These Are The 10 Worst Places In Alabama To Work

Chris Kolmar
by Chris Kolmar
Rankings - 5 years ago

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Everyone hates going to work.

And I mean that literally, people in the US consistently rank their commute to and from work as the least enjoyable part of their day.

So when it came to determining which places in Alabama were the worst to work, we knew we had a solid starting point — places with the longest commute time.

We then added several other criteria to the mix and were left with this set of the ten worst places to work in Alabama:

  1. Wetumpka
  2. Brook Highland
  3. Orange Beach
  4. Prattville
  5. Millbrook
  6. Spanish Fort
  7. Bay Minette
  8. Daphne
  9. Fairhope
  10. Irondale

Read on to see why these places will make your wallet feel a bit empty on your long commute home.

How We Determined The Worst Places In Alabama To Work

There are certain things that everybody dislikes about work, not the least of which is the time it takes to get there.

So after some research into what people identify as the worst parts of their day, we decided upon the follow set of criteria to determine places that don’t provide the ideal working conditions:

  • Commute time (Longer is worse)
  • Cost of living (Higher is worse)
  • Crime (Higher index is worse)
  • Weather/Comfort Index (Higher is worse)

Basically, if it takes forever to get to work, your lunch costs more than you want to pay, it’s too hot to be wearing a suit, and someone might take your lunch money, then it’s not an ideal place to work.

We then ranked each place from one to 114 for each criteria, with one being the worst in any given category.

Finally, we took the average rank across all criteria, with the place posting the lowest overall score “earning” the title “Worst Place In Alabama To Work”.

Our data comes from Sperling’s Best Places.

Read on to learn the specifics of how the ten worst places in the Heart of Dixie could improve their working conditions.

1. Wetumpka

Worst Places To Work In Alabama


Population: 6,737
Commute Time (Mins): 28.12
Crime Index: 126

The small town of Wetumpka ranks as the worst place in Alabama to work by a pretty substantial margin — the gap between first and second is larger than the gap between second and tenth.

Why does it rank so poorly? To start things off, it’s flippin’ hot; Wetumpka has the worst comfort index of any place in Alabama. And then you’re stuck in traffic getting to work as it has the worst commute time of any place in the top ten.

So remember to make sure your air conditioning is working the night before you head out to work.

2. Brook Highland

Worst Places To Work In Alabama

Source: RentCafe

Population: 7,212
Commute Time (Mins): 22.28
Crime Index: 138

This small town in the smack dab middle of Heart Of Dixie ranks as the second worst place to work in the state.

While the comfort index is substantially better than Wetumpka, Brook Highland has a much higher cost of living (2nd highest in the state) and the worst crime of any place in the top ten.

That means that your lunch sandwich costs more at the local deli and you’re relatively more likely (but really not that likely) to have someone steal it on the way back to the office.

3. Orange Beach

Worst Places To Work In Alabama

Source: City of Orange Beach

Population: 5,424
Commute Time (Mins): 25.04
Crime Index: 103

Orange Beach takes the third spot on our list of the worst places in Alabama to work.

The crime is much better than Brook Highland (Actually better than the average for Alabama), but the cost of living is almost the same as Brook Highland falling one spot behind as the third most expensive place in Alabama.

4. Prattville

Worst Places To Work In Alabama

Source: Wikipedia

Population: 33,429
Commute Time (Mins): 22.61
Crime Index: 103

The fourth worst place to work in Alabama goes to the largest city in the top ten — Prattville.

A stones throw, or an average commute time away, from Wetumpka, Prattville tied the worst place on our list when it comes to its comfort index. However, an average commute time that’s 6 minutes shorter put Prattville safely behind Wetumpka on this list.

I know 6 minutes per day might not sound like a lot, but that’s only one way. So think of it as 12 minutes a day for 200 working days a year which totals 40 hours less commute time per year. That’s a decent chunk of time saved.

5. Millbrook

Worst Places To Work In Alabama

Source: Wikipedia

Population: 14,593
Commute Time (Mins): 25.07
Crime Index: 86

Millbrook is a city in Autauga and Elmore counties that ranks as the fifth worst place in Alabama to work.

It too scores poorly on the comfort index scale — again tying for the worst score in Alabama.

However, the crime is very low in the city, so there aren’t any worries about getting your lunch money stolen.

6. Spanish Fort

Worst Places To Work In Alabama

Source: Google Images

Population: 6,936
Commute Time (Mins): 23.92
Crime Index: 101

Spanish Fort has created a bit of a wall for people who want to work here as it ranks as the sixth worst place to work in Alabama.

The main reason for its poor performance is a relatively high cost of living that causes gas and food to cost more.

So remember to buy gas at home before you get to work or you’ll be paying a bit extra for the privilege of buying it in Spanish Fort.

7. Bay Minette

Worst Places To Work In Alabama

Source: Wikipedia

Population: 8,126
Commute Time (Mins): 27.34
Crime Index: 112

The seventh worst place to work in Alabama goes to Bay Minette.

The county seat of Baldwin County ranks poorly for commute times and we all know being stuck in traffic on the way home from work is the worst…thing…ever.

However, the cost of living is pretty low for Alabama, so you can afford to order an extra coffee at lunch to get you through the day.

8. Daphne

Worst Places To Work In Alabama

Source: Wikipedia

Population: 21,800
Commute Time (Mins): 26.17
Crime Index: 80

Daphne, a suburb of Mobile, ranks as the eighth worst place to work in the Heart of Dixie.

A relatively expensive place, Daphne’s cost of living ranks in the top 20% of places in Alabama, as does its commute time.

The City didn’t rank higher on the list because of a low crime index, the second best in the top ten only falling behind Fairhope in that category.

9. Fairhope

Worst Places To Work In Alabama

Source: Google Images

Population: 15,599
Commute Time (Mins): 24.97
Crime Index: 70

Fairhope doesn’t offer that much hope when it comes to being a great place to work as it places ninth worst in Alabama.

A cost of living the top ten 10% of places in Alabama makes it expensive to work here and the weather isn’t ideal.

However, the city has basically no crime and is the safest place in the top ten by a large margin.

10. Irondale

Worst Places To Work In Alabama

Source: Wikipedia

Population: 12,323
Commute Time (Mins): 24.73
Crime Index: 134

And rounding out the top ten worst places in Alabama to work is Irondale.

Irondale scored mediocre across the board, but suffered when it came to its crime index which ranks as the 18th worst in the Heart of Dixie.

That’s offset a bit by a low cost of living and decent weather for Alabama. So you’ll just being sweating a bit for reasons other than heat.

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