These Are The 10 Best Jobs For Introverts

by Hunter Joyner
Rankings - 4 years ago

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Introvert Jobs
Do you avoid television shows that require audience participation?

Do you find yourself in large crowds, wishing you were alone, day-dreaming of frolicking amongst the trees in a vast, isolated forest?

Does in-person interaction with other hominids make you have to hurl, diminishing your ability to think and create?

If you have even the slightest inkling that you may be introverted, this article is for you.

How We Did This

We at Zippia have compiled data to rank the jobs most suitable for introverted individuals.

Using five variables, we collected data on more than 600 jobs in the United States and ranked all of them with an overall score. The lower the overall score, the better suited the position is for introverts.

The five variables we used to rank the best jobs for introverts were:

  • Contact with others (less is better)
  • Face-to-face discussions (less is better)
  • Freedom to make decisions (more is better)
  • Sounds, noise levels, are distracting (less is better)
  • Working with groups and/or teams (less is better)

I’ll count up from the number one, highest ranking, and most suitable job for an introvert, to the number ten-ranked position.

1. Hunters and Trappers: Elmer Fudd Takes Home The Gold

Best Jobs For Introverts
Overall rank: 1
Overall score: 19

This job is for those individuals that want to escape urban life, and surround themselves with only one individual: Mother Nature. Out of all the jobs we gathered data on, hunters and trappers ranked 3rd in contact with others, and 2nd in working with groups or teams.

All you need now is a shotgun, perhaps one friend to tag along to help lay the traps, and an instinct for survival. You’ll have plenty of alone time to come up with a second career choice should collecting furs become too burdensome.

2. Private Household Cooks: Like Food More Than People?

Best Jobs For Introverts
Overall rank: 2
Overall score: 27.8

If wafting beautiful aromas causes you to become more conversational, and if your cooking skills are your most attractive attribute, you might want to consider being a personal, household chef. This position ranked 1st in working with groups or teams, and 9th in face-to-face discussions.

Your only teammates will be vegetables, spices, and cooking utensils. They won’t talk back to you or tell you their ideas are better. You are alone and in charge. The only face-to-face interaction will come after you’ve delivered the meal, sitting there, watching your employers face light up with joy as they try your famous gumbo.

3. Watch Repairers: Tick, Tick, Boom

Best Jobs For Introverts
Overall rank: 3
Overall score: 59.6

My grandfather was an engineer and watch repairer. He’s a terrifyingly intelligent, difficult-to-talk-to man until you ask him about the 35 clocks in his basement workshop. In that case, he goes on a terribly complex tirade about all of the components that comprise a watch or clock.

Watch Repairer ranked 3rd in working with groups or teams, and 2nd in distracting sounds and noise levels. If you have hearing aids, an extreme amount of patience, nimble hands, and only enjoy the company of a little red bird popping out of a cuckoo clock a few times throughout the day, this may be the job for you.

4. Fine Artists, including Painters, Sculptors, and Illustrators: Re-sculpt Your Life

Best Jobs For Introverts
Overall rank: 4
Overall score: 71.6

If you have any friends that are artists, you know they’re vastly different. They view the world through an abstract lens, forming quirky opinions, and living life differently from your average accountant.

Fine Artists ranked 22nd in freedom to make decisions and 5th in working with groups or teams. When the elderly office assistant to your left won’t stop rambling about her children, critiquing your boring presentations when you know her edits are wrong, and you need to create something original; grab a block of clay, and start sculpting my friend.

5. Mathematicians: Only Trust Numbers

Best Jobs For Introverts
Overall rank: 5
Overall score: 74.6

Are you cool and calculated? Do you see statistics in every situation you find yourself in, to the point that you make decisions based strictly on those statistical percentages? Perhaps people aren’t your cup of tea, and numbers are all that you trust.

Mathematician ranked 26th in distracting sounds and noise levels, and 78th in contact with others. So, if you can stand people from time to time, and numbers and a quiet environment have your heart; this might be the job for you.

6. Sewers, Hand: Old School

Best Jobs For Introverts
Overall Rank: 6
Overall score: 80.2

This job best fits those of us that are experienced with a needle. If your love for renewing, reinforcing, and joining beautiful fabrics together outweighs your love for staff meetings, perhaps you should consider sewing.

Sewers ranked 4th in working with groups, 10th in noise levels, and 27th in contact with others. A quiet, easy-to-concentrate environment, and careful, creative tasks are what you’ll find if you pursue a career using the needle skills Grandma Simpson taught you.

7. Craft Artists: I Don’t Sew… Or Paint, But I’m Still An Artist

Best Jobs For Introverts
Overall Rank: 7
Overall Score: 93.2

Like sewers, being a Craft Artist requires a hands-on artistic side. Some jobs that fall into this category include Ceramic Artist, Welder, Glass Blower, Designer, and Furniture Maker.

This position ranked 7th in face-to-face discussions and 10th in working with groups and teams. If you’re tired of all the same small talk that comes with your sewing clientele, the orange sparks of a welding torch might add a little more brightness to your life. And don’t worry; you still won’t have to talk to other people all day long.

8. Astronomers: Not Of This World

Best Jobs For Introverts
Overall Rank: 8
Overall score: 99

Does studying objects in the sky, including planets, galaxies, black holes, and stars interest you? Astronomer ranked 18th in freedom to make decisions and 66th in noise levels.

This position offers solitude, a quiet workspace, and no one looking in over your shoulder telling you what to do. If you hate loud offices, and already have a black hole where your heart ought to be, the answers you seek may lie in the stars.

9. Camera and Photographic Equipment Repairers: Let Your Photos Do The Talking

Best Jobs For Introverts
Overall Rank: 9
Overall Score: 112

Camera and Photographic Equipment Repairers ranked 12th in working with a group or team and 83rd in face-to-face discussions.

You might have to hold a conversation with your clients briefly before taking their broken camera into your possession. But, after that, you can look forward to working by yourself, not having to communicate in-person with anyone, and being able to concentrate on repairing someone’s beloved device.

Fallers: Timber

Best Jobs For Introverts
Overall rank: 10
Overall score: 125.6

Are plaid, flannel shirts your go-to choice in daily attire? Do you have a beard fit for a pirate king? Do you love the outdoors, but love animals too? If any, or all of these questions represent you, your true calling may be a lumberjack.

Fallers fell trees using their knowledge of tree characteristics, and cutting techniques, to safely cut and bring trees to the ground. This position ranked 18th in contact with others, and 37th in freedom to make decisions. A faller is able to make his/her own decisions while living amongst the trees and nature, making it ideal for some introverts.

There are jobs available for everyone.

Even if communicating face-to-face with peers, working in teams, and loud noises make you cringe, there is hope. There is more than hope. There are jobs.

There are jobs out there that are better suited for you than the accountant that loves delivering weekly speeches and hosting extra staff meetings at his house on Sunday nights. There are plenty of jobs available for introverts. Hopefully, this article and the chart below will give you some ideas and confidence in your search for a better position.

Below is a chart of the top 50 best jobs for introverts, so you can see how everything was scored and ranked.

Detailed List Of The Best Jobs For Introverts

Rank Title Score
1 Hunters And Trappers 19.0
2 Cooks, Private Household 27.8
3 Watch Repairers 59.6
4 Fine Artists, Including Painters, Sculptors, And Illustrators 71.6
5 Mathematicians 74.6
6 Sewers, Hand 80.2
7 Craft Artists 93.2
8 Astronomers 99.0
9 Camera And Photographic Equipment Repairers 112.0
10 Fallers 125.6
11 Statisticians 143.8
12 Refuse And Recyclable Material Collectors 144.6
13 Economists 145.6
14 Animal Breeders 159.4
15 Electronic Home Entertainment Equipment Installers And Repairers 168.2
16 Web Developers 176.2
17 Meter Readers, Utilities 179.6
18 Political Scientists 186.2
19 Computer Science Teachers, Postsecondary 187.0
20 Arbitrators, Mediators, And Conciliators 188.6
21 Medical Equipment Repairers 196.6
22 Archivists 196.8
23 Sociologists 201.0
24 Sewing Machine Operators 202.4
25 Insurance Underwriters 203.8
26 Demonstrators And Product Promoters 205.0
27 Library Science Teachers, Postsecondary 207.4
27 Geography Teachers, Postsecondary 207.4
29 Coin, Vending, And Amusement Machine Servicers And Repairers 207.8
30 Pressers, Textile, Garment, And Related Materials 209.6
31 Shoe Machine Operators And Tenders 210.4
32 Hydrologists 216.2
33 Medical Transcriptionists 220.0
34 Photographers 221.4
35 Paperhangers 226.6
36 Janitors And Cleaners, Except Maids And Housekeeping Cleaners 227.6
37 Dishwashers 229.6
38 Broadcast Technicians 231.6
39 Musical Instrument Repairers And Tuners 236.8
40 Graphic Designers 239.2
41 Market Research Analysts And Marketing Specialists 240.0
42 Electrical And Electronic Equipment Assemblers 241.0
43 Biochemists And Biophysicists 243.0
44 Model Makers, Metal And Plastic 243.8
45 Court Reporters 244.0
46 Operations Research Analysts 244.8
47 Bookkeeping, Accounting, And Auditing Clerks 245.0
48 Painters, Transportation Equipment 247.8
49 Museum Technicians And Conservators 249.8
49 Environmental Science Teachers, Postsecondary 249.8
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