Zippia Poll: Republicans are 20% less willing to wear a mask at work

Kathy Morris
by Kathy Morris
Study - 2 months ago

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  • Only 1-in-3 workers feel safe returning to work
  • 37% of workers feel “somewhat” safe, while 33% feel unsafe
  • 21% of Democrats and 46% Of Republicans feel completely safe returning to work as usual– showing a strong party difference
  • Most workers are willing to wear masks and submit to temperature checks at work
  • Republicans are 20% less willing to wear a mask at work

Businesses may be opening back up, but it isn’t business as usual.

Plexi-glass separates workers from customers at the check out counter, and signs remind everyone to keep 6 feet apart. Even in office spaces, desks are being separated and cubicle walls being hastily constructed in formerly open office spaces.

Many workers are now subject to strict safety precautions– including masks and temperature checks– in the name of workplace safety.

We surveyed 1000 Americans to see how the American worker feels about returning to work and the new safety precautions they may face. Do workers feel safe returning to work? Are they willing to undergo temperature checks and wear masks? We found only 1-in-3 workers feel safe returning to work as normal, while others are less certain. How is the American worker responding to these changes? And will there be permanent changes?

Below are some more highlights from Zippia’s survey:

Other Findings

  • 74% of workers have gone into work sick
  • Of the workers who admit to going in sick, 49% say it’s because they cannot afford to miss work
  • There is no party line when it comes to going to work sick- Democrats and Republicans are just as likely to go into work sick
  • 17% of workers feel temperature checks and potential covid antibody tests violate their privacy
  • People hate masks more than temperature checks– people are 9% more likely to agree to temperature checks than wearing masks at work


We surveyed 1,000 American workers. Each worker was asked the same set of questions about their feelings on returning to work and workplace changes. Below you can see visualizations of our featured findings.

Only 30% of workers feel safe returning to work. 33% outright say they don’t feel safe. The largest group, 37% feels somewhat safe returning to work, but isn’t entirely sure.

When we break this down by political party, the divide becomes more stark. Republicans are 20% more likely to feel safe returning to work.

Most American workers are willing to wear a mask at work. 79% are willing to wear one– when you tie in workplace requirements that increases to 97%.

Republicans were 20% less likely to say they’d wear a mask willingly. However, for the most part, those who wouldn’t happily agree to wear a mask are willing to do so to keep their jobs.

American workers are much more agreeable to having their temperature checked at work than wearing masks. Since temperature checks are a bit more personal, this indicates a large share of mask opposition comes down to discomfort and the prolonged nature of wearing a mask.

Closing Thoughts On How Coronavirus Is Changing The Workplace

After months of social distancing and quarantines, it is no surprise many workers are uncertain about resuming their daily life.

While, only 30% of respondents feel confident returning to work, another 37% feel “somewhat” safe returning to work. Perhaps the new safety precautions of masks, temperature checks, and other social distancing policies will help uncertain workers feel safe returning to the workplace.

A substantial 79% of workers are willing to wear masks at work. An even greater 88% are willing to have their temperature taken in the workplace. Since just months ago these measures would have been pretty radical suggestions, these responses show an abrupt shift in the way we work.

Maybe some of the workers who feel substantially uncomfortable returning home will join the remote work revolution.

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