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Average Salary For a Wine Steward

Based on recent jobs postings on Zippia, the average salary in the U.S. for a Wine Steward is $39,498 per year or $19 per hour. The highest paying Wine Steward jobs have a salary over $70,000 per year while the lowest paying Wine Steward jobs pay $22,000 per year

Average Wine Steward Salary
$39,000 yearly
$19 hourly
Updated January 22, 2022
10 %
90 %

3 Common Career Paths For a Wine Steward


Specialists are employees who are responsible for specific tasks or activities in the department they are assigned to. The actions or tasks they work on are related to their educational background or work experiences. They are usually highly skilled in specializations related to the work they are assigned to. Specialists are also highly trained on the competencies that are required of their specialty. As such, they are focused on the skills and competencies that are needed to enhance their experience in their specific field further.

Sales Consultant

Sales consultants are employees who work in the sales department of a company. They are usually more skilled than usual sales employees. As such, they are usually given more complicated products or services to sell because they will be able to explain the product or service to the customers better. Sales consultants have in-depth knowledge of the offerings of the company. They talk to customers, understand what the customers need, and match the customers' needs with company products that can address the needs. They should also be updated on trends in the market and what is currently popular with the masses.


A chef is the master of the kitchen-someone who is creative and innovative with food. Chefs are the pride and reputation of each restaurant or dining establishments. They make sure every meal served is fresh and oversees the kitchen operation. They also create recipes, study menus, and prepare significant-high-quality dishes that represent the restaurant. They say academic requirements aren't needed, but anyone who has a passion for food and cooking can be a chef.

Illustrated Career Paths For a Wine Steward