These Are The 10 Best Entry Level Jobs In America For 2019

By Chris Kolmar - Jan. 8, 2019

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So you’ve finally made it to the end of college. Your cap and gown are ready, parties are planned and only that last final exam or two is separating you from adult freedom. Or is it?

Can you really get the dream job straight out of college? Will you make that much more money with just a bachelor’s degree or is a masters or other advanced training in your future?

It seems that the job outlook for Millenials with just a bachelor’s degree is substantially less bright than when their parents graduated from college. Are good entry-level positions possible with just a bachelor’s degree? And if so, which jobs are the best?

Luckily for you, Zippia has gone into research mode to find those jobs. So if you are just starting college or at the end of your degree program, you can see which entry-level jobs are the best of the best for those straight out of college with a fresh bachelor’s degree.

Here are our top 10 best entry-level jobs:

  1. Cartographers and Photogrammetrists
  2. Computer Systems Analysts
  3. Management Analysts
  4. Web Developers
  5. Film and Video Editors
  6. Sales Engineers
  7. Technical Writers
  8. Arbitrators, Mediators, and Conciliators
  9. Multimedia Artists and Animators
  10. Credit Counselors

Cartographers and photogrammetrists? Yes, you read that correctly. Cartographers and photogrammetrists, essentially, Google Earth and Google Maps creators have stolen the number #1 ranking for our best entry-level jobs.

Naturally, there are many enticing and top-paying jobs available, like being a physician, actuary, or statistician, but those all require advanced degrees. It is not that there are not many great jobs to be found if you only have a bachelor’s degree, but rather that you need to be a little bit creative.

If you don’t want to go to graduate school, you may want to think of how you can specialize your undergraduate degree to make you a unique and skilled worker.

If you ever thought about getting a degree in GIS (Geographic Information Systems) sounded weird, think again, because those folks have landed the best entry-level jobs.

Curious to see how we got our ranking and to learn more about other top entry-level jobs? Keep reading for a more detailed look at Zippia’s top 10 best entry-level jobs list.

How We Determined The Best Entry Level Jobs In America

The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides data on pay by location and each state’s Department of Labor compiles job growth statistics.

We combined data from each of these sources to produce a master database that contains information for every profession. Specifically, we looked at the following criteria:

  • Location quotient: a measure of how common a job is in a given state
  • Average annual entry-level salary
  • Projected growth as an industry over the next 10 years

By limiting the dataset to only those jobs that require a Bachelor’s Degree, we were left with 58 jobs to rank.

We then ranked each job on each criterion from 1 to 58, with 1 being the best.

Next, we took the average of each job’s rankings to create a “Job Score”.

Finally, we ranked every job’s “Job Score” from 1 to 58 with 1, again, being the best.

1. Cartographers and Photogrammetrists

If you are looking for the best entry-level job, here is the answer: become a map-maker. Yes, these mapping specialists use GIS technology to create maps of streets, towns, and even the earth. Ever wonder who was behind the makings of Google Earth? These people.

2. Computer Systems Analysts

Naturally, a computer-related career would end up on our top 10 list. Computer systems analysts help companies run more effectively, so they are a great combination of business and information technology.

3. Management Analysts

Like computer systems analysts, management analysts help make businesses more efficient by reducing costs and increasing their profits. These are both critical roles for any business, from start-ups to large corporations.

4. Web Developers

With an ever-increasing role of the internet in our lives, businesses need good web developers to increase product and service outreach. Being able to organize a website to maximize traffic is one key role of web developers.

5. Film and Video Editors

Similarly to web developers, film and video editors are top entry-level positions for people with bachelor’s degrees. If you have found yourself scrolling aimlessly through Facebook and Instagram and love those short video clips, thank those film and video editors for their amazing ability to distract you like no other.

6. Sales Engineers

That’s right, business optimization jobs yet again. Sales engineers help businesses by determining best buying decisions for businesses, based on more technical information. So if you are a business looking to determine the best time and source to purchase a certain commodity, you’ll be needing a sales engineer.

7. Technical Writers

Wondering why people are still English majors? Because technical writers are in constant demand and are a top entry-level position. While people of all educational backgrounds can become technical writers, many degrees don’t emphasize writing-intensive courses. So if you are a biology major with a knack for writing, practice your writing skills to become a technical writer.

8. Arbitrators, Mediators, and Conciliators

Wow– that’s a long job title. Essentially people with this great entry-level job help different parties negotiate and come to a mutual decision. They often work with lawyers so it is a great pre-law entry-level job.

9. Multimedia Artists and Animators

And who said wanting to work for Disney was a bad job goal again? Artists and animators are having more success in the entry-level job world because many companies need animations made. Think of all the animations and clips you see on social media every day. Being an artist can get you much further than you think.

10. Credit Counselors

And last but not least, credit counselors. Probably the job that will never get replaced in a world that is constantly preferring credit over cash. So if you love talking on the phone with people who may or may not have spent too much, this is the job for you.

Summing Up The Best Starter Jobs

We all love our college years and look forward to moving on to the “big kid” jobs, but it is often hard to find just which jobs welcome people with bachelor’s degrees. It seems that every job description requires master’s degrees or a billion years of experience.

But Zippia has your back with these top 10 best entry-level positions for job-seekers. Many of our top 10 are positions that help businesses run more efficiently, so if you enjoy optimization and analytics, perhaps that bachelor’s degree will come in handy.

These top 10 are creative positions that utilize skills from different educational disciplines, so if you are ever wondering… hmmm, should I try that GIS class even though I’m a business major? The simple answer to that question is yes.

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Chris Kolmar is a co-founder of Zippia and the editor-in-chief of the Zippia career advice blog. He has hired over 50 people in his career, been hired five times, and wants to help you land your next job. His research has been featured on the New York Times, Thrillist, VOX, The Atlantic, and a host of local news. More recently, he's been quoted on USA Today, BusinessInsider, and CNBC.

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