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Zippia Privacy Policy

What is a privacy policy? In the course of doing business, most websites need to collect information from users. Exactly what information is gathered varies from website to website, but it’s generally things like a ballpark location, time of visit, etc., as well as any information you provide when registering or signing up if you choose to do so. A Privacy Policy is designed to let the user know what information is being collected, and how the company treats that information. A good company will care about the privacy of its users and will NOT do things like sell their user’s private information or otherwise make it available to the public. Here at Zippia, we take your privacy very seriously. You should absolutely read this entire document and ask any questions you might have, but if all you’re after is to make sure that your information won’t be sold or mismanaged, the gist of this privacy policy is that Zippia doesn’t do anything unreasonable with your information. We care about our users, and this is manifested in our commitment to keeping your data safe! is owned and run by Zippia, Inc.  This privacy policy only applies to and does not apply to any third-party websites, even those that might be affiliated with Zippia. As you read this Privacy Policy, keep in mind that often contains links to our partners’ websites—for example, when you apply for a job, you are often leaving and visiting the potential employer’s website. These websites will have their own privacy policies, and Zippia is not responsible for these partner websites. By using or our products or services in any capacity, you are agreeing to the terms set out in this Privacy Policy.

For the purposes of this Privacy Policy (occasionally referred to as simply the “Policy”), “users” or “visitors” are anyone who use, visit, or explore, or otherwise engage with our website, products or services.  This Policy applies to users in their capacity of visiting We will note any changes to the Policy near the beginning of this document, but as this is the first version, there are no updates to report. For more information regarding Terms of Use, please see our Terms of Use document here (

Information Collection

Zippia has two levels of data collection:  there is information we collect incidentally from everyone who visits (“general information”), and information we collect when a user registers (“member information”).  Zippia also employs the use of cookies on our website.  Such cookies are used to improve our site and services, and may be blocked by the user at any time by following the instructions on how to disable cookies on their browser of choice. Cookies can be used to do things like “remember” registered users, or to store user/visitor preferences, or to otherwise generally improve the user experience.

General Information
When a user visits, we collect general information. This information is not personal or private (although we may treat it as such) and cannot be used to identify anyone. We collect data such as your location, IP address, and we might collect information about how you’re using by recording what pages you visit or how long you spend on each page. We may also collect data on what time you visited, what browser you used, or whether you visited our desktop site or our mobile site.  Again, this information is not personal information, and cannot be used to identify you. We collect this data for our own company records—we don’t sell or distribute any of this information to anyone unaffiliated with Zippia, Inc., we simply use it to improve the user experience and/or personalize your visits. For example, we might note that your IP address implies that you live in New York City, so we’ll make sure that your list of initial job postings are from companies in New York City. Often, this data is collected via cookies, as well as through other means.

Member Information
When you register for, we collect a different set of information. However, this information is voluntarily given, so the user knows exactly what information is being shared.  At a minimum, Zippia will collect your name, a password, and your email address. Other information is optional to provide, such as your location, your job or educational history, or your resume.  Any information you provide to Zippia as a member will be kept secure and will only be provided to trusted partners (i.e. potential employers, etc.) or other parties that the user has authorized.

As a registered Zippia user, you will have the right to terminate your account at any time. In this event, your personal information will still be stored in our archives. You may change or update your personal information at any time through your profile on This includes the ability to modify account settings such as receiving Zippia emails.

Other Information
Zippia may, on occasion, gain access to other user information, either general or personal. For example, this may happen if a user registers for using a third-party site such as LinkedIn or Google+. In this event, Zippia will only have access to information as dictated by the user’s privacy setting on the third-party website. For more information about third-party registration, please see our Terms of Use here ( Zippia may also get information through other avenues if the user chooses to disclose it. For example, if a user emails Zippia or submits a comment on our site, Zippia may then be privy to any information contained in that email or post. This information is subject to the same Policy as laid out here—that is, we won’t do anything unreasonable with any information the user chooses to disclose through any means.

What does Zippia do with this information?
Zippia has relatively few intended uses for this information. Our main goal is to provide the best user experience possible to all users. Data collection is a big part of this, as it gives us insight into things like what features users are spending more time on or where our users are located. To this end, we use a lot of collected anonymous data to improve our products and services.  We also use data in a good-faith effort to help our users achieve their professional goals—that is, we may send emails to the user (if so requested) or otherwise keep the user updated about new job postings or new Zippia services. The user may opt out of these emails at any time. However, we also reserve the right to use any gathered information in a reasonable manner if we have a good-faith belief that doing so will improve the quality of our service, our business operations, website security, or the user experience. Zippia may provide information to Zippia affiliates in order to perform services required of our business. Zippia may provide information to third parties at our discretion if such disclosure is appropriate and reasonable to fulfill a user’s request or directive. Additionally, Zippia reserves the right to disclose user information as required by law (i.e. if necessary to comply with a court order, or subpoena, or if Zippia, Inc. is acquired by another company, etc.).


Third-Party Privacy

Because of the nature of, there will almost definitely be links to third-party sites on our websites. As we mentioned above, this privacy policy does not apply to these third-party sites since it is limited in scope to It is the user’s responsibility to decide if they want to visit third-party sites and do so at their own risk. Zippia is, of course, not responsible for any third-party content or websites.  Zippia may also receive information (general or personal) from these third-party websites as a normal part of conducting business.

Here at Zippia, we realize that your privacy is very important and is not to be taken lightly. We secure all of our collected data with industry-standard (or better) security, and will make every reasonable effort to protect your information. However, Zippia will not be held liable for any loss or damages in the event of an unforeseen circumstance such as a security breach or hack. By using the user agrees to do so at their own risk, and this includes sharing personal data. In the event of a security breach, Zippia will make reasonable efforts to protect personal information as much as possible. If you wish to be notified in writing of a security breach, please inform us using the contact information below.

Registered users can help Zippia prevent any security issues by creating a unique password and not sharing this password or other personal information with others.


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