30 Things That Definitely Happen To All Product Managers

by Chris Kolmar
Jobs - 5 years ago

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1. You know your product better than a mother knows her child.
2. You are a mini-CEO with none of the power and all of the responsibility.
3. You are, single-handedly, a cross functional team.Things Product Managers Understand

4. You develop a product-sense that tingles when something isn’t right.
5. You channel everyone’s point-of-view and come out with the best course of action.Things Product Managers Understand

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6. You ship more frequently than FedEx without ever sending a package.
7. You spend way too much time in meetings.
8. You speak JIRA, Balsamiq, UI/UX, Pivotal, and Trello.
9. You know AB means something more than the first two letters of the alphabet.
10. You prioritize the priorities of your priorities. And then re-prioritize again the next day.
Things Product Managers Understand

Source: Mocks.ie

11. You take pride in keeping the customer top of mind throughout the company.
12. You juggle multiple projects better than a circus.
13. You have nightmares about dealing with internal politics and processes.
14. You are the first person to send out updates about your competitors product changes.
Things Product Managers Understand

15. You deliver the right product at the right time, every time.
16. You evangelize the product internally to everyone, even when they don’t want to hear it.
17. You have mastered the 80 / 20 rule.
Things Product Managers Understand

18. Your personal motto becomes test, measure, repeat.
19. You know that lean means way more than a cut of ground beef.
20. You know good design when you see it, even if you think designers are secretly Photoshop wizards.
21. You make the required compromises everyday for the company and product.
22. You communicate up and down the entire organization.
Things Product Managers Understand

23. You can see the whole picture, but aren’t afraid to get on the front lines.
24. You have more passion for UX than a fat kid has for cake.
25. You talk with users as much as humanly possible.
Things Product Managers Understand

26. You are way more intelligent than anyone expects, or engineers give you credit for.
27. You learn that the best way to unite teams is around a common vision, not through tasks.
28. You know “lack of resources” means it’s time to get creative
29. You know that agile is not something you learn in a gym class.
30. You challenge assumptions and aren’t afraid of the backlash.
Things Product Managers Understand

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