The 5 Best Portland Maine Coworking Spaces of 2020


One-third of your life is spent at work, so where you work and who you work with is important. The 9-5 culture is losing popularity as more and more individuals are opting to use coworking spaces, which are shared office spaces used by groups and individuals. Statista predicted that by 2027, 50.9% of the total U.S workforce will be freelancing. Coworking allows people to find flexible, affordable office spaces that they can grow into. Individuals have reported that coworking has expanded their professional networks and made them more motivated, engaged, happy, and successful.

If you are a telecommuter, entrepreneur, freelancer, small business, a budding startup, or a remote worker looking for a shared office, here are the top five coworking spaces in Portland Maine.

Cloudport CoWorking MultiSpace

Located in the heart of Portland, Cloudport CoWorking MultiSpace is a state-of-the-art space where businesses, entrepreneurs, and creatives thrive. They offer six different memberships ranging from daily drop-in passes to glass-enclosed private offices. Members say that “Cloudport attracts very motivated and talented members, from companies of all sizes, who see value in sharing experiences, ideas, and collaboration.”

Think Tank

Think Tank offers Maine’s urban professionals a fun, productive, comfortable, and convenient space to work. They have 300+ members and counting, representing more than 100 businesses and non-profits in a variety of creative fields. To make things even better, they are dog-friendly!


Coworkhers is a shared workspace and social club catering to women. They are the first and only female-focused coworking space in Portland, Maine. While they cater to and are dominated by women, they welcome all people who wish to be a part of a safe, inspiring, encouraging, non-threatening, healthy, non-judgmental environment. Children are also welcome. They have three membership options ranging from $125-$175.

The Public Works

The Public Works has affordable 24/7 coworking spaces that you can use to bring your business to the next level. Their coworking space is designed to encourage collaboration and innovation among small business owners. Monthly leasing starts at $175/month for access to a floating workstation with conference room bookings available. They also have a variety of studios ranging from $310/month to $695+ a month available.


Sopoco Works is a creative coworking studio with casual modern office space. They boast an impressive list of amenities, including a kitchen, conference room, office equipment, a podcast studio, and virtual reality gear. You can get a day pass for just $20, which gives you 9-5 access to the coworking space.

Devon Feuer
Devon Feuer