These Are The Jobs With The Highest Lifetime Winnings On Jeopardy!

by Chris Kolmar
Study - 3 years ago

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Jobs With Highest Lifetime Winnings

Jeopardy! begins each show with some awesome theme music accompanied by introductions for its contestants with the famous following format:

An attorney from Los Angeles, California

Why’d we pick “attorney” and “Los Angeles”? Because those happen to be the most common profession and location declared by contestants.

And with all the news about the pronunciation of “Gangsters Paradise”, we thought we’d take a dive into which professions would never mispronounce it — the occupations with highest lifetime winnings on the show.

Turns out that attorneys, in addition to being the most common profession mentioned, also have the highest lifetime earnings. Although, it definitely helps that they have appeared almost twice as often as the next most common “profession”, graduate student.

Here’s a look at the key findings. All data came from the excellent J-Archive:

Jobs With Highest Average Winnings Jeopardy!
Summary of Findings:

  • Attorney is the most common occupation mentioned with 321 occurrences.
  • Attorneys also have the most lifetime winnings with a combined haul of $2,198,767.
  • The profession with the highest average winnings amount is software engineer with $50,284. It definitely helps that one Ken Jennings is a software engineer.
  • Bartenders do extraordinarily well on the show — thanks in part to Austin Rodgers’ $411,000 achievement.
  • Seniors have more lifetime winnings than juniors who have more than sophomores who more than freshman.

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