10 Stereotypes About Working In Philadelphia That Are Completely Accurate

Chris Kolmar
by Chris Kolmar
Guides - 5 years ago

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1. SEPTA Provides The Commute To Work Straight Out Of Your Nightmare

Stereotypes About Philadelphia

Source: Flickr user septapa

SEPTA is the red headed stepchild compared to NYC to DC subway systems. It’s there but it doesn’t really do anything to help with your commute.

Because it only really goes in two directions on one street, you end up being stuck with buses (that smell) and walking as the only way to get work. And ultimately, it makes part of the city inaccessible for people thinking of dropping the car from their commute.

2. Everyone In Philadelphia’s Arch Nemesis Takes The Shape The PPA (Philadelphia Parking Authority)

Stereotypes About Philadelphia

Source: Flickr User timomcd

Because public transportation is so iffy, you end up driving to work. And those evil masterminds at the PPA are always around to rain on your parking parade.

Need to run back into the office because you forgot something, you sure as hell better not double park. The PPA is omnipresent and omni-evil.

3. Because Philadelphia’s Made For A Reverse Commute

Stereotypes About Philadelphia

Source: Flickr user dmuth

The neighborhoods where you want to live aren’t necessarily the neighborhoods with all the jobs.

Therefore, you’ll find yourself making a “reverse commute” from the city neighborhood you prefer to the suburban office park where the preponderance of jobs are.

And it’s like the City, in its wisdom, made the commute geared towards people coming into the city…so you will find yourself driving.

4. Every Office In Philadelphia Has Its Own Happy Hour Location

Stereotypes About Philadelphia

Source: Flickr user my aim is true

Happy hour on fridays take place at your local “sketchy bar” after work where you can grab a Citywide Special if you’re feeling saucy.

And if you need something more upscale to bring clients, check out City Sips

5. Working In Philadelphia Will Make You Embrace The “Philly Attitude”

Stereotypes About Philadelphia

Source: Google Images

There’s really no getting around it–Philly’s got attitude and it transcends into the workplace. You either like a town that snowballed Santa, or you don’t.

If you’re a shrinking violet, this may not be a good place for you to go to work every day…

6. Everyone In Philadelphia Gripes About The Wage Tax

Stereotypes About Philadelphia


Live in Philadelphia, but work in New Jersey for some reason? You’re still paying the wage tax.

Live in the Burbs, but work in Philly? You’re still paying the wage tax.

The first city to implement an income tax, it’s now been over 75 years of paying at least 3.4828% of your income for the pleasure of working in Philadelphia.

7. WHYY Plays In Everyone’s Commute — Both Ways

Stereotypes About Philadelphia

Source: WHYY

Who doesn’t love some “Fresh Air” when you’re stuck in your car on Interstate 676?

And Morning Edition makes the commute to work almost bearable.

8. People in Philadelphia Spend Their Mornings In The Office Dreaming Of Getting Wawa Or A Pretzel For Lunch

Stereotypes About Philadelphia

Source: Flickr user slgckgc

Some of the country runs on Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks. Philadelphia runs on Wawa.

And if you’re ever craving a snack in the middle of the work day, you can run outside for a delicious hot pretzel. And when it comes to pretzels, Philadelphians have a discerning palate — only the best will suffice.

9. Snow In Philadelphia Is Great For An Hour, Then Not So Much

Stereotypes About Philadelphia

Source: Flickr user Kevin Burkett

After an hour the snow becomes a dirty, filthy, nasty, sloppy mess. Your commute goes from being painful to being almost impossible.

And to top it all off, you need to spend an hour shoveling your car out of the mess. Horray for snow days! 🙁

10. At The End Of The Day, Philadelphian’s Pay Checks Go Further Than Other Major Cities

Stereotypes About Philadelphia

Source: Select Greater Philadelphia

The great thing about working in Philadelphia is that you can also afford to live there.

The cost of living for the city of Brotherly Love isn’t nearly as high as the other major metros on the East Coast.

And it’s just another reason that everyone working in Philadelphia loves it so much.

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