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Working At Wendy's

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Wendy's Jobs


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Wendy's Overview


Hotels, Restaurants & Leisure

Organization Type





Dublin, OH



Founded in




Key People

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About Wendy's

Wendy's is an American international fast food restaurant chain founded by Dave Thomas on November 15, 1969, in Columbus, Ohio.

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Wendy's is an American international fast food restaurant chain founded by Dave Thomas on November 15, 1969, in Columbus, Ohio.

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What Is

Wendy's's Mission Statement

To deliver superior quality products and services for our customers and communities through leadership, innovation and partnerships.

Is This Your Company?

Do You Work At Wendy's?

What is it like to work at Wendy's


October 14, 2019 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

Free food.. Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

Really fast pace environment. I don’t like that the general manager only depend on one worker.. Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

Done have a favorite perk.. Show More


May 27, 2019 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

Can't think of anything.. Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

Manager is mean and always there. She yells at employees in front of customers and talks about everyone behind they backs especially white folks. Everyone hates her but she still there for whatever reason. No breaks on most shifts. They say u get half off your meal during shift but if you work night shift you don't get crap cus u don't get no break to get a discount but every once in a blue moon they let us eat something cheap that we have a lot of. Days off suck and they lie all the time. 3 white folks and one Mexican and they all get harassed and treated like crap every day by just about everyone. I'm kinda new but if I knew this before hand I would a stay where I was. My best friend is white I hate racism. I would report if I was them... Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

Would be the half off food if you didn't have to eat it there and you actually got a chance to purchase food. Days off in a row a lot of times but sometimes too many when it's supposed to be full time... Show More


May 6, 2019 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

I would like to either work the window to service people's food.. Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

Not really anything i don't like about wendy's.. Show More

What Do You Like About Working There?

I like the cookies and drinks.. Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

Smelling like grease sucks don't get a job at Wendy's.. Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

Working for Wendy's isn't fun.. Show More


March 2, 2019 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

Great co workers, you can make many friends there. Customers are nice as long as you are nice to them. Flexible hours was amazing!.. Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

Rude customers.. Show More


August 3, 2018 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

I got great discounts on my food and the staff was cool and the pay was ok for a high school job.. Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

I was bored most of the time and the manager stuck and my schedule was crappy.. Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

Free food sometimes.. Show More


July 15, 2018 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

The effort put into cleanliness and standards behind the line, and that the founder is passionate about helping foster children get adopted.. Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

Fast food culture - low wages, awful hours, standing all the time, smelling like food.. Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

Easy money.. Show More
June 23, 2014 on Reddit

What's the worst thing you can tell us about Wendy's?

its not as bad as i would imagine some fast food chains are, not much bad at all besides the fact that its a minimum wage job
June 23, 2014 on Reddit

Least favorite menu item? Best experience working at Wendy's?

least favorite is the strawberry fields salad i hate onions best experience is probably whenever our boss decides to order pizza
October 23, 2013 on Reddit

What are your worst and best customer experiences?

Too many bad but I'll tell you a few. Before when Wendys used to have the regular taco salads, we had a lady come inside at 8:30 on a saturday night. It was kind of a dead saturday night for some reason, but nevertheless - the women ordered 2 taco salads, a few orders of nuggets, and 3 jr cheeseburgers with ketchup and pickle only. The taco salads would come with chili to pour over them, and the chili was placed on the side for to go orders. At around 9:45, the lady came back inside, threw her bags of food toward me. They hit the counter and slid into me. She started yelling. First off, I don't care if we served you a dead rabbit, you don't throw *** at me lady. She claimed that she never got her chili for her salads, her nuggets were cold, and her burgers did not have ketchup on them. She stated that she drove 35 minutes home and realized that the items weren't there and was forced to drive back. She demanded to speak to a manager. I went back to get one. As he walked up to the counter, the lady then picked up her food bags again and threw them back onto the counter towards him and began yelling again - the same as she did to me. He offered to make her new food with some coupons and she accepted. As we were preparing it, he removed her old items from the counter and took them away, but decided to check what she really got. It was slow that night, and we remembered making the order. Inside on the bags, you could clearly see stains from the chili. Hmmm.... Her burgers did not have ketchup - this was our mistake. But you mean to tell me you drove 35 minutes home and 35 minutes back for ketchup? We finished making the food and it was on the counter in front of her. The lady then said "you know what, I don't even want the food. I just want my money back at this point". My manager proceeded to give her money back. As she took the money, she also grabbed the food and walked toward the door. No no no no, that wasn't part of the *** deal lady. My manager was pretty pissed at this point and started walking towards the lady. I think he was going to grab the bags out of her hand, but another employee stopped him before he could. I just don't understand some people.
October 23, 2013 on Reddit

How do you think working there might shape how you treat fast food workers when you're successful later in life?

When I was younger, I can recall my dad saying a place was full of "McDonalds workers" when a store, bank, restaurant, etc. was providing less than satisfactory service. After working in fast food, I can honestly say that more than half of the blame from *** service is on the customer. There are some terrible, terrible workers in fast food - I'll start by saying that. However, most "problem" customer's are completely unreasonable. I'm sorry your upset that you have had to wait 10 minutes for your order when you have come through the drive thru during peak lunch hours and have order 20 meals for the construction site that you work at. I'm also sorry to the lady who was pissed that she had to wait 10 minutes for her small frosty because the guy in front of her ordered 20 meals for the construction site that he works at. It's also crazy the perception that some people have. "I can't believe they only have one register open when it's dinner time and there are 25 people inside". Well, what you don't understand is that theres only 2 people who can make the food that you order. Crushing them with double the orders at the same time is not going to speed anything up, and it would take someone away from another position. Not a very difficult concept, but some people can't figure it out. If I'm at a fast food place now, I generally don't get pissed off if my food takes a while or there is a mistake. The only thing that bothers me is food that is prepared poorly or when I see employees being lazy. I try to never over-complicate things or have some crazy order because that is something that I know would have pissed me off when I was working.
October 23, 2013 on Reddit

Ever find any gross things in the food? I.e hairball, finger,

to be dead honest, the grossest thing I ever found in the food was old food. for example, in the sandwich station, there were several pans that product was stored in. and most employees would fill old pans with new product instead of replacing them (which was supposed to happen every night I believe. but this would never, ever happen...nor was it possible). I can recall finding old cheese slices at the bottom of the cheese pan (I'm talking cheese that had been there for a few weeks). I really can't say anything ever made its way onto a product given to a customer though. I do recall a customer that claimed a small aluminum foil ball was in the middle of his Double with cheese, but didn't bother to tell us until the last bite of his sandwich. other than the occasional "hair" in a sandwich, I'm willing to bet most problems like that were a customer trying to get a free meal.
October 23, 2013 on Reddit

why were you there for four years without becoming a manager?

did not want to be. i worked there the last two years of high school and my first two years into college. saw too many people who didn't have a good direction, went into management thinking "oh, it's just a way to make some better money right now until I figure out what I want to do". 3 years later, still shift supervisors, making the same money, but working stupid hours that prevents them from going back to school - but, they are also in a position where they rely on the money they make and can't just quit to start new path. several of the older managers started off working there when they were 17 and just never left. i'm not judging a quality of life by the money one makes, but i don't think any of them were very happy with where they were at. not saying it would have happened to me, but who knows. in my opinion, unless you can become a district manager or at least a GM of a store, it is not worth it to enter management at all with wendys. *** and excessive hours for not a lot of money, same terrible customers and unreasonable bosses. but then again, thats life I guess.
July 26, 2013 on Reddit

Hey, I just started at Wendy's last week and I was wondering if you had any tips for me?

TAKE ANY SHIFTS THEY OFFER YOU. That is the best thing you can do. They will call you when they need and they'll see you are reliable and schedule you more and they will like you. Also just bite your tongue when you feel things are unfair. Don't try and argue with coworkers or customers. You have to pay your dues a bit. Don't take it too serious, just be relaxed and have fun.
July 24, 2013 on Reddit

Well...did you get anything more than a pat on the head for doing such a great job i hope??

Hahah no not really! Everyone says I'm very reliable and I get really good hours.
July 24, 2013 on Reddit

have you seen anyone do anything like spit in someones food bc the customer pissed them off?

Not once. We would never do that. No matter how rude.

What is your favorite part about working at Wendy's? Do you have any modern equivalent to the 1980's training videos? These things are great.

My favorite part of working would probably be the regulars. They come in and I have what they want done and they just stare at me in near disbelief. They can't believe a fast food restaurant has that type of customer service. And unfortunately no the new "training videos" are more just slide shows with a quiz at the end. I've watched all those old ones before. They really are great

Is there any compensation/reward for being employee of the year?

I got a little pin and a 10 cent raise, that's about it though
July 24, 2013 on Reddit

Is there a food you absolutely hate? Rudest customer?

I hate anything with ranch, but all our food is pretty good. I can't really think of one single incident but there a lot of rude people. I remember more nice people.

Do you hate people after working in fast food , coming from a fellow used to be customer service personal

I hate rude people. A lot of people are very polite and courteous. Though on a busy day it's hard to like customers. But the polite people stick out more so than the belligerent ones.

Has anything changed at wendys since dave died? What do you think of the new logo?

Well I'm not sure how much has changed since he died because I started in 2012 and he died ten years prior, but essentially everything is the same, Procedure wise, and ingredients. Certain menu items come and go but the overall goal is the same. Beat the competition and excel using customer service. I don't mind the new logo, I think I like the old one more but Wendy's is trying to gather in that "hip" crowd. Just watch the new commercials.
July 24, 2013 on Reddit

How many hours a week do you work? Back in the day, Wendys would never give more than 30 hours a week because they didn't want to pay anyone overtime. They just wanted part timers.

I work on average 36-38 hours. If you are close to 40 they will send you home. No one is allowed overtime except salary managers, who work 50 hour weeks.

I read somewhere that if a customer doesn't have enough money to pay for their meal, that Wendy's policy is to give it to them anyway. Is this true? Also, why are your hamburgers so good?

I'm honestly not 100% sure whether it's policy or not. There is a homeless man that comes in sometimes and if I see him I'll buy him a meal. But I pay for it out of my own pocket. There have been times where someone orders, we make their food, then their card is declined and since we've made it and everything we'll just give it to them. But that is rare. If you're rude and not being cooperative then I'd feel less bad about not giving you your meal.

What is the worst instance of a worker messing with a customer's food (justified or not) you are aware of?

Well I have honestly never seen or heard about anyone doing anything nasty to the food, but if someone is rude we won't go out of our way for them. One time a group of college kids were very rude late at night and asked for "extra, extra ketchup" so we just put a lot of ketchup on their sandwiches.

why don't you get a real job?

Not many jobs for teenagers in my town I guess. Better than manual labor five days a week.

on a scale of 1-10 how *** is working there? how many people show up stoned?

I give it a solid 4. You can get a lot of hours easily, the work is easy and most of the managers are pretty relaxed about what happens there. Only a handful are actually stoned while working, and when they are they get put on dishwashing duty to play with the bubbles (unless an evil manager is there). Yesterday one of the people managing the signature drinks station offered to sell drugs to the register operator. It was weird.

I work at a Wendy's as well, and I fill out some basic stuff about my menial job before getting to sleep. I work in a newer store, which means the store serves breakfast as well as contains a basic "bakery". The tasks for a given lunch day boil down to (at least at my location) dining room, grill, sandwich assembly, register, and signature drinks. Note: everything I put down here is relative to my location and not for the whole of all Wendy's. * Signature drinks is in charge of making frosty's and coffees. * Dining Room duty is what you think it is: Trash take out, wipe tables, wipe trays. * Being grill means putting meat on the grill, salting it, then "pressing" it. Grill is also responsible for the chicken, bacon and chili. The bacon is cooked in an oven at ~4 trays at once for about 9 minutes. The chicken is fried to a timer unless it is grilled chicken then which it is grilled to a timer. Every aspect of meat cooking is ruled by a timer, to the point where a monkey could do it. * Sandwich Assembly is a set of two lines with two people on each line. On line is dedicated to take out, the other for dining room. The beef is prepared and then stored for small periods of time on a different grill then the one being used to cook. The beef (2 oz. or 4 oz.) sits there untill it "expires" and is then used for chili meat. Fun Fact: Baconator has 3 pieces of bacon per layer and Son of Baconator only has 2. * Register is divided into takeout window register and dining room registers. All the register does is press buttons on a crappy touch screen, so not much explanation is really necessary, HOWEVER, if you are eating in the building you should order in the following order: 1. State if it is for here or to go 1. If you are getting a combo, I prefer the number of the combo and then the size. If you are only getting a sandwich and it is from the combo menu, say something along the lines of "Sandwich only'. 1. Any special orders should be stated as soon as possible. As soon as the register presses the button the sandwich makers start to make it, so if you want extra pickles be sure the register got that. 1. Newer restaurant ask for a name. It doesn't have to be your real name. Wendy's can't contact you from your first name only and it makes me super happy when someone gives me an obviously made up name. MISC THINGS The "bakery" stuff is all make from frozen pre-formed cookies or frozen brownie dough. We heat up the oatmeal bars and Cin-a-middles slightly. Cin-a-middles taste like crappy cinnabon. Breakfast eggs used in sandwiches are made from cracked round eggs and may have shell bits in them. In wraps it comes from the freezer. Salads are made "fresh" every morning and thrown out every night. As overpriced as they are, they are probably the "best" choice on the menu. Wrap up notes: Wendy's is an alright place to eat. I would recommend an actual restauraunt but you could do worse. If you ask for a free cup of water at my register then I give you a cup that you are supposed to pay for. I have to sleep now, I work at eight tomorrow.

You win the ama

Wendy's Employees

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Hispanic or Latino


Black or African American





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Foreign Languages Spoken








































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Wendy's Careers

Average Length of Employment
Jack's 2.2 years
Waffle House 2.2 years
Krystal 2.0 years
Panera Bread 1.9 years
Burger King 1.8 years


1.8 years
Taco Bell 1.8 years
Jack in the Box 1.8 years
Sonic 1.8 years
Arby's 1.8 years
Braum's Ice Cream 1.8 years
Bojangles' 1.5 years
Jersey Mike's Subs 1.4 years
Wingstop 1.2 years
Five Guys 1.2 years
Top Employers Before Wendy's
McDonald's 28.9%
Walmart 13.2%
Burger King 10.6%
Taco Bell 7.0%
Subway 4.8%
Arby's 3.3%
Pizza Hut 3.3%
Sonic 3.1%
Kroger 2.3%
Target 2.1%
Macy's 1.6%
Top Employers After Wendy's
Walmart 24.2%
McDonald's 15.7%
Taco Bell 5.3%
Subway 4.5%
Target 3.8%
Amazon 3.7%
Pizza Hut 2.8%
Macy's 2.7%
Arby's 2.7%
Kroger 2.5%
Convergys 2.1%

Wendy's Employees Education


University of Phoenix


The Academy


Everest Institute


Kaplan University


Ashford University


Ultimate Medical Academy - Clearwater


Tidewater Community College


Miami Dade College


Columbus State Community College


Ohio State University


Remington College


Hinds Community College


Kent State University


Valencia College


Strayer University


Florida State College at Jacksonville


Delgado Community College


Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana


University of North Carolina at Greensboro


Cuyahoga Community College

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Medical Assisting Services


Criminal Justice


General Studies


Health Care Administration








Culinary Arts


Computer Science








Liberal Arts






Nursing Assistants


Graphic Design


Early Childhood Education

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Wendy's Employee Political Affiliation

Democratic Party


Republican Party


Green Party


Libertarian Party


Employee Political Donations

Name Job Title Party Donation
Emil BrolickChief Executive Officer $22,300Republican Party
Richard FoxChief Executive Officer $17,200Republican Party
JOE JohalChief Executive Officer $14,885Democratic Party
Luther JohnsonOwner $9,000Republican Party
Baljeet JohalManager $6,650Democratic Party
Wendy KrispinCaterer $6,207Democratic Party
Robert Dauber JrProducer $5,800Democratic Party
David KaramPresident $5,700Republican Party
Jeffrey CoghlanFranchise $4,600Republican Party
Barbara DefratisCashier/Closer $4,436Democratic Party
Myra GilbertOwner $4,000Republican Party
Johnathan FoxManagement $4,000Republican Party
Michael GriffinRestaurant Manager $4,000Republican Party
Wendy MarksRetired $2,750Democratic Party
Wendy AndersonMedia Consultant $2,700Democratic Party
Mary Schell WintersSenior Vice President $2,700Republican Party
Wendy RubyInvestor $2,600Republican Party
Liliana EspositoCommunications $2,500Democratic Party
Robert FoxExecutive $2,500Republican Party
Baljit JohalManager $2,500Republican Party
John InwrightPresident/Chief Executive Officer $2,450Republican Party
Wendy HumphreyPediatric Dentist $2,400Republican Party
Drew JorgensenRestaurant Manager $2,000Republican Party
Jay SutherlandOwner $2,000Republican Party
Wendy ButlerAttorney $2,000Republican Party
Wendy EatonContracts Administrator $1,950Republican Party
June HamraOwner $1,732Democratic Party
SAM ChawkinFranchise Owner $1,500Republican Party
Wendy FosterRetailer $1,500Democratic Party
Wendy MitchellBusinessperson $1,500Democratic Party
Donald FeinsteinAttorney $1,500Republican Party
Todd PenegorPresident/Chief Executive Officer $1,350Republican Party
Susan KoopBuyer $1,250Republican Party
Wanda NielsenSales $1,200Republican Party
Anthony VaccarellaCrew $1,093Democratic Party
Vivian OpeltAttorney $1,071Democratic Party
Jeffrey ShamburgerMarketing $1,000Democratic Party
Wendy JacobsonConsultant $1,000Democratic Party
Wendy OhmeNone $1,000Republican Party
Wendy OsbornOwner $1,000Republican Party
Scott SchmidtOwner $1,000Republican Party
Stanley JohnsonRestaurant Owner $1,000Republican Party
Wendy NorrisOwner $1,000Democratic Party
Douglas BryantOwner $1,000Republican Party
Chris AndersonTax Professional $1,000Republican Party
Paul SandhuManager $1,000Democratic Party
Paul DhillonFranchisee $1,000Republican Party
Wendy CampOwner $1,000Republican Party
Theresa JohnsonOwner $1,000Republican Party
Wendy CohenPresident $950Democratic Party
Gabe GuzziCrew Member $800Democratic Party
Wendy WhiteEntrepreneur $700Democratic Party
Barbara HuntQuality Assurance $600Democratic Party
Frank MartinezFinance $600Democratic Party
Kimberly ButlerCertified Public Accountant $500Republican Party
William SeftonPresident/Chief Executive Officer $500Republican Party
Yindi WenOwner $500Democratic Party
Wendy GreuelConsultant $500Democratic Party
Samuel ChawkinFranchisee $500Republican Party
Amarjit DulaiFranchise Owner $500Democratic Party
Lori EstradaResearch And Development Scientist $500Republican Party
Cassandra BozemanMarketing Executive $500Democratic Party
Wendy KahnConsultant $500Democratic Party
Ziad BoukaiOperations Vice President $500Democratic Party
Edward BehnenGrill Operator $455Democratic Party
Linda BrownFinance Director $450Democratic Party
Alejandro AlvarezOwner $425Democratic Party
Crystal DyerLeather Belt Maker $409Democratic Party
Wendy MunsonLicensed Professional Counselor $400Libertarian Party
Amer BoukaiFranchise Owner $400Republican Party
Wendy ParishDermatologist $392Democratic Party
Bryan RiceReal Estate Closer $350Democratic Party
Jeff ShamburgerMarketing $350Democratic Party
Mark BranhamFinance Advisor $350Republican Party
Kenneth PrinceManager $305Democratic Party
Arlen AndersonCooker Operator $302Democratic Party
Wendy MeyerSelf $259Democratic Party
Linda McCarleySecretary $255Democratic Party
Cory PearsonFood Prep $250Democratic Party
Adiya DixonAttorney $250Democratic Party
Deborah BoyleManagement $250Republican Party
Mike GivensSelf $250Republican Party
Michael GivensBusinessman $250Republican Party
Mike MalleyChief Executive Officer $250Republican Party
Huber JamesOwner/Operator $250Democratic Party
Mary StallcupPresident $250Republican Party
Claude LawrenceRealtor $250Democratic Party
Mike McAngusComputer Programmer $250Democratic Party
Stephen FarrarExecutive $250Republican Party
Wendy SmithClinical Social Worker $250Democratic Party
Wendy SoltesConsultant $250Democratic Party
Pamela SederholmFundraiser $250Republican Party
Baldev BasraFranchise Owner $250Democratic Party
Joon ChungManagement $250Republican Party
Donald Wetherby JrVice President Of Engineering $250Republican Party
Kristen LepionkaGraphic Designer $232Democratic Party
Christopher GuerreroOperations Director $215Democratic Party
Dallas NeelCattleman $200Republican Party
Wendy Lea McDonnalSpecialist $200Republican Party
Susan GordonAttorney $200Democratic Party
David FantauzziAssistant Manager $200Republican Party
Peter NewmanLaborer $190Republican Party
Darryl MuirArchitect $175Green Party
Nick SchuesslerManager $170Republican Party
Wendy TakacsBusiness Management Consultant $150Democratic Party
James BarnettDevelopment $150Republican Party
Wendy BodnerCertified Public Accountant $134Democratic Party
Esmeralda CandelarioCashier $110Democratic Party
Gerald GowanPresident $100Republican Party
Wendy BrownCertified Public Accountant $100Democratic Party
Wendy NaylorWriter $100Republican Party
Christine Corbin DawsManager $66Democratic Party
Felicia BrownCashier $64Democratic Party
Kacie BartimusHuman Resources Internship $60Democratic Party
Dominic BordenaroCrew Member $58Democratic Party
Deborah EhlerdingCrew Leader $56Democratic Party
Franko JajowCrew $55Democratic Party
Gavin AhlersFood Service Worker $52Democratic Party
Maryann ParkerBusiness Analyst $50Republican Party
Christine DawsGeneral Manager $28Democratic Party
Shannon HealeyPersonal Assistant $25Democratic Party
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Wendy's Salaries

Director, International MarketingSunrise, FL $140,375
Regional Marketing DirectorDoral, FL $130,000
Oracle Senior DeveloperDublin, OH $120,000
Oracle Senior DeveloperDublin, OH $115,000
Application Software DeveloperDublin, OH $103,979
Oracle Senior DeveloperDublin, OH $90,000
Area DirectorDoral, FL $90,000
Senior Software EngineerDublin, OH $86,590
Senior Software EngineerDublin, OH $85,000
Solution DeveloperDublin, OH $84,219
Senior EngineerDublin, OH $79,800
Architectural DesignerNew York, NY $60,000
Junior ArchitectNew York, NY $58,000
Architectural DesignerNew York, NY $55,000
Architectural DrafterNew York, NY $55,000
Compensation AnalystDublin, OH $54,200
Compensation AnalystDublin, OH $54,200
Junior ArchitectNew York, NY $53,290
Junior ArchitectNew York, NY $53,218
Architectural DesignerNew York, NY $50,000
Architectural DesignerNew York, NY $45,000
Architectural DesignerNew York, NY $45,000
Architectural DesignerNew York, NY $45,000
Crew MemberRifle, CO $29,218
Crew MemberAvon, CO $29,218
CoachPlantation, FL $28,350
Household CookOld Westbury, NY $24,334
Household CookBedford, NY $22,435
CookOld Westbury, NY $22,256
Crew MemberDickinson, ND $22,184
Crew MemberDickinson, ND $22,184
Crew MemberND $19,826
Crew MemberND $18,783
Fast Food CookTX $16,696

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Working at Wendy's Day 26

Wendy's Awards

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Wendy's Subsidiaries

Wendy's Competitors

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Frequently Asked Questions about Wendy's

When was Wendy's founded?

Wendy's was founded in 1969.

How many Employees does Wendy's have?

Wendy's has 12,100 employees.

How much money does Wendy's make?

Wendy's generates $1.3B in revenue.

What industry is Wendy's in?

Wendy's is in the hotels, restaurants & leisure industry.

What is Wendy's's mission?

Wendy's's mission statement is "To deliver superior quality products and services for our customers and communities through leadership, innovation and partnerships."

What type of company is Wendy's?

Wendy's is a public company.

Who are Wendy's's competitors?

Wendy's competitors include Burger King, Sonic, Taco Bell, Jack in the Box, Dunkin' Donuts Northeast Distribution Center Inc., International Dairy Queen Corp, Hardee's Restaurants LLC, Five Guys, Little Caesar Enterprises Inc., Krystal, Bojangles', Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Braum's Ice Cream, Jersey Mike's Subs, Panera Bread Company, Wingstop, Arby's, Waffle House, Jack's, Panera Bread.

Where is Wendy's's headquarters?

Wendy's's headquarters is in Dublin, OH.

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