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DUDE SOLUTIONS: Building a culture dedicated to people, purpose and possibilities

Dude Solutions is a leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider of operations management solutions to education, government, healthcare, senior living, manufacturing and membership-based organizations. For nearly two decades, Dude Solutions has inspired clients to create better work and better lives.

Diving Into The Values At Dude Solutions

Life at "The Dude"

The name says it all. Dude Solutions, also affectionately known as "The Dude", is full of smart, driven people passionate about serving the operations leaders who make life better for everyone else. Dude Solutions is a growing team of 650+, serving maintenance and operations professionals in education, manufacturing, healthcare, senior living and local government organizations.

And that's quite a big task.

Their goal? To empower clients and employees to do the best work of their lives through the use of their cloud-based operations management software.

Work with People Passionate About Empowering Others

Responsibility and opportunity.

Being the trusted solution for 12,000+ organizations comes with great responsibility and opportunity. At Dude Solutions, you're able to have a big impact from the get-go and to make a difference. That's often a big reason people make the choice to work there.

That's clear in their employer values of service, ingenuity, integrity and together (doing all things as a team).

Dude employees take pride in creating efficiencies and saving organizations money, which in turn, helps secure jobs and improve lives. It's hard not to be impacted by the work of Dude Solutions, whether you have a child in school, live in a town, visit a hospital, have a relative in senior care or use manufactured products. The Dude is behind each operational team, helping them to thrive.

"Everywhere you go, our software is touching lives," says Ed Roshitsh, CEO of Dude Solutions.

One example: There are 52 million children in K-12 across the US, and Dude Solutions' software impacts 32 million of those kids. Another: 1,700 municipalities rely on Dude Solutions to maintain their communities as a great place to live along with 1,000 hospitals to ensure their patients receive the best care. And finally: think about the manufactured goods you use daily. Dude Solutions has a part in that, too.

The team at Dude Solutions.

An Organization With Purpose

1% promise.

The 20-year-old company also practices what it preaches by striving to impact their own community. Dude Solutions has a 1% promise, where 1% of its resources go back to help as part of the company's corporate social responsibility program called Good Dude. Dude Solutions is socially accountable to itself, its stakeholders and the public.

The Dude also stresses volunteerism, giving employees two paid volunteer days every year. It is a primary sponsor for the Triangle Hops For Hope fundraising event that creates original beer recipes to raise money for charity. Internally, there are also employee resource groups that Dudes are encouraged to take part in, such as the Green Dudes (dedicated to sustainability and green living), Salty Dude Surf Club (which supports coastline preservation), Animaniacs Club (for animal lovers) and its Soccer Club.

Celebrating Together.

At The Dude, The Possibilities are Endless

Work culture.

Company leadership at Dude Solutions are aligned on creating a work culture where people can bring their best selves to work every day. This goes beyond just creating an environment where people have the best tools at their disposal. Dude Solutions has a casual dress code, work from anywhere policy and unlimited paid time off. Sure, it's a fast-paced, hard-working culture, but you're encouraged to take time off to refresh when you need it, too.

Dude Solutions also promotes mental and physical wellness. The company has fresh food on hand in its canteen, offers yoga and meditation once a week, and even makes available an on-site dietician. In addition, all employees get three months off for parental leave.

The Dude is devoted to creating a diverse workforce, so all employees feel like they belong. They even have a newly-formed diversity and inclusion group to help create a more welcoming workplace.

Virtual Reality.

Be Creative and Push Boundaries...Together

Innovation and collaboration.

The Dude places a high value on innovation and collaboration. Within the company is Dude Labs, an internal think tank/incubator where new solutions are developed and tested.

And, of course, Dude Solutions has a hackathon every year, where, in the past, the company has developed some exciting projects that eventually end up in the products they create for clients.

All of this seems to be a recipe for success. Dude Solutions recently surpassed $100 million in revenue in 2018 and is growing by 25% each year.

It's safe to say that The Dude is contributing to some incredible work inside and outside of the company, creating an impact and a name that's hard to ignore.

Dude, Seriously?

Quotes from Dude Solutions

Thoughts from the inside.

"I knew I wanted to be a part of something that had a reaching effect. I had no idea it was going to be The Dude," said Ray Kharawala, Solutions Consultant Manager at Dude Solutions. "It was a beautiful thing that happened by accident, to be quite honest. Everyone gets to a point in their career where they want to explore other opportunities for growth. And three years in at The Dude, one of those opportunities came knocking on my door. It wasn't until I left that I truly realized and missed what I thought was normal at every company. It didn't take long to see how special The Dude really is and I came back immediately. Glad I did."

"I like working at The Dude because we have a great team of people working toward a common mission," said Jill Sanderson, Senior Agile Coach at Dude Solutions. "Employees are recognized for great work and are provided opportunities for professional development through an NCWorks grant and numerous internal initiatives. The Dude acknowledges the need for work/life balance with generous time-off benefits and special-interest clubs. To top it off, we have one of the most genuine, transparent leaders in our CEO, Ed. He is the right mix of caring and direct. He's created a culture of high expectations AND high rewards!"

Celebrate Wins.

Company Values

  • Service
  • Ingenuity
  • Integrity
  • Together


  • Competitive Salary & Benefits
  • 401k with company matching
  • Unlimited PTO
  • Health, Dental, and Vision
  • Bonus Program
  • Service Award Trip
  • PTO for Community Volunteering
  • Casual Work Environment
  • Availability to Wellness Program
  • Fitness Reimbursement
  • Education Reimbursement
  • Opportunity to Work from Anywhere