These Are The 10 Best Colleges For English Majors In South Carolina

by Chris Kolmar
Rankings - 4 years ago

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You know there are a ton of great reasons to major in english — the job prospects, the intellectual challenge, and the chance to follow in the footsteps of some of the greatest thinkers of all time.

But what program in South Carolina offers the most to would be English majors?

We at Zippia decided to take a look at the data on the 116 institutions of higher learning in the Palmetto State to determine which programs offer the best career opportunities for English majors.

After the dust settled, we’re left with this set of the top colleges for English majors in South Carolina:

  1. University Of South Carolina-Aiken
  2. Clemson University
  3. University Of South Carolina-Columbia
  4. College Of Charleston
  5. Lander University
  6. Wofford College
  7. Furman University
  8. University Of South Carolina-Beaufort
  9. Converse College
  10. Francis Marion University

If you go to one of these schools, chances are, you’re not surprised. After all, you know how great you have it.

But for the rest of you — keep reading and we’ll get to just why these schools have some of the best English programs the Palmetto State has to offer.

How We Determined The Best English Schools In South Carolina

English is, at its core, the study of theory and history. When it comes to identifying the best English schools we wanted to approach the ranking like English major would, by looking at data on how schools perform and comparing them to one another.

What better way to optimize your choice?

So with that mind, we looked at the following data from the NCES (National Center For Education Statistics) and College Scorecard data from to understand what english department offer the best career opportunities:

  • Career Results
    • Mean Earnings After 6 Years
    • Mean Earnings After 10 Years
    • Ratio of people working to not working after 10 years
  • English Emphasis
    • Percentage of Graduating Class That Are English Majors (Larger the better)
  • School Performance
    • Admissions Rate (More selective the better)
    • Graduation Rate
    • Average Cost Of Attendance (Lower is better)
    • Average amount of debt

It’s hard to argue with a selective school that features english and produces strong earning potential for your career.

After we had this data, we looked at the 116 institutions of higher learning in South Carolina. We then ranked each of these schools with 1 being the best in any given criteria.

Next, we averaged the ranks for each school to create an “English Quality Index”. The school with the best score on the “English Quality Index”, University of South Carolina-Aiken, earned the distinction of being the ‘Best College For English’ in South Carolina.

1. University Of South Carolina-Aiken

University Of South Carolina-Aiken, South Carolina

Source: Wikipedia

Enrollment: 3,524

It might come as a surprise, but little USC-Aiken has the best English department in the state of South Carolina. Grads earn above-average salaries even a decade after graduation, and it’s the 3rd-least expensive program in the state. That means you get a lot of bang for your buck.

Plus, the admission rate is the 4th-lowest, meaning it’s hard to get into. Our argument is exclusivity is a sign of greatness.

2. Clemson University

Clemson University, South Carolina

Source: Wikipedia

Enrollment: 22,698

English majors who want to network successfully will thrive at Clemson, which has a ton of alumni working in the state years after graduation. Clemson’s graduation rate is the 2nd-highest in South Carolina, and English grads here typically command the highest salaries in the state, bar none.

3. University Of South Carolina-Columbia

University Of South Carolina-Columbia, South Carolina

Source: Wikipedia

Enrollment: 32,972

For the English geeks who thrive on big group settings, you won’t find a better place to learn. There are by far more English majors in Columbia than the rest of the state. The admission rate is about average, but it’s the 7th-least expensive program in the state. Plus, English grads leave and go on to make the 5th-highest pay in South Carolina.

4. College Of Charleston

College Of Charleston, South Carolina

Source: Wikipedia

Enrollment: 11,456

It can be argued there isn’t a better place to live in the south than in Charleston. Beauty and amenities aside, COC is above average in English grad salaries, and below average in cost. This is one of the easiest programs to get into (which lots of English grads would actually say is a good thing.)

5. Lander University

Lander University, South Carolina

Source: Wikipedia

Enrollment: 3,060

Little Lander in Greenwood, SC is the most exclusive English program to get into in the state, where less than half of applicants make the cut. It’s also the 6th-least expensive English program in South Carolina, and the number of graduates still working in the English world who left Lander is far above average, too.

6. Wofford College

Wofford College, South Carolina

Source: Wikipedia

Enrollment: 1,608

It doesn’t get much more up, close and personal than at little Wofford in Spartanburg, which packs a punch when it comes to English department statistics. The graduation rate here is the 3rd-highest of all South Carolina English departments. Plus, you might be surprised to hear that Wofford English grads are the highest paid in the entire state.

7. Furman University

Furman University, South Carolina

Source: Wikipedia

Enrollment: 2,970

If you’re an English major at Furman, there’s a really good chance you’ll graduate – this university has the highest graduation rate in the state. Graduates make the 4th-highest salaries, and the percentage of English majors on campus at Furman, in comparison to the rest of the school body, is really high, too.

8. University Of South Carolina-Beaufort

University Of South Carolina-Beaufort, South Carolina

Source: Wikipedia

Enrollment: 1,754

The University of South Carolina’s Beaufort campus might be under the radar, but English nerds pay heed – this program is the least expensive in the state. But graduates who leave earn above-average salaries, and many of them are still working in the field, even 10 years after leaving school.

9. Converse College

Converse College, South Carolina

Source: Wikipedia

Enrollment: 1,269

If you’re a woman who wants to thrive in an intimate setting, then Converse has a great English department. Among other factors: Far higher-than-average graduation rates, great pay after leaving campus, and exclusivity. Meaning you can brag that you were accepted into the program.

10. Francis Marion University

Francis Marion University, South Carolina

Source: Wikipedia

Enrollment: 4,817

Located in Florence, SC, Francis Marion is a great place for English grads. It’s very affordable, and English is a big focus on campus, meaning you’ll be well represented and given ample resources.

Detailed List Of The Best Schools For English Majors In South Carolina

City Rank Enrollment % English
University Of South Carolina-Aiken 1 3,148 2.13%
Clemson University 2 14,066 3.83%
University Of South Carolina-Columbia 3 15,266 2.13%
College Of Charleston 4 9,750 3.58%
Lander University 5 2,436 2.71%
Wofford College 6 1,087 6.57%
Furman University 7 2,789 4.08%
University Of South Carolina-Beaufort 8 1,175 4.56%
Converse College 9 623 5.47%
Francis Marion University 10 2,793 4.24%
North Greenville University 11 1,279 3.22%
Presbyterian College 12 1,148 5.53%
University Of South Carolina-Upstate 13 3,585 1.28%
Coastal Carolina University 14 4,405 2.32%
Citadel Military College Of South Carolina 15 1,995 1.79%
Winthrop University 16 4,649 3.1%
Anderson University 17 1,398 3.33%
Columbia International University 18 644 0.74%
Coker College 19 1,002 2.12%
Limestone College 20 1,967 0.0%
Voorhees College 21 677 0.0%
Claflin University 22 1,130 3.77%
Charleston Southern University 23 2,315 1.25%
Columbia College 24 1,206 3.98%
Erskine College 25 502 2.88%
Newberry College 26 724 3.05%
Southern Wesleyan University 27 1,724 0.36%
South Carolina State University 28 3,639 1.59%
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