Zippia Review Guidelines

Zippia’s reviews are a valuable source of insight for our users. Please follow these guidelines to ensure everyone can benefit from high-quality reviews.
  • Your review should be honest and based on your personal experience. Make sure you can stand behind the statements expressed in your review.
  • All reviews should be original, not quoted material from other sources such as email-correspondence, other reviews, etc.
  • You are allowed one review per employer, per year. If your review is updated within a year, the older review will be archived and the newer review will be listed.
  • All submitted reviews are subject to the terms in our Terms of Service.
We also reserve the right to not post your review if it contains any of the following types of content or violates other guidelines:
  • We do not approve reviews that include profanities, threats of violence, or discriminatory language targeted at an individual or group. However, we may allow reviews that mention gender, nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. if we believe the comment describes a workplace situation.
  • We do not allow reviews that include comments about identifiable individuals within the company. The exceptions are individuals who are high level executives and have a broad influence over the company (Founder, CEO, Director, etc.). However, please keep your review about the individual’s behavior or performance at work.
  • In order to ensure our users safety and privacy, we do not allow you to identify yourself or include any contact information (about yourself or others) in your comments.
  • We do not accept reviews that we cannot understand or deem irrelevant to the company, for an example, gibberish, advertisements, etc. And remember, your review will be more credible if you use good grammar, spelling and punctuation.
  • We do not accept reviews that mention allegations of illegal activity – this is not the forum for reporting crimes.
  • We do not accept reviews that reveal confidential, non-public internal company information. For example, budgets, customer lists, detailed financial results, source codes, etc.