Updated December 31, 2020

How Much Does Williamsburg High School Pay?
Employees at Williamsburg High School make, on average, $37,652 a year or $18.0 an hour. Those in the bottom 10th percentile earn under $24,000 a year, while the high earners in the top 90th percentile can make over $56,000. Show More

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Williamsburg High School Salaries By Department

The salaries that employees earn in Williamsburg High School can be influenced by the department or organization function that they work in. For example, workers in the healthcare function earn the highest salaries at Williamsburg High School, with average earnings of $47,256. Employees working in the it organizational function also get paid well, with an average yearly pay of $46,983. The lowest paying organizational functions at Williamsburg High School are hospitality/service and administrative, where employees earn $27,239 and $29,168, respectively.
Average Salary


Salary Range40k - 55k$47k$47,256


Salary Range34k - 63k$47k$46,983

Human Resources

Salary Range32k - 60k$44k$44,367


Salary Range32k - 48k$40k$39,543

Non Profit/Government

Salary Range31k - 42k$37k$36,572


Salary Range22k - 39k$30k$29,759


Salary Range25k - 33k$29k$29,168


Salary Range25k - 29k$27k$27,239

Williamsburg High School Salaries By Job Title

The average employee at Williamsburg High School earns a yearly salary of $37,652 per year, but different jobs can earn drastically different salaries. Some of the job titles with high salaries at Williamsburg High School are director of human resources, middle school principal, psychology instructor, and school psychologist. A worker with the title director of human resources salary at Williamsburg High School can earn an average yearly salary of $89,025. Other roles at Williamsburg High School include para educator and janitor. A para educator at Williamsburg High School earns an average yearly salary of $21,358.
Job Title
Job Title
Average Salary

Director Of Human Resources Jobs

Salary Range79k - 99k$89k$89,025

Middle School Principal Jobs

Salary Range70k - 81k$76k$75,849

Psychology Instructor Jobs

Salary Range62k - 81k$72k$71,659

School Psychologist Jobs

Salary Range62k - 72k$67k$67,243

Manager Data Services Jobs

Salary Range60k - 70k$65k$65,202

Speech Language Pathologist Jobs

Salary Range55k - 61k$59k$58,589

Course Developer Jobs

Salary Range47k - 55k$51k$51,440

Special Education Teacher Jobs

Salary Range46k - 52k$50k$49,621

Guidance Counselor Jobs

Salary Range44k - 48k$46k$46,454

Student Clinician Jobs

Salary Range42k - 48k$45k$45,458

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Williamsburg High School Education Salaries

Job Title
Average Salary
Middle School Principal
Salary Range70k - 81k$76k$75,849
Psychology Instructor
Salary Range62k - 81k$72k$71,659

Vice President Of Instruction

Salary Range61k - 74k$68k$67,727

Mathematics Department Chairperson

Salary Range49k - 58k$54k$53,730
Course Developer
Salary Range47k - 55k$51k$51,440
Special Education Teacher
Salary Range46k - 52k$50k$49,621
Learning Specialist
Salary Range43k - 49k$46k$46,400

Art Educator

Salary Range40k - 46k$43k$43,459
Instructional Technology Specialist
Salary Range39k - 44k$42k$41,895
High School Coach
Salary Range37k - 42k$40k$40,357

Williamsburg High School Administrative Salaries

Job Title
Average Salary
Office Manager
Salary Range42k - 45k$44k$43,971
Administrative Support Specialist
Salary Range32k - 36k$34k$34,244
Administrative Assistant
Salary Range29k - 32k$31k$30,954
Office Assistant
Salary Range26k - 28k$28k$27,892
Data Processing Clerk
Salary Range25k - 26k$26k$26,184
Salary Range24k - 27k$26k$26,057
Student Worker
Salary Range22k - 24k$24k$23,835
Attendance Clerk
Salary Range22k - 24k$24k$23,806

Williamsburg High School Hospitality/Service Salaries

Job Title
Average Salary
Sign Language Interpreter
Salary Range33k - 35k$35k$34,712
Tour Guide
Salary Range28k - 30k$30k$29,660
Head Cook
Salary Range27k - 29k$29k$28,787
Bus Driver
Salary Range26k - 29k$28k$27,992
Cafeteria Worker
Salary Range23k - 25k$24k$24,060
Bus Attendant
Salary Range22k - 25k$24k$23,886
Kitchen Staff
Salary Range22k - 24k$23k$23,241
Cafeteria Attendant
Salary Range22k - 23k$23k$22,887
Salary Range19k - 21k$21k$20,505

Williamsburg High School Salaries By Location

When choosing a place to work, it's important to factor in the cost of living when negotiating a salary. Employees at Williamsburg High School earn different salaries depending on their region.
Average Salary

New York, NY Jobs

Salary Range36k - 67k$49k$49,271

Williamsburg, VA Jobs

Salary Range30k - 56k$42k$41,603

Kingstree, SC Jobs

Salary Range25k - 46k$34k$34,408

Williamsburg High School Competitor Salaries

Some of the competitors of Williamsburg High School are Fulton County School System, Henry County School District, and Bayou Blue Elementary School. The wages at Fulton County School System average higher than the other similar companies, where the median salary is $41,708 per year. The employees at Henry County School District earn an average yearly salary of $41,149 per year, and the salaries at Bayou Blue Elementary School average $39,953 per year.
Average Salary
Fulton County School System
Salary Range31k - 55k$42k$41,708
Henry County School District
Salary Range32k - 51k$41k$41,149
Bayou Blue Elementary School
Salary Range33k - 47k$40k$39,953
Permian High School
Salary Range33k - 47k$40k$39,898
Shelby County Schools
Salary Range31k - 48k$39k$39,281
Clear Creek High School
Salary Range31k - 47k$39k$38,984
Cleburne Junior High School
Salary Range30k - 48k$39k$38,714

Jefferson County High School

Salary Range32k - 46k$39k$38,665

Youth Elementary School

Salary Range30k - 48k$38k$38,345

W S Permenter Middle School

Salary Range30k - 48k$38k$38,342

Williamsburg High School Jobs