compliance standards as related to the copy portion of the style guide and provide training and assistance on issues regarding content to providers of content as needed.
* Ensure overall integrity of web sites and employee blog through constant review of content and by troubleshooting errors.
* Provide additional services as requested.
* Act as divisional liaison to other IES divisions as it relates to web issues

What Does A Web Administrator Do At Veterans Management Services Inc.

* Software Updates
* Pull software installs from the software vendor’swebsiteor otherlocation thatvendor has placed item
* Bringall softwareup to correctcurrent version priorto installingsoftware
* Software (COTS, GOTS,Open Sourceor otherweb components) installedand/orconfigured within schedule
* Review STIG checklist to ensure softwareis STIG compliant
* Develop documentation for install and ensureupdates to users manuals occur
* Standard softwareupdates are performed byTechnical AdvisorIadministrators andnon-standard orcomplexsoftwareupdates are performed byTechnical AdvisorIIadministrators.
* Process**** implementation ofIAVA
* ApplytheIAVA within the schedule
* While applyingIAVA, identifyall contingencies affectingtheapplication
* Takeaction to resolve contingencies duringapplication
* Back upapplication priorto implementing IAVA
* Incaseof unexpected system problems, restoresystem to point priorto applyingIAVA
* StandardIAVAsare implemented byTechnical AdvisorIadministrators and non-standard or complexIAVAs are implemented byTechnical AdvisorIIadministrators.
* Review********& Schedule Software Patches
* Assist DFAS with determinations regardingimplementation of software patches
* Review Vendor’s websites to identifynew software patches and anyvendorcomments/ instruction associated with the patchtodetermine what issues mightaffect install
* Communicate with customers (developers ofapplications)to determine whetheraneed exists to applypatches, request theirreviewof patch and identifyanappropriate implementation time
* Include web team leadand supervisorin communication with customers
* Verifytheprevious patches havebeen applied to ensurethis current patch can beapplied
* Complete documentation necessaryto update software
* Standard softwarepatches are reviewedand scheduled byTechnical AdvisorIadministrators and non-standard orcomplexsoftware patches are reviewedandscheduled byTechnicalAdvisorIIadministrators.
* Implement
* Software Patch
* Applythesoftware patchas scheduled
* Perform acompletereviewof the patch
* While applyingsoftwarepatch, identifyall contingencies affectingtheapplication
* Takeaction to resolve contingencies duringapplication
* Back-up application priorto implementingpatch.
* Incaseof unexpected systemproblems, restore systemto point priorto applying patch
* Check to seehowpatch affects softwarecomponents and document impact
* Standard softwarepatches are implemented byTechnical AdvisorI administratorsand non-standard orcomplexsoftware patchesareimplemented byTechnicalAdvisorIIadministrators.
* Software Release
* Planning
* Review&schedule softwarerelease (ARC).
* Review customer’sARC or Vendor’s web siteto identifynew softwarereleases(ARC) and anyvendorcomments/ instruction associated with the releasetodetermine what issues might affect install
* Assist DFAS with determiningwhetherARC or softwarerelease has to beimplementedReview, analyze andcoordinate ARC or softwarerelease with customer
* Communicate with customers (developers ofapplications)to determine whetheraneed exists to applyrelease, request theirreviewof release and identifyanappropriate implementation time
* Coordinateschedulingofwhen to implement andwritten scheduleis developed andcoordinated with customer.
* Check to see whichrelease’s programs areaffected softwarecomponents andidentifywhethercomponent is installed
* Verifycurrentenvironment is readyforthis particular release
* Incaseof unexpected system problems, restoresystem to point priorto applyingrelease
* Check to seehowreleaseaffects softwarecomponents
* Incaseof unexpected system problems, restorecomponents to point prior toapplyingrelease
* Updateremedytickets with all applicable information and complete documentationnecessaryto update software documentation
* Standard software releases areplanned byTechnical AdvisorI administrators andnon-standard orcomplexsoftwarereleases areplanned byTechnical AdvisorIIadministrators.
* Implement****software release
* Take all steps to applythe ARC or softwarerelease within the schedule
* While applyingsoftwarerelease, identifyall contingencies affectingtheapplication
* Takeaction to resolve contingencies duringapplication
* Backed up relevant components priorto implementingrelease.
* Incaseofunexpected system problems, restorecomponents to point priorto applying release
* Complete all required documentation.
* Standard software releases are implemented byTechnical AdvisorIadministratorsand non-standard orcomplexsoftware releases are implemented byTechnicalAdvisorIIadministrators
* Environment****is STIGcompliant (T&M;)
* Perform a reviewof webapplication environmentsto determineifit is STIGcompliant.
* Utilize checklist to review environment and identifyitems thatfail
* Identifywhether environment is a CAT
* CAT-2, CAT-3 or CAT
* For all deficiencies,createa complete POAM.
* Review Computer NetworkDefenseService Provider(CNDSP) at DFAS, DISA, orapproved facilities, and reviewpolicyandguidancefor appropriate methods to resolve deficiencies and develop acorrection of findings report.
* Applycorrections for allfindings utilizingthe same method asIAVA’s.
* Saved completed POAMS in appropriate documentation folders in designated place(ePortal).
* Update all systems documentation to reflect all actions taken.
* Standard environments are STIG’ed byTechnicalAdvisorIadministratorsand non-standard or complexenvironments are STIG’ed byTechnical AdvisorIIadministrators.
* Provide********requested**** technical information
* Analyze requests for information regardingthecurrent web environment andprovide technical advice,data and information about the web environmentinresponse
* Provide data within scheduled timeframes andcomplexityof request.
* Performprofessional review andanalysis of various scenarios, providetroubleshootingadvice andrespond to questions with detailed research andadvice
* Requests for standard orreadilyaccessible information areprovided byTechnicalAdvisorIadministratorsand requests for complexor difficult to find information areprovided byTechnical AdvisorIIadministrators.
* Troubleshoot
* WEB Applications (T&M;)
* Troubleshoot web applications and provide thorough and detailed analysisoftheproblem and howit impacts the System
* Enter appropriate datainto Remedysystem ordetail response and narrativein emailfor later inclusion into remedyorother documentation
* Standard or common web application problems are troubleshot byTechnicalAdvisorIadministratorsand non-standard orcomplexweb application problems aretroubleshot byTechnicalAdvisorIIadministrators.
* Review demonstrate internal controls:
* Support development of internal control analysisand documentation
* Examine internal controls to verifyin placeand followingproper compliance
* Ensure FISCAM controls are developed and documented
* Createdocumentation asneeded for various internal controls.
* Fill out check lists and attend internal peerreviewmeetingof internal controls testing.
* Standard internal controls are reviewedand demonstrated byTechnical AdvisorIadministrators and non-standard orcomplexinternal controls arereviewedanddemonstrated byTechnical AdvisorIIadministrators.
* Support Compliance Testing
* Research and gather data for Auditors
* Testing of internal controls to ensure compliance.
* Assist auditor in checking/ validating the audit controls are in place and sufficient.
* Standard compliance testing is supported by Technical Advisor I administrators and non-standard or complex compliance testing is supported by Technical Advisor II administrators.
* Preventive Maintenance
* Take a host of preventive actions to include ensuring that log files are prevented from filling up disk space, updating certificate key stores, proactively ensuring database and operating system accounts expire or become locked.
* Perform standard backup and recovery procedures in a timely manner. connectivity to DFAS from a remote location during this time.
* Standard preventative maintenance is performed by Technical Advisor I administrators and non-standard or complex preventative maintenance is performed by Technical Advisor II administrators

What Does A Web Administrator Do At Data Solutions & Technology, Incorporated

* The WebFocus Administrator/Engineer will provide highly specialized and technical guidance to: Managing the daily operations of the production applications and provide administrative support for new implementations, upgrades, and migrations.
* Will create user accounts, administration, monitor server tasks including but not limited to installation, configuration, migration, tuning, and administration.
* Collaborate with Intersecting Organizations (I/Os) including enterprise architecture, infrastructure, application development, testing and release management, database teams, etc.
* Additionally, will monitor the application systems for issues with disk space, CPU usage, memory problems or other issues that may impact the end-users and system availability 24/7, 365 days a year

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Web Administrator Career Paths

Web Administrator
Consultant Senior Software Engineer
Director Of Software Development
12 Yearsyrs
Consultant Information Technology Manager
Information Technology Technical Services Manager
9 Yearsyrs
Consultant Owner Marketing Director
Director Of Digital Marketing
9 Yearsyrs
Administrator Owner Marketing Director
Director, Strategic Marketing
10 Yearsyrs
Administrator Project Manager Co-Founder
Chief Technology Officer & Founder
9 Yearsyrs
Senior Software Engineer Project Leader Manager Applications Development
Application Development Director
11 Yearsyrs
Administrator Senior Software Engineer Chief Technology Officer
Chief Operating Officer, Chief Technology Officer
11 Yearsyrs
Project Manager Marketing Manager Marketing Manager/Project Manager
Digital Project Manager
6 Yearsyrs
Project Manager Owner Creative Director
Digital Director
9 Yearsyrs
Information Technology Consultant Information Technology Administrator Web Developer
Web Content Manager
5 Yearsyrs
Office Manager Marketing Manager Senior Manager Of Marketing
Director, Online Marketing
7 Yearsyrs
Operations Manager Terminal Manager Traffic Manager
Freelance Project Manager
6 Yearsyrs
Web Content Manager Social Media Manager Manager Of Digital Media
Digital Media Director
7 Yearsyrs
Information Technology Consultant Information Technology Manager Information Systems Director
Information Technology Systems Director
10 Yearsyrs
Marketing Manager Regional Marketing Manager Advertising Manager
Director Of Marketing And Advertising
6 Yearsyrs
Software Developer Front End Developer Web Manager
Ecommerce Manager
6 Yearsyrs
Web Content Manager Web Manager Ecommerce Manager
Director Of Ecommerce
10 Yearsyrs
Office Manager Communications Manager Digital Marketing Manager
Digital Product Manager
8 Yearsyrs
Office Manager Communications Manager Social Media Manager
Digital Communications Manager
5 Yearsyrs
Content Manager Online Marketing Manager Interactive Marketing Manager
Ecommerce Marketing Manager
7 Yearsyrs
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Average Length of Employment
Web Site Manager 3.2 years
Webmaster 2.6 years
Lead Web Developer 2.4 years
Web Specialist 2.3 years
Web Architect 2.3 years
Web Designer 2.1 years
Web Administrator 2.0 years
Web Programmer 2.0 years
Web Page Designer 1.8 years
Top Careers Before Web Administrator
Internship 8.6%
Cashier 4.4%
Volunteer 3.3%
Consultant 3.1%
Webmaster 2.8%
Top Careers After Web Administrator
Consultant 5.6%
Internship 4.5%

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Average Yearly Salary
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Median 50%
Median 50%
Median 50%
Median 50%
Median 50%
Median 50%
Max 90%
Best Paying Company
Highest Paying City
San Jose, CA
Highest Paying State
Avg Experience Level
2.5 years
How much does a Web Administrator make at top companies?
The national average salary for a Web Administrator in the United States is $74,535 per year or $36 per hour. Those in the bottom 10 percent make under $58,000 a year, and the top 10 percent make over $95,000.

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Real Web Administrator Salaries

Job Title Company Location Start Date Salary
Lead Web Logic Administrator L. A. Care Health Plan Jul 26, 2016 $120,000
Senior Webmethods Administrator Avnet, Inc. Mar 31, 2016 $106,665
Web Administrator Logitech Inc. Sep 21, 2015 $105,288
Senior Web Hosting Administrator Assurant, Inc. Jun 15, 2015 $100,881
Senior Web Administrator Mitratech Holdings, Inc. Apr 01, 2015 $100,000
Webmethods Administrator Jaitra, Inc. May 04, 2015 $100,000
Webmethods Administrator Jaitra, Inc. Jan 14, 2015 $100,000
Web Administrator Williams-Sonoma, Inc. Aug 10, 2015 $97,906 -
Web Administrator Williams-Sonoma, Inc. Oct 08, 2015 $97,906 -
Web Administrator Analysts International Corporation Sep 04, 2016 $95,000
Webmethods Administrator Westrock Services Inc. Aug 31, 2016 $95,000
Website Administrator IV Covidien LP Aug 14, 2015 $93,517
Webmethods Administrator Jaitra, Inc. Sep 01, 2015 $90,500
Web Logic Admin RUHA Technologies, Inc. Sep 17, 2015 $90,000
ATG Web Administrator Transamerican Information Systems Dec 31, 2015 $79,747
ATG Web Administrator Transamerican Information Systems Jun 30, 2015 $79,747
ATG Web Administrator Transamerican Information Systems Dec 23, 2015 $79,747
Web Logic Administrator Meridian Technologies, Inc. Sep 15, 2016 $79,019 -
Webmethods Administrator Unify Solutions, Inc. Nov 26, 2016 $79,000
Web Administrator-III HCL America, Inc. Aug 01, 2015 $78,936 -
Web Administrator Highdata Software Corporation Jun 15, 2015 $78,000
Webmethods Administrator Unify Solutions, Inc. Mar 30, 2016 $77,700
Web Administrator Code Ace Solutions Inc. Aug 15, 2015 $70,000
SR. Web Administrator Coolsoft LLC Mar 13, 2015 $70,000
Web Administrator Dart Container of Michigan, LLC Jun 09, 2016 $69,451
Web Administrator NEO.TEX, Inc. Aug 16, 2016 $69,285
Web Administrator-III HCL America, Inc. Jul 21, 2016 $68,536 -
Web Administrator Dart Container of Michigan, LLC Oct 06, 2016 $68,453
Web Administrator-II HCL America, Inc. Feb 18, 2016 $68,266 -
Web Administrator Air Boy Express, Inc. Mar 12, 2015 $68,016

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Top Skills for A Web Administrator

  1. Web Application
  2. Company Website
  3. Web Content
You can check out examples of real life uses of top skills on resumes here:
  • Performed installation and administration of Web application software, including Netscape Enterprise Server, NetDynamics Application Server and NetDynamics Developer Studio.
  • Key role in managing content and organizational structure for several company websites and internal Intranet website, distribution of electronic communications.
  • Worked with marketing communication managers/business stakeholders to conduct web content review and develop new customer focused content.
  • Provided technical production support for the organization's online banking products and services to ensure maximum performance, availability and security.
  • Performed Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) editing, customized graphics, and technical editing of source material received by client.


Average Salary:

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Top 10 Best States for Web Administrators

  1. Nevada
  2. Virginia
  3. Pennsylvania
  4. Delaware
  5. Maryland
  6. New Jersey
  7. District of Columbia
  8. Ohio
  9. Rhode Island
  10. Alaska
  • (57 jobs)
  • (825 jobs)
  • (335 jobs)
  • (27 jobs)
  • (541 jobs)
  • (320 jobs)
  • (198 jobs)
  • (305 jobs)
  • (30 jobs)
  • (25 jobs)

Web Administrator Resume Examples And Tips

The average resume reviewer spends between 5 to 7 seconds looking at a single resume, which leaves the average job applier with roughly six seconds to make a killer first impression. Thanks to this, a single typo or error on your resume can disqualify you right out of the gate. At Zippia, we went through over 4,340 Web Administrator resumes and compiled some information about how best to optimize them. Here are some suggestions based on what we found, divided by the individual sections of the resume itself.

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Web Administrator Education


Arizona State University


Full Sail University


Pennsylvania State University


University of Texas at Austin


University of Illinois at Chicago


Florida State University


George Mason University


University of North Texas


New York University


Texas A&M University


University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee


University of California - Santa Cruz


University of California - Berkeley


Glendale Community College


Art Institute of Pittsburgh


California State Polytechnic University - Pomona


Brigham Young University


University of Toledo


Montgomery College


University of Maryland - College Park

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Information Technology


Graphic Design




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Criminal Justice


Design And Visual Communication

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