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Working At Wells Fargo

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Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo Jobs


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Wells Fargo Overview


Professional Services

Organization Type



> 10,000


San Francisco, CA



Founded in



> $1B

Key People

Beth Hummels (Human Resources Senior Leader),
Linda Soldatos (SVP Marketing)

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About Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo & Company is a community-based financial services company that provides banking, investment and mortgage products and services, as well as consumer and commercial finance. The company has about 263,000 team members in 38 countries and serves one in three households in the United States. Well Fargo was founded in 1852 and is headquartered in San Francisco.

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Wells Fargo & Company is a community-based financial services company that provides banking, investment and mortgage products and services, as well as consumer and commercial finance. The company has about 263,000 team members in 38 countries and serves one in three households in the United States. Well Fargo was founded in 1852 and is headquartered in San Francisco.

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What Is

Wells Fargo's Mission Statement

We want to satisfy our customers' financial needs and help them succeed fi nancially.

What Wells Fargo's Employees Say

Wells Fargo offers comprehensive and competitive medical, dental, and vision benefits, paid time off, adoption reimbursement, commuter benefits, 401k plan, education benefits, and other perks.

Is This Your Company?

Do You Work At Wells Fargo?

What is it like to work at Wells Fargo

What Do You Like About Working There?

Educating customers and helping them achieve their financial goals.. Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

The low pay.. Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

more money.. Show More


May 10, 2019 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

People and flexibility.. Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

Stresfull job.. Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

Helping customers and making better for them every day.. Show More

What Do You Like About Working There?

Benefits.. Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

No career advancement.. Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

Medical, legal, PTO, Holidays, work life balance.. Show More


May 6, 2019 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

The benefit package includes many features outside the typical medical coverages. Such as life insurance, accidental death, legal aid services, counseling and many more. Very nice to have so many options... Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

Limited opportunities to grow within the company... Show More

What Do You Like About Working There?

Great benefits, depending on position there can be great compensation, the company is working to be better.. Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

Little opportunity to move in the company, some positions pay very poorly, depending on your manager you may have little support.. Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

Great vacation time.. Show More


February 8, 2019 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

I love Wells Fargo ethics and code of conduct... Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

My service manager would abuse her authority and make life harder on the other tellers... Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

Healthcare benefits.. Show More

What Do You Like About Working There?

The focus on excellent customer service. Professionalism. Career growth opportunities in a variety of directions in banking... Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

Heavy sales pressure. Promotions based on sales. Average pay... Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

Health, dental, and vision. 401k matching... Show More

I do not have direct experience there as a loan officer/ MC, but I have plenty of Mortgage experience and branch level contacts with that company. For a corporation as large as Wells Fargo, it will pretty much boil down to closing a certain number of loans every month. I know enough about Wells Fargo to know that most things are metrics driven, so if you do not meet the minimum expectations, you will probably not be there long.

Former employee as well. Our MC used the job to get a foothold into moving across the country and ended up dropping it and working a more local job. Anyone at WF at branch manager and above are *** psychos. You have to leave your soul and dignity at the door to work your way up there. I know one guy who still works there and he was a tool to begin with who uses drugs to manage stress. I honestly wouldn't recommend WF as an employer to anyone besides an 18 year old. Good place to learn some customer service, but not worth sticking around.
September 23, 2016 on Reddit

just graduated, how do i get a job there?

Apply on their website
September 23, 2016 on Reddit

Can you transfer me about $500? Just a few road bumps and I need to take care of some bills. Just take it out of the CEO's account thanx

they really watch that ***. not even funny. We once had a guy who got bored and looked up the name of someone in politics in our systems (cant say who because don't need backlash from that) and the feds raided the building and kept everyone there for something like 12-16 hours. employee obviously got promoted to "customer" i didn't personally see it happen but its a well known inside story from training
September 23, 2016 on Reddit

I left in 2012. I worked there for over five years and started as a teller worked up to a branch manager in two years. Each state can vary greatly so I'll specify that I worked in WA state. There was always a sales culture (January lol) and there's nothng inherently wrong with a bank selling you products. However there was a change in my state that happened around 2011. After the crash Wells Fargo Financial, the *** shady subprime division shut down. Officially these people were to be laid off. Instead they began taking key management positions as existing management left to other banks (Union primariy). It dominoed as each financial person that got hired on would hire more of their former employees. The practices were changed and continued to force out legacy employees and make room for former financial employes. After a year of this the numbers are growing exponentially. Sales goals were 200% of the goals from just two years prior and people are blowong them out of the water. The final straw for me was a manager meeting where when I walked in the room. The whiteboard has "if you're not cheating, you're not trying" in bold. Each manager was grilled for new commitments to give referrals to tellers. I walked out and left a week later to another institution. After I left I got an exit survey. Happy to comply I dropped names, dates, collaborating employees names that could verify the meeting etc. The result? Every single one of the people I named has been promoted at least once since I left and all but one still work for the company. District, region, and state level have all been complicent for over 5 years now. Topping on the cake, I looked into going back to WF in the mortgage division (believe it or not they are a great lender and this fraud is all in the retail side). Turns out my exit survey only resulted in me being blackballed and not eligible for rehire. All for the best though, I ended up getting a better opportunity. Anyways, I'm curious about the region/state op worked in and if you noticed a shift around the same time?

This is great information, glad you got out. FWIW I had a WF mortgage specialist repeatedly lie to me when I was trying to refinance (my existing WF mortgage), so the mortgage division isn't entirely clean.

Every time I go to the bank, your tellers are always cute and sociable, and I want to ask them out. Is it common? Should I just ball up and get the courage to say something? How do your tellers usually feel about it?

DON'T. Tellers are basically under orders to be as friendly as humanly possible. Every single female teller, myself included, has been propositioned by a customer at least once and it's the skeeziest thing. We can't really give a firm no even if we want to, because Customer Service (TM). Source: nearly four years of that ***.

My customer experience with Wells Fargo was by far the worst one I've ever had with any company, and I can't see it being topped in that regard for as long as I live. I'm so glad to hear you've quit this mickey mouse outfit, and that it's beginning to get the deplorable reputation it deserves. I spent the better part of last year's summer and autumn trying to get my deceased father's funds transferred from his American Wells Fargo account to my bank here in Europe. The sheer number of paperwork I had to deliver to them was astounding, but that in itself wouldn't have been an issue as I understand it can be complicated dealing with overseas accounts and foreign customers and all that. What was mindboggling was the way they couldn't seem to figure out which department or person should be assigned to my case. This process literally took months, where I had to keep making countless excessively costly international calls, every time waiting for 20+ minutes to that obnoxious elevator music, after so many times asking them to either call me instead, or, you know, just email me, like a normal company would do. Electronic correspondence, however, was somehow impossible for them at the time in 2015. I had all these forms that I could have just emailed to them, but instead I had to set up a virtual fax machine account, scan the papers and and send them to the Wells Fargo fax machine number digitally. Like I said, this process took months. Towards the end of it, the bank employees had actually told me a couple of times that they had all of the paperwork that they needed, all of the copies of my identification, my father's notarised death certificate, all the million forms I needed to sign, everything I had to actually virtually "fax" them... but then they always needed a couple more documents. And a couple more. One more scan of my passport. One more form I needed to sign. One more person I needed to be transferred to because whoever I was assigned to didn't know what they were doing. At the end of it all, a large chunk of the money I brought back from my dad's account went to pay for my phone bills caused by all this nonsense. I guess my question here is, now that I have a rare chance to talk frankly with someone who worked there, was the level of incompetence really as high as it seemed to me at the time? And when will American banks stop requiring their customers to send in *** faxes?

The problem is WF is so big it can't get out of it's own way. Trust me, even as an employee, getting simple stuff done was a nightmare. So, yes, it's high. I once had a branch manager from a small bank come in to cancel a cashier's check that we had drawn for her mother. I was on the phone for an hour and a half, and discovered that it would have cost her $179, we had to have forms signed, notarized, overnighted, etc. She was dumbfounded. She claimed at her bank it would have been done in minutes. That type of process was required on a lot of things.

Would it be possible for a WF banker to do their job honestly and competently and still survive in WF's culture? Or is that just completely out of the question?

I am a current WF banker, I think it depends on the branch you work at. I had the good fortune at working at a branch in one of the wealthiest parts of the state. There was an abundance of business to earn and very little need to cheat assuming you were somewhat competent. I've been promoted constantly and never done anything I feel was wrong. Plus, most the clients were very financially savvy and it would be tough to scam them anyways. Point is, yes, you can be successful in the job and still be honest, but it's harder to meet goals if you're in the "wrong branch" On the other hand, there are branches where the clientele barely qualify for a checking account, much less a credit card or loan. Being a banker there would be insanely difficult to meet sales goals, and those types of clients are easier to prey on because they don't know what you're doing.

I am about to start at a banker position in October. What is the best advice you can give someone new to the banking industry?

They are getting rid of the sales requirements, so really just get ready for a lot of customer service. It's not banking in the traditional sense. You'll be doing a lot of account maintenance, and handling customer other words: retail.

Do you have any insight on the call center perspective? I used to work for a very large bank in a call center and they shifted the job description from customer service to sales. We had sales quotas we had to meet every day and in every call we had to push customers to open up more accounts regardless of need. If we failed to do so we would be put on an action plan and if we still failed to meet sales goals we would either be fired or barred from moving into any other department. The focus seemed to be to make the employees who didn't sell quit, and to bring in the next suckers to sell more accounts. Under such enormous pressure for such a low paying job (~$19K a year), I can see why employees would open unauthorized accounts so they wouldn't get fired. The whole banking sales culture is immoral. Worst job I've ever had.

I worked at keybank's call center. It was the same ***. Low pay, high pressure. Management was clueless yet it was our fault that numbers were low. Always on our *** to sell more. Sorry if the interest rates sucks for credit and savings so nobody wants them. Yet we were called "lazy and sluggish" by management if we didn't hit our numbers.
September 23, 2016 on Reddit

Were you ever told to set up fake accounts? Or tempted to do so?

Former WF banker here as well. I struggled to keep up with the cheaters. They were getting promotions by scamming people, and I was getting left behind for doing what was right. I often would present additional accounts to people based on my own uses. Travel accounts were my jam. Let's set you up with a new checking, savings, and debit card for traveling. Use the savings to tuck money away each month. If you auto transfer X amount each month, you will not have a fee in the account. Why the checking? Well, I was just in Mexico and my card was compromised. I sure was glad it only messed with my travel card and not my main account with all my auto bill pays linked up. These will help you save for a trip and protect your main finances while you travel. Sound good? I'm not ashamed to have opened a *** ton of those accounts. I was upfront about how to avoid fees and made a logical argument for them. But even doing that every day was never enough. I watched bankers lie to people about how if you lost your debit card, that you needed new accounts. ***. You just need a new debit card. They would act like there was no other option but new accounts.

How corrupt is the system?

It's pretty corrupt. It's not about banking or helping customers at all. It's all about getting credit. A typical day at the bank would go like this: Every morning starts with a sales call. The sales call consists of the DM going over how the tellers and bankers can get more credit, and having the managers commit to so many a day (a banker needs to have 2 accounts and 4 credit apps a day, no matter what. As a banker you are approached at least 3 times a day to see how many you've gotten). What the call is geared towards is how the branches are going to achieve that. For instance, one week it may be concentrated on the tellers searching through your transaction history when you come to do a deposit or withdrawal. The tellers will be tasked with getting 5 walkovers to a banker in one day by looking through your history and seeing that you make a payment to a loan or credit card. If they see that, then it's a signal to try to get you to a banker. They'll do that by making up stuff if necessary (like saying your phone number is incorrect, we need to get you to a banker to correct that, then immediately sending a message to the banker stating that the customer is making payment to a credit card)...this signals the banker to automatically steer the conversation towards what credit you have and convincing them that you need Wells Fargo because the interest rate is lower, etc. Also, this is sometimes where the fraudulent credit card is started..."Mr. Customer, I just need you to sign the pinpad to confirm the corrected address", when in reality they just did a cc app for them. Sorry if it's's early
September 22, 2016 on Reddit

Is there anything WF won't tell their customers because they may get advantage of the current situation ?

that completely depends on the banker whos helping you. we are "required" to disclose everything, but usually it doesnt matter cause the paper work we give you has it all in there and you usually wont find out for monthsssss. It all leads back to horrible goals and what the banker is willing to do to meet them
September 22, 2016 on Reddit

Best and worst part of working at WF?

worst part is the bs goals and expectations, horrible management best part is how many customers actually trust you and becomes friends with you
September 22, 2016 on Reddit

What would you say to the Wells Fargo CEO if you saw him on the street?

the CEO isn't the problem, it was more state level management. Ive met the CEO and he knows what hes doing, i respect the guy as much as you CAN respect a guy who runs a bank. hes better than most other bank heads

On a scale from 1 to 10, how eventful is your job? What was the craziest/scariest event that happened to you?

we got robbed, that was super fun

Wells Fargo Employees

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Wells Fargo Careers

Average Length of Employment
Unum 5.2 years
KeyBank 3.8 years
Guardian Life 3.8 years
Bank of America 3.6 years
Cigna 3.5 years
General Dynamics 3.3 years
SunTrust 3.2 years
Goldman Sachs 3.2 years
BB&T Corporation 3.1 years
Morgan Stanley 2.9 years
Fifth Third Bank 2.9 years
U S Bank 2.8 years
PNC 2.8 years
Cognizant 2.8 years

Wells Fargo

2.7 years
Howard & Howard 2.7 years
Top Employers Before Wells Fargo
Citi 7.8%
U S Bank 6.1%
Walmart 5.4%
Verizon 5.0%
AT&T 5.0%
Best Buy 4.0%
Target 3.8%
McDonald's 3.1%
Sprint 3.0%
IBM 3.0%
Macy's 2.8%
T-Mobile 2.8%
SunTrust 2.7%
US Army 2.7%
Top Employers After Wells Fargo
U S Bank 11.4%
Citi 6.9%
SunTrust 5.6%
AT&T 4.2%
Verizon 4.1%
Walmart 3.2%
IBM 3.0%
Comcast 2.9%
Target 2.9%
MetLife 2.6%
State Farm 2.5%
Aerotek 2.2%
T-Mobile 2.2%

Wells Fargo Employees Education


University of Phoenix


Iowa State University


Des Moines Area Community College


University of North Carolina at Charlotte


Strayer University


Central Piedmont Community College


Arizona State University


Liberty University


San Francisco State University


Kaplan University


University of Iowa


University of Northern Iowa


Ashford University


University of Alabama


University of Minnesota - Twin Cities


Virginia Commonwealth University


Saint Cloud State University


Southern New Hampshire University


University of North Carolina at Greensboro


University of Houston

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Human Resources Management


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Information Technology


Computer Information Systems





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Wells Fargo Employee Political Affiliation

Democratic Party


Republican Party


Libertarian Party


Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party


Employee Political Donations

Name Job Title Party Donation
David UnderwoodInvestor $277,650Republican Party
Richard EskindBroker $249,888Democratic Party
Timothy SloanExecutive Vice President $228,100Republican Party
Steven EllisManaging Director $136,165Republican Party
Charles CohnFinancial Advisor $105,400Republican Party
Richard KovacevichChairperson $92,200Republican Party
Natasha KruppSales Associate $82,800Democratic Party
Daniel LudemanPresident/Chief Executive Officer $58,300Republican Party
Spencer EcclesChairperson $51,500Republican Party
John RindlaubChief Executive Officer $50,600Republican Party
John StumpfBanker $34,800Republican Party
Avid ModjtabaiExecutive $31,300Democratic Party
Martin SkeaCashier $30,450Democratic Party
Richard WeissMutual Fund Manager $30,400Republican Party
James WiltmanFinancial Advisor $28,150Republican Party
Rueben CasarezAttorney $27,000Democratic Party
Thomas MoranInvestment Advisor $26,600Republican Party
Shelley FreemanExecutive $24,550Democratic Party
Patricia CallahanExecutive Vice President $23,200Democratic Party
Jeff PozmantierInsurance $23,050Democratic Party
Frank WooFinance Account Manager $22,899Democratic Party
William StaplesFinancial Advisor $22,800Republican Party
Eric FornellVice Chairperson $20,600Democratic Party
Don Bates JrFinancial Advisor $20,329Republican Party
Morris GottesmanSenior Vice President $20,250Democratic Party
John StevensonFinancial Advisor $19,550Republican Party
Adam BergerInvestment Banker $19,200Republican Party
Mark OmanManagement $18,300Republican Party
Kathy SesnonBanker $18,150Democratic Party
David KowachDirector $17,000Republican Party
Cornelius McPeakFinance Service Specialist $16,750Republican Party
Kevin RheinChief Information Officer $16,650Democratic Party
Carter AtkinsFinancial Advisor $16,400Republican Party
Fred PrinzAnalyst $15,550Republican Party
William GoodwinFinancial Advisor $15,500Republican Party
Rebecca HendersonAttorney $15,450Democratic Party
Irving MindesFinancial Advisor $15,050Republican Party
Margaret SimmonsGovernment Relations $14,700Democratic Party
Sarah RindlaubBanker $14,550Republican Party
John Stevenson JrFinancial Advisor $14,500Republican Party
Richard WelshSenior Vice President $14,450Republican Party
Steven HefterInvestments Manager $14,400Republican Party
Vickee AdamsPublic Relations $14,214Democratic Party
Marc AckermanFinancial Advisor $13,900Republican Party
Paul RomanelliBank Analyst $13,850Democratic Party
Neel JohnsonBanker $13,500Republican Party
Jill DockingStockbroker $13,500Democratic Party
James StrotherExecutive $13,500Democratic Party
Nathan ChristianBanker $13,000Republican Party
Jay WelkerBanker $13,000Republican Party
Daniel BrickenInvestment Banker $12,800Republican Party
Lydia CrawfordAttorney $12,683Democratic Party
Steven FrankCFP $12,650Republican Party
David WeidmayerSenior Vice President $12,600Republican Party
Bennett GordonFinancial Advisor $12,050Democratic Party
Gregory MondonBanker $11,692Republican Party
Jacqueline WielandFinance Management Specialist $11,650Republican Party
John GibbonsBanking $11,500Republican Party
Deeann GriebelCertified Public Accountant $11,300Democratic Party
Nicholas ConantFinance Consultant $10,900Republican Party
John JonesBanker $10,500Democratic Party
Rory ChalcraftInstructional Designer $10,309Democratic Party
Bradley BlackwellExecutive $10,200Democratic Party
Pat HawkinsBanking $10,200Republican Party
Robert ReichSvpm $10,000Republican Party
Scott McArronManager $10,000Republican Party
David NeunuebelFinancial Advisor $10,000Democratic Party
Dominick StilloAdvisor $10,000Democratic Party
Randall ReynosoExecutive Vice President $9,900Democratic Party
Douglas WestInvestments $9,750Democratic Party
Michael LoughlinBanker $9,200Republican Party
James SigmanBanker $9,100Democratic Party
Tasos ZambasFinance Management Specialist $8,750Democratic Party
Edward SellBusiness Analyst $8,714Democratic Party
Byron CusterFinancial Advisor $8,700Republican Party
James McAteeFinancial Advisor $8,650Republican Party
David HoytSenior Vice President $8,600Democratic Party
Michael HeidPresident $8,500Republican Party
Richard RothschildSenior Vice President $8,400Democratic Party
David GarfieldAttorney $8,300Republican Party
Christopher JordanReal Estate Consultant $8,250Republican Party
Coco HassanMortgage Broker $8,200Democratic Party
Erick Leithe JrVice President $8,150Republican Party
William Blue JrVice Chairperson $8,100Republican Party
Eric OakleySales $8,010Republican Party
ROY BaylissManaging Director $8,000Republican Party
Steven NicholsBanker $8,000Republican Party
Erik DavidsonBanker $7,901Republican Party
Donald BarryExecutive $7,800Republican Party
Forrest BrownFinance Manager $7,700Democratic Party
JON CampbellExecutive $7,700Republican Party
James MottelerFinancial Advisor $7,700Republican Party
Carrie TolstedtExecutive $7,700Democratic Party
Nirmalya ModakRetail Mortgage Processor $7,700Democratic Party
Elmer WalkerManaging Director $7,500Republican Party
Hardeep SinghCashier $7,500Democratic Party
Richard SilvaINV Banking $7,500Republican Party
Alan WienerBanker $7,400Republican Party
Frank Van BurenSales Person $7,350Democratic Party
Alan MitchellInvestment Banker $7,300Republican Party
Richard SprakerStockbroker $7,250Republican Party
Thomas HonigBanker $7,200Republican Party
Lewis BreretonStock Broker $7,070Republican Party
Timothy SolidayStockbroker $7,000Republican Party
Tyson RayFinancial Advisor $7,000Republican Party
Beverly AndersonFinance Service Specialist $6,910Democratic Party
Michael GallagherBanker $6,850Democratic Party
Scott WolfrumFinancial Advisor $6,800Republican Party
Julie SlocumDirector, Customer Relations $6,750Democratic Party
Steven StallingsBanker $6,750Democratic Party
Gary AlexanderInvestment Advisor $6,700Republican Party
Kevin ZaneyBanker $6,647Democratic Party
Daniel ZweigFin Advisor $6,550Democratic Party
Charles DaggsWealth Management Advisor $6,550Democratic Party
Sherrie LittlejohnExecutive Vice President $6,538Democratic Party
Christopher GableFinancial Advisor $6,500Republican Party
Thomas ValentineFinance Consultant $6,500Democratic Party
Kristin CutlerAttorney $6,500Democratic Party
Hugh ShineGeneral Manager $6,500Republican Party
Thomas HoopsExecutive Vice President $6,500Republican Party
David NiemeyerApplication Engineer $6,488Democratic Party
Hope HardisonHuman Resources Coordinator $6,400Democratic Party
Robert WertFinancial Advisor $6,350Republican Party
Joey SagerFinancial Advisor $6,300Republican Party
Colleen McCullumBanker $6,250Democratic Party
Keith KlingenbergLicensed Insurance Producer $6,200Republican Party
John ShrewsberryExecutive Vice President $6,200Democratic Party
Charles HartleyFinancial Advisor $6,200Democratic Party
Carlos CastresanaPractice Leader $6,200Republican Party
Miguel BustosRegional Director $6,129Democratic Party
Ronald RakooverVice President $6,100Republican Party
Margaret MelchiorProgrammer $6,100Democratic Party
Jane LewenthalFinancial Advisor $6,050Democratic Party
Daniel BumgardnerBanking $6,021Republican Party
Robert HealyBanker $6,000Republican Party
Sanders ADUState-Federal Relations Deputy Director $6,000Democratic Party
Robert StrongPortfolio Manager $6,000Democratic Party
Daniel ArcherSenior Vice President $5,875Republican Party
Steven SkapperManaging Director $5,750Republican Party
David CarrollBanker $5,750Republican Party
Raschelle BurtonSenior Vice President $5,750Democratic Party
Peter BurbankManager $5,750Republican Party
David SpeckInvestment Advisor $5,750Democratic Party
Steve HefterInvestments Manager $5,700Republican Party
Alan GlaznerFinance Planner $5,700Democratic Party
Alfredo PedrozaManager $5,697Democratic Party
Sylvia ReynoldsMarketing Executive $5,685Democratic Party
Steve GunnFinancial Advisor $5,675Democratic Party
Christopher BryanWealth Management Advisor $5,650Democratic Party
Jeffrey LiberFinance $5,500Republican Party
Robert JonesFinancial Advisor $5,500Republican Party
John LampingFinance $5,500Republican Party
James DunnFinancial Advisor $5,500Republican Party
Charles WilmothInvestment Advisor $5,450Democratic Party
Pamela PearsonAttorney $5,423Democratic Party
TED IrgensAttorney $5,407Democratic Party
Vicki SmithBanker $5,400Republican Party
Michael TiedemannMD $5,400Democratic Party
Radhika VinnakotaInformation Technology Technician $5,400Democratic Party
Anil KotlaInformation Technology Technician $5,400Democratic Party
Charles MacKenzieVice President $5,400Republican Party
David JohnsonRetired $5,300Republican Party
Francis FurgiueleSenior Vice President $5,276Democratic Party
Cynthia KinesAdvisor $5,250Republican Party
Chad KobosInvestment Banker $5,250Republican Party
Joanne Pheil HawkinsFinancial Advisor $5,250Republican Party
Donald Dewees JrAdvisor $5,200Republican Party
James CrailInsurance Broker $5,200Republican Party
Mervin PetersBanker $5,200Republican Party
Natasha LevinSales Associate $5,200Democratic Party
D HolloInvestment $5,200Republican Party
Gerald RouleauManaging Director $5,200Republican Party
Bernard ZaiaManaging Director $5,200Democratic Party
Joel StahlSenior Vice President $5,000Democratic Party
Ellen Olsen SmithFinancial Advisor $5,000Republican Party
Matthew ConlanEquity Analyst $5,000Republican Party
Kent ChristianManager $5,000Republican Party
Darek DefreeceLawyer $5,000Democratic Party
Patricia WeinbergInsurance Service Representative $5,000Democratic Party
Rachel PerkelMarketing $4,950Democratic Party
Bora SilaInvestment Banker $4,875Democratic Party
Stephanie SmithBanker $4,850Democratic Party
Paul CooksonHuman Resources Coordinator $4,780Democratic Party
Srikanth PolavarapuSystems Analyst $4,700Democratic Party
Petros PelosBanker $4,700Democratic Party
Frank GoldenFinancial Advisor $4,700Democratic Party
Laura HaworthBanking $4,521Democratic Party
Joan GoldbergInsurance Broker $4,500Democratic Party
Pearl KollingVice President, Product Management $4,465Democratic Party
Steven SloanBanker $4,450Democratic Party
Rebecca SnethenSenior Vice President $4,391Democratic Party
Timothy BiceBanker $4,250Democratic Party
Rob MacCollRetired $4,250Democratic Party
William EskindFinancial Advisor $4,200Democratic Party
John NicolaidesMortgage Banker $4,100Democratic Party
Rina KansagraFinance $4,025Democratic Party
Laurie BlackburnVice President, Investments $4,000Democratic Party
Anthony CulpepperFinancial Advisor $4,000Democratic Party
Antony BabuProgram Manager $4,000Democratic Party
Yvette HollingsworthBanker $4,000Democratic Party
Marc FranklinFinancial Advisor $2,700Libertarian Party
Jill DocklingFinancial Advisor $2,600Independent
Lolita WangProduct Manager $2,000Other
AL AdamFinancial Advisor $2,000Other
Wendy MinginStrategist $1,500Green Party
Lois NonnemanInvestigator $1,500Libertarian Party
Eric WilkinsSenior Finance Analyst $1,000Libertarian Party
Herbert GoldbergFinancial Advisor $1,000Libertarian Party
John FoxDatabase Analyst $1,000Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party
Kevin McWhorterStockbroker $1,000Independent
Robert LeidyAdvisor $1,000Other
Melinda REXLender $1,000Libertarian Party
John BowersSenior Counselor $984Libertarian Party
Richard MillerInvestment Banker $750Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party
William KellyVice President $500Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party
Bruce FranckHuman Resources Vice President $500Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party
John GamblinWealth Advisor $500Libertarian Party
Atisa PayvarpourFinancial Advisor $500Other
Matthew DollFin. Services $500Libertarian Party
Frank NettiInvestments $500Independent
Darlene MarcouxManager $315Libertarian Party
Dina ArtztFinancial Advisor $300Green Party
Jay NergerBusiness Consultant $250Libertarian Party
Robert CherryBanker $250Libertarian Party
TIM PiteraInvestment Advisor $250Independent
Arno KarnerOperation System Engineer $250Libertarian Party
Chris SieglerFinancial Advisor $250Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party
Sharon HundleyVice President And Manager $250Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party
AMY BirksProject Manager $250Other
Paul BrooksPortfolio Manager $250Other
Robert LeeAttorney $250Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party
Stender SweeneyBanker $250Independent
John BacichManaging Director $250Independent
Joseph Traba JrManager $250Other
Richard WellsManager $200Libertarian Party
Erin HendersonAttorney $200Libertarian Party
Corbin ConnellAttorney $115Libertarian Party
Bennett RutledgeApplications & Systems Engineer $50Libertarian Party
Courtney RedmondProduct Manager $15Libertarian Party
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Wells Fargo Salaries

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    Salary Score
We calculated the salary score by comparing the salaries of specific positions within a given company against other similar positions at other similar companies.
Fixed Income ManagerMinneapolis, MN $500,000
Fixed Income ManagerDallas, TX $500,000
Fixed Income ManagerLos Angeles, CA $500,000
Branch ManagerWayzata, MN $300,000
Branch ManagerMinnetonka, MN $300,000
Branch ManagerFalmouth, MA $300,000
Branch ManagerSaratoga Springs, NY $300,000
Branch ManagerFalmouth, MA $300,000
Group CounselorSaint Louis, MO $165,000
Analytics ConsultantDanbury, CT $154,800
Business Support ManagerSan Francisco, CA $154,700
Compliance Program ManagerSaint Louis, MO $152,000
Applications & Systems EngineerFremont, CA $148,000
Applications & Systems EngineerSan Leandro, CA $147,181
Applications & Systems EngineerNew York, NY $139,000
Applications & Systems EngineerNew York, NY $138,861
Market Research ConsultantSan Francisco, CA $138,600
Applications & Systems EngineerNorth Brunswick, NJ $135,886
Business Systems ConsultantNorth Brunswick, NJ $135,886
Applications & Systems EngineerNorth Brunswick, NJ $135,886
Analytics ConsultantCharlotte, NC $135,800
Applications & Systems EngineerSan Jose, CA $133,000
Analytics ConsultantSan Francisco, CA $132,746
Analytics ConsultantSan Francisco, CA $132,746
Senior BankerRed Bank, NJ $130,200
Analytical ManagerIrvine, CA $128,700
Systems EngineerFremont, CA $128,066
Analytics ConsultantWilmington, DE $126,277
Applications & Systems EngineerCharlotte, NC $124,000
Applications & Systems EngineerCharlotte, NC $124,000
Applications & Systems EngineerCharlotte, NC $124,000
Applications & Systems EngineerCharlotte, NC $124,000
Applications & Systems EngineerCharlotte, NC $124,000
Applications & Systems EngineerCharlotte, NC $124,000
Applications & Systems EngineerCharlotte, NC $123,115
EngineerCharlotte, NC $123,115
Finance ConsultantSan Francisco, CA $123,000
Applications & Systems EngineerSan Antonio, TX $123,000
Finance ConsultantSan Francisco, CA $123,000
AssociateSan Francisco, CA $121,410
Applications & Systems EngineerNorth Brunswick, NJ $120,900
Applications & Systems EngineerNorth Brunswick, NJ $120,900
Senior BankerEl Segundo, CA $119,400
Senior BankerEl Segundo, CA $119,400
Portfolio ManagerConcord, CA $119,300
Analytics ConsultantSan Francisco, CA $119,101
AssociateSan Francisco, CA $117,600
AssociateNew York, NY $117,600
Applications & Systems EngineerCharlotte, NC $117,333
Applications & Systems EngineerShoreview, MN $115,231
Data ConsultantSaint Louis, MO $115,000
Applications & Systems EngineerAddison, TX $114,899
Information Security EngineerChandler, AZ $114,650
Systems EngineerCharlotte, NC $113,400
Systems EngineerMinneapolis, MN $113,400
Applications & Systems EngineerSan Francisco, CA $112,000
Agile CoachChandler, AZ $112,000
Applications & Systems EngineerCharlotte, NC $111,000
Compliance SpecialistSan Antonio, TX $110,600
Compliance SpecialistWest Des Moines, IA $110,600
Compliance SpecialistWest Des Moines, IA $110,600
Operations ConsultantCharlotte, NC $110,600
AssociateSan Francisco, CA $110,094
AssociateSan Francisco, CA