These Are The 10 Best Places In Houston To Get Coffee Before Work

by Chris Kolmar
Guides - 5 years ago

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1. A 2nd Cup

Best Coffee Shops in Houston

Source: Facebook

A 2nd Cup
1111 E 11th St
(281) 382-6161

A 2nd Cup is coffee with a mission – to end human-trafficking.

Pretty heavy stuff to go with a cup of morning Joe.

So you can do your part to help out the community on the way to work without even trying. And getting a solid cup of coffee to go with it.

It’s opening this weekend, so be sure to check it out.

2. Boomtown Coffee

Best Coffee Shops in Houston

Source: Facebook

Boomtown Coffee
242 W. 19th Street

Boomtown is the kind of coffee shop your mind immediately conjures up when you think of a great coffee place. It’s got the atmosphere and the delicious coffee to go with it.

Located in the Heights, it’s the go to place to pick up a Toddy Mocha and then head into the office and make all of your coworkers jealous.

Or bring some along and they’ll all love you.

3. Rice Coffeehouse

Best Coffee Shops in Houston

Source: Facebook

Rice Coffeehouse
Rice Memorial Center
(713) 348-8073

Working on campus? Or near campus? Or somewhere relatively close to Rice and need an excuse to get some good coffee?

Stop by the Rice Coffeehouse.

It’s student led and run, so help the people behind the counter learn how to run a business by giving them yours. It’s worth it.

4. Empire Café

Best Coffee Shops in Houston

Source: Facebook

Empire Café
1732 Westheimer Rd.
(713) 528-5282

The undisputed king… err… emperor of coffee is Empire Café.

The coffee is all specialty blends — no Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts in this next of the woods.

But it’s also more than just coffee, it’s a great place for breakfast and brunch too. And it has 1/2 priced cake day.

So you should probably come here on a Tuesday morning an enjoy life a little more.

5. The Nook Café

Best Coffee Shops in Houston

Source: Facebook

The Nook Café
4701 Calhoun Rd, Ste 150

Located on UH’s campus, The Nook takes on UH’s student run coffee shop and manages to top it.

While you can take advantage of the free wi-fi and classic atmosphere, the coffee is a reason to stop by all in itself.

6. Dot Coffee Shop

Best Coffee Shops in Houston

Source: Facebook

Dot Coffee Shop
7006 I-45 South at Woodridge
(713) 644-7669

There’s coffee and then there’s “Diner Coffee”. I think coffee tastes better when it served with huge portions of hashbrowns and eggs.

Dot Coffee Shop fills that diner experience to the T.

Come with your office mates before the day starts and you’ll stay full way past your lunch break.

7. The Doshi House

Best Coffee Shops in Houston

Source: Facebook

The Doshi House
3419 Dowling St
(713) 528-0060

In the mood for a Chai Latte? The Doshi House has you covered whenever that craving strikes.

The paninis and empanadas are also very tasty, so don’t be afraid to come for lunch if that’s when your day frees up.

8. Blacksmith

Best Coffee Shops in Houston

Source: Facebook

1018 Westheimer Rd
(832) 360-7470

Cane Sugar Latte.

Let me repeat… Cane Sugar Latte.

Blacksmith has that and more. And what’s this “more” you may ask? Well it’s Vietnamese steak and eggs.

And trust me on this one, if you bring that with you to work you’ll be the center of attention all morning.

9. Bungalow

Best Coffee Shops in Houston

Source: Facebook

1219 Marconi St
(713) 524-2591

Run by a mother daughter duo out of.. wait for it… a bungalow, Bungalow has all charisma you could want in a coffee shop.

Take a load off on the porch swing and relax before your day starts with some delicious coffee.

And be sure to check out the knick-knacks inside. Might find some solid office/desk decorations.

10. Antidote Coffee

Best Coffee Shops in Houston

Source: Facebook

Antidote Coffee
729 Studewood St
(713) 861-7400

Let me channel my inner Jason Mraz for a second:

If you’ve got the (coffee) poison, than I’ve got the antidote. The Antidote…

Well, it’s not quite the original, but I think it fits. And when you have a Cajeta latte, you have the remedy to early morning blues.

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