How Much Would 25 Of The Most Popular X-Men Earn In Real Jobs?

In case you've ever wondered which X-Men would make the biggest of bucks.

It’s finally here: The Apocalypse.

No, not that one that your weird nephew keeps handing you pamphlets about; I’m talking about X-Men Apocalypse. It’s a movie that, for nerds like us at Zippia, has been anticipated almost as much as the latest Captain America. It’s a movie that makes us want to don our finest Marvel attire and head to the theaters. We want to shout from the rooftops (after having levitated to get there) just how much we love this X-World. In short, it makes us want to quit our day jobs and head off to X-Mansion to hone our mutant powers.

Which got us thinking—what exactly would be the day jobs for the X-Men, and how much would they pay?

Sure, there are a handful of professors at the Xavier Institute (Professor Xavier himself, of course; Cyclops, Colussus, Magma…) but we also wanted to take a look at those X-Men who don’t have jobs, or their jobs aren’t clear. You know, because we mostly just see them out saving the world from Evil, or because they’re like 17.

So without further ado, here are the day jobs* and salaries of 25 of our favorite X-Men.

*The teacher/professor jobs are true to the world; the rest, we filled in based on abilities!


#1Moira MacTaggertGeneticist$195,895
#3SwayInstagram Celeb$100,000
#4MagmaGeology Teacher$97,135
#5StormWeather Forecaster$90,860
#6Professor XHeadmaster Of Xavier Academy$89,540
#7NorthstarFlight Teacher$85,835
#8AngelFlight Teacher$85,835
#9BeastCirque Du Soleil Performer$75,000
#12ColossusArt Teacher$55,000
#13NightcrawlerDrama Teacher$55,000
#14DarwinNavy Seal$54,000
#15PetraLandscape Designer$52,840
#16HavokDj In L.A. (Dj Havok!)$51,000
#17CyclopsSunglasses Model$48,000
#19PolarisProfessional Pool Cleaner$41,000
#20Marvel Girl/PhoenixMassage Therapist$35,970
#21RogueHairstylist & Makeup Artist$35,000
#22ProdigySubstitute Instructor$27,000
#23MimicPreschool Teacher$26,420
#24ChangelingImprov Actor$25,000
Download an image of the chart here.

So if you’ve got some mutant powers that you’ve been sitting on for a while, maybe slap that on your resume. One day you could even be a…. substitute teacher like Prodigy. Because that’s a good use of infinite knowledge.

X-Men Salaries From Highest To Lowest

1 - Moira MacTaggert - Geneticist
2 - Vulcan - Astronaut
3 - Sway - Instagram Celeb
4 - Magma - Geology Teacher
5 - Storm - Weather Forecaster
6 - Professor X - Headmaster Of Xavier Academy
7 - Northstar - Flight Teacher
8 - Angel - Flight Teacher
9 - Beast - Cirque Du Soleil Performer
10 - Magneto - Architect
11 - Wolverine - Butcher
12 - Colossus - Art Teacher
13 - Nightcrawler - Drama Teacher
14 - Darwin - Navy Seal
15 - Petra - Landscape Designer
16 - Havok - Dj In L.A. (Dj Havok!)
17 - Cyclops - Sunglasses Model
18 - Apocalypse - Accountant
19 - Polaris - Professional Pool Cleaner
20 - Marvel Girl/Phoenix - Massage Therapist
21 - Rogue - Hairstylist & Makeup Artist
22 - Prodigy - Substitute Instructor
23 - Mimic - Preschool Teacher
24 - Changeling - Improv Actor
25 - Iceman - Bartender

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