These Are The 30 Best Things About Being A Teacher. Hands Down.

by Chris Kolmar
Jobs - 5 years ago

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1. That light bulb moment when kids finally get it.

Dig in for all of your sensory play! #classroomfun #specialneeds #breakbox

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2. Everyday the class partakes in a new adventure.


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3. Having the summer off makes up for the long nights.

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4. When you see someone make a big advance after a bunch of hard work.

5. Taking part in the great community of teachers, both in school and around the world.

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6. When the note passing in class turns out to be awesome.

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7. When the trouble maker doesn’t make trouble that day.

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8. Great stories every class generates that make great cocktail conversation.

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9. The ridiculous things kids say all of the time.

10. Making the rules of the room.

11. Former students that come back to you years later.

12. Seeing students help one another in the classroom.

13. Making one person smile about learning.

14.Getting up every day and knowing that it’s your passion, not a job.

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15. When the kids have so much fun, they ask to learn more.

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16. The great discussions in class that start from the simplest of topics.

17. Tailoring the content to fit the students and your style

18. There’s never a boring day on the job.

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19. Developing your skills working with parents

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20. Earning the respect of students throughout the year.

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21. The co-workers that become great friends after all the time spent together.

22. Funny compliments that only kids that really get you could come up with.

23. Thank you notes from students and parents when you least expect it.

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24. Teaching the diverse set of students throughout the years.

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25. Shaping the future as you see fit for the better.

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26. Experiencing the sense of service to the community around you.

27. Having the students be so proud of their work they just can’t wait to share it.

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28. Creating a safe place for learning and discussion.

29. Making hours fit around family, friends, and hobbies.

30. Laughing every day of the week.

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