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PrecisionLender: The More Established (But Still Fun) Triangle Tech Company

PrecisionLender creates innovative software for banks across the world that uses intuitive data-driven insights allowing them to have a more robust customer experience, as well as a more laser-targeted lending strategy.

Diving Into The Values At PrecisionLender

It starts with core values.

PrecisionLender, a 10-year old technology company in the Raleigh/Durham area, provides pricing and profitability software to commercial banks across the world. Its innovative software empowers commercial bankers with actionable, in-the-moment insights and coaching, so they can structure, price and negotiate winning deals and build strong, lasting relationships.

And while the company has been around for longer than most start-ups in the area, it’s held onto its principles and values.

Zippia spent some time talking to PrecisionLender's Director of Talent Acquisition Michael Schaefer and Content Manager Maria Abbe to find out what they're doing right culture-wise over at PrecisionLender.

Collaborative Team

The 4 H's.

PrecisionLender’s company values are:

  • "Be Helpful,"
  • "Be Humble,"
  • "Be Honest," and
  • "Be Human,"

"We talk about these company values all the time, and they guide and shape our hiring process, as well as how we’ve grown as a company," said PrecisionLender’s Director of Talent Acquisition, Michael Schaefer. "When the company was founded, the co-founders (Carl Ryden and Ken Garcia) wanted to build a culture of people who enjoy working with one another and care about their work."

The company also stresses the “P’s,” as well: People, Process and Product.

Another indication of the value-driven nature of the company: Employees took the initiative to begin two PrecisionLender programs. PrecisionLendAHand gives back to the community, and PrecisionLiving emphasizes the importance of mental, physical, and financial health.

"PrecisionLender cares about who you are and how you are inside and outside of its walls, and that makes the work-life balance incredible," says Maria Abbe, Content Manager at PrecisionLender.

PrecisionLender 4Hs

Respect One Another

Good, honest, driven employees.

PrecisionLender has another mantra: Collaborate and respect one another. If you have an idea, you’re encouraged to share it.

"We have smart people, but everyone respects each other’s opinions," Schaefer says. "You have to be able to listen. We seek first to understand: What’s the problem we’re trying to solve as a company?"

Employees are encouraged to try new things, be bold, fail fast and learn from mistakes, and then work together to support each other and offer positive criticism.

As Schaefer puts it, "People are the core to our success."

Abbe echoed that sentiment, "Having joined PrecisionLender, I’ve seen that our culture and core values aren’t just posters on the wall – we truly live and breathe what we preach. I enjoy coming to work every single day, because the people are genuine, smart, honest, and humble."

PrecisionLender Have Fun

Have Fun

Work Smart, Have Fun

PrecisionLender places a lot of importance on creating environments where people can do good work, while having fun. They know they don’t need to entice employees with ping pong tables and "free beer Fridays," because the atmosphere is one of enablement.

"We hire adults and treat them like adults – we move fast and iterate quickly." This kind of environment makes everyone feel like they contribute to the company’s success and that the work they do matters.

PrecisionLender employees are also encouraged to spend time re-grouping and re-energizing. They’ve built an autonomous work environment, where a work/life balance is very important. Employees have the flexibility to work from home, as needed, and there is a generous paid-time-off policy.

Additionally, most PrecisionLender employees have their own office or share with another teammate. This gives employees more time to focus and perform heads-down work.

"We pride ourselves on giving employees a great office environment so they can do their job to the fullest," Schaefer said.

But PrecisionLender also retains its start-up spirit. You’ll often see employees in shorts, flip-flops, and bringing brown bag lunches, all with a laid-back vibe.

PrecisionLender Have Fun

Get Things Done

A culture of doers.

As a growing company, there’s always something new and exciting to tackle at PrecisionLender. A lot of employees have seen a problem and jumped in with solutions, even if it wasn’t part of their defined role. "Employees are encouraged to put their human touch on it to make it better," Schaefer says.

The company also has a fail fast mentality. If a new idea is born, they’ll start to build on it. If it’s viable, it very well may make it to market. The environment is very entrepreneurial in spirit and very collaborative. People can see the efforts they’re putting into the products they make, and there’s a huge opportunity for people to grow and make contributions.

"At PrecisionLender, there’s an opportunity to get in at ground level and work on products that can help the banks across the world build stronger loans and customer relationships," Schaefer said.

PrecisionLender Awards

Company Values

  • Collaborative Team
  • Respect One Another
  • Have Fun
  • Growth Opportunities


  • Health Dental Vision
  • 401k
  • Equal Pay
  • Wellness Program
  • 8 Weeks PTO
  • Give-Back Program