The Best St. Louis Gyms For Busy Workers

by Kathy Morris
Rankings - 8 months ago

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No one should dread going to the gym.

But for many gong to the gym is like brushing your teeth– not fun, but something you have to do. However, just like where you work, where you workout can make a big difference.

We set out to highlight gyms that aren’t just offering the same old, same old, but are creating a place you actually want to go work out. After looking at offerings, price, atmosphere, and amenities, here are the best gyms in St. Louis.

Sweat Gym

Sweat Gym is a fun, challenging gym with affordable rates. The gym’s program is highly personalized, but also offers a range of exciting classes and an intense boot camp for those who want to bring it to the next level.

Sweat’s location in Clayton makes it ideal for the many people who work in Clayton.

Climb So Ill

Not looking for a typical workout? Then this funky rocking climbing gym might be perfect for you.

Located in the beautiful Lafayette Square, Climb So Ill offers an incredible indoor rock climbing experience. In addition to being a really fun workout, Climb So Ill has community events and fosters a supportive atmosphere where it’s easy to meet new climbing buddies (Or get a tip on how to nail that tiny hand hold.) Monthly memberships start at $64, with a premium upgrade available. They also offer a day-pass for the more casual climber. Even if you don’t see climbing as your new workout, it still makes for an incredible Saturday.

Downtown STL YMCA at the MX

Downtown workers have a real treat in the YMCA at the MX. The Y has a multitude of programs from indoor cycling to yoga, Pilates, kickboxing and more. A big bonus is members of the Y have access to 24 locations, so you can work out wherever is convenient. This means you can get your workout on at the Downtown Y on your lunch break, then bring your family to the South City pool for a dip on the weekend.

The Y offers affordable rates, varied class and fitness activities, and the convenience of access to multiple locations.

Orange Theory Fitness

Orange Theory Fitness in Central West End is a gym that focuses on individualized attention. This means when you go the Orange Theory you won’t be staring around confused before hopping on a treadmill. Instead, coaches work with you to maximize your workout time and find a routine that actually works for you. They even track your heart rate and performance data using their own OTbeat technology so you can measure the effectiveness of your workout.

Orange Theory offers the first class free. After that, memberships are based on how many classes a month you take.

Dragonfly Fitness And Therapy

Dragonfly Fitness is a women’s gym where women go to reach fitness goals in a welcoming, supportive atmosphere. Dragonfly understands 90% of the battle to getting fit is finding a gym you actually want to go to.

Members vouch for the atmosphere, “This is a women’s only gym so you never feel judged or uncomfortable, and since everyone’s ages and fitness levels range, everyone is incredibly supportive. People are friendly and will always encourage you!”

The “No-Sweat Intro” where you meet with a team member to discuss your personal health goals is free and a great chance to check out the gym.

Crossfit Ready 2 Live

St. Louis has a lot of Crossfit options, but Crossfit Ready 2 Live in South City stands out. The 7500sq gym has state of the art equipment and fosters a fun, competitive environment. Crossfit is intense, and Ready 2 Live is no exception but the supportive atmosphere sets it apart.

One member describes, “My experience with Crossfit has been fantastic. The coaches are warm, welcoming, and encouraging. If you’re on the fence or curious, this affordable, friendly box makes Crossfit totally worth a try.”

Memberships start at $70/month, with your first visit free to check out the gym and program.

Sante Fitness

Sante Fitness is located in the Chase Park Plaza. The spacious gym has a wide-variety of classes and offers personal screens on all cardio equipment (And we all know cardio is better when you can put on the trashy reality of choice or binge your favorite sitcom.) My favorite part of Sante Fitness? The awesome outdoor pool. In warm months, nothing beats a swim after your workout or having pool access on a hot day.

Sante offers a variety of plan options and has 7 free trial days– the most generous we found.

Move By BJC

Workers in the Cortex looking for a gym should definitely consider Move. The Cortex gym has welcoming classes for every fitness level. Classes focus on physical and mental goals- including strength, flexibility, mental clarity, and stress reduction. Another reason Move made our list? On-site massage therapy. Nothing is better after a long week or long workout than a massage.

Move has reasonable rates starting at $50 a month.

TITLE Boxing Club

Want to decompress after a stressful day at work? You should check out Title Boxing Club. The Maplewood gym’s specialty is boxing– and getting you in fighting strength- but also has a variety of free weights. Class options include MMA and kickboxing. TITLE stands out for their flexible class offerings, including individual and group.

Fit City STL

Fity City is a huge facility, with 24,000 square fit. The space comes in handy at normal gym peak hours. At other gyms you might have to wait for a machine or at a squat rack, but at Fit City you don’t have to wait to work out. You can get right to it. They also have unique machines other gyms don’t carry and even have an all-access sauna for members.

Fit City provides the space and amenities of a big, box gym with a small gym, community feel. Want to see for yourself? Get a free day pass and check it out.

The Lab Gym

Looking for an intense workout and a gym full of dedicated members that makes working out a science? Then The Lab Gym might be perfect for you. Located right by the Grove and HWY 40, it’s easy to swing by before or after work (or after a happy hour at Layla’s).

Members gush over their positive experience at the Lab Gym, “All of the management is super friendly and nothing like those gyms where it’s really obvious they’re just after your money. They really care about your health, schedule, and your situation.”

There you have it, the best gyms in St. Louis

Fitness may be a necessary part of life, but it doesn’t have to suck anymore than going to work has to be miserable. Working out is all about finding the right gym. We rounded up 10 known for great environments and unique offerings. However, it’s a personalized choice! So, we recommend taking a visit to a gym above that strikes your fancy and seeing if it’s a good fit.

Do you love your gym and think it should be on our list? Let us know what makes your gym a great place to workout by emailing

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