About Zippia's Best Companies To Work For

A detailed look into how we determined the best companies to work for by city.

What Is Zippia?

Zippia is a website that helps you discover new jobs and career paths that are right for you. We rigorously analyze public data sets, millions of resumes, and millions of current job postings to produce comprehensive rankings and profiles of companies. We combine that with a detailed job questionnaire to find the right matching company and job for you. Every month, hundreds of thousands of job seekers use Zippia to research companies and jobs.

Zippia's Best Companies To Work For Rankings

The goal of our Best Companies To Work For Rankings is to provide accurate, comparable, and actionable evaluations of companies. Unlike some other websites, we try to rely on data over opinion when it comes to understanding companies.

Sources of data include the BLS and our own proprietary collection of resumes and job data. Additionally, we hand curate the resulting list to remove any potentially inconsistent data.

All the data are scored and standardized to location and job title so that each company is comparable. We then assign each company into a potential group based on its size. Note that a company can belong to multiple classifications.

Classification Description
Company An organization of any size that employees people, whether for-profit or not-for-profit. Government agencies, schools, universities, etc. are all classified as companies.
Start Up A company that has received seed, series A, or series B funding and is still under 100 employees.
Small A company of less than 100 employees.
Large A company of more than 1,000 employees.
Not-for-profit A company with a government status of 501(c)(3).

We rank each company against other companies in the same classification across a series of key metrics.

Metrics Used For Rankings

Our Best Companies To Work For metrics cover the aspects of a company or job that job seekers frequently deem important. We mapped those company characteristics to data into the following major and minor characteristics.

Major Characteristic Minor
Salary/Pay -
Company Financial Health Revenue/Employee
Years In Business
Diversity Race

How We Calculated Company Rankings

Our rankings are calculated using a series of steps to ensure statistical rigor and useful guidance in deciding what company to work for. In general, the process used to calculate each ranking was as follows:

  1. First, we choose the above criteria based on conversations with current job seekers and national surveys of what job candidates consistently report as being important to them on the job search.

  2. Next, we standardize the each criteria against other companies in the same location with the same job titles.

    • Minor characteristics were calculated similarly and then rolled up into the major characteristic score.

    • When determining a company's ranking in Chicago, we'd compare that company to other Chicago companies in the same sector.

    • When comparing employee level data, we'd further match the employee to employees in other companies with the same job title

  3. We then ranked each company on the scores for each of the major characteristics described above. This created three rankings -- one for each major characteristic.

    • A company must have had sufficient data for each of the criteria to be included in the rankings.

  4. Next, we averaged the three rankings into an overall company score giving each major characteristic an equal weight.

  5. Finally, we ranked each company based on the overall company score and hand moderated them to ensure the rankings matched with general company sentiments from online mentions and reviews.