Updated September 9, 2022

Average Yum! Brands Salary In Chicago, IL


$20.99 hourly

Entry level Salary
$21,000 yearly

How Much Does Yum! Brands Pay In Chicago, IL?

Yum! Brands pays $21 per hour or $43,662 per year on average in Chicago, IL. Salaries at Yum! Brands range from an average of $21,000 to $87,000 a year.

Highest Paying Yum! Brands Jobs In Chicago, IL

Yum! Brands’s highest-paying job in Chicago, IL is Operations Vice President, with an average salary of $227,384. In second place is Chief Finance Officer, which makes $213,611 annually in Chicago, IL.

Highest Paying Jobs At Yum! Brands In Chicago, IL

RankJob TitleAvarage Yum! Brands SalaryHourly Pay
1Operations Vice President$227,384$109
2Chief Finance Officer$213,611$103
3Vice President, Business Development$203,219$98
4Chief Information Officer$199,009$96
5Global Director$174,771$84
6Regional Vice President$168,524$81
7Corporate Director$167,292$80
8Information Technology Director$145,170$70
9Senior Regional Manager$143,951$69
10Director Of Strategy$140,459$68

Yum! Brands Salaries In Chicago, IL By Department

Salaries By Department At Yum! Brands In Chicago, IL

RankDepartmentAvarage Yum! Brands SalaryHourly Pay
5Human Resources$55,967$27
6Business Development$54,648$26

How Much Does Yum! Brands Pay By City

The cities where Yum! Brands pays the highest salary are Irvine ($58,509), Plano ($44,640), Chicago ($43,662), Fort Lauderdale ($40,939) And Louisville ($36,766).

Highest Paying Cities At Yum! Brands Across the US

RankCityAvarage Yum! Brands SalaryHourly Pay
4Fort Lauderdale$40,939$20

Highest-Paying Yum! Brands Competitors In Chicago, IL

The company that stands out for having the highest pay in Chicago, IL is CKE Restaurants Holdings, which pays its workers an average salary of $227,384 A&W Restaurants is the company that pays the least, paying an average salary of $28,033 in Chicago, IL.
RankCompany NameAvarage Pay in Chicago, ILHourly Pay
1CKE Restaurants Holdings$54,000$26
2Brinker International$47,740$23
3Charter Foods$36,824$18
4The Habit Burger Grill$36,677$18
5Panera Bread$32,789$16
6Chipotle Mexican Grill$32,586$16
7NPC International$32,544$16
9Pizza Hut$28,517$14
10A&W Restaurants$28,033$13

Frequently asked questions about Yum! Brands Pay In Chicago, IL

What Is The Starting Pay At Yum! Brands In Chicago?

The starting pay at Yum! Brands in Chicago is around $21,000 per year, or $10 per hour.

How Much Does Yum! Brands Pay Hourly In Chicago?

Yum! Brands pays $21 hourly in Chicago, which is 9% below the national average.

How Much Does Yum! Brands Pay Operations Vice Presidents In Chicago?

Yum! Brands pays operations vice presidents in Chicago around $109 per hour, or $227,384 per year.

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