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TransLoc: Driven by a Mission

On a mission to make public transit available to everyone, TransLoc creates state-of-the-art technology solutions that help public transit agencies in 48 states better serve their ridership.

TransLoc’s success is built upon creating a culture of partnership. They foster a collaborative spirit, and they identify how public and private transit can offer riders the best possible experience. TransLoc brings the very best ideas and solutions to their transit agency customers and their riding public.

Diving Into The Values At TransLoc

Make transit the first choice for all.

Staff at TransLoc are driven by a mission of making public transit available to everyone. TransLoc impacts people's daily lives - giving them better access to jobs, to schools, to health care, to family. "Every single person working at TransLoc is passionate. We are literally changing lives" says Senior Manager of Agile Services Eric Hannan, "When people feel that attached to a mission, they feel empowered to make decisions."

A Higher Level of Ownership

Trust and experimentation foster growth.

A culture that promotes growth and improvement, TransLoc emphasizes trust, teamwork, and experimentation. Eric Hannan says, "We hire a lot of high performers, and we want to get out of the way to let them do the best that they can do. That takes a lot of coaching and mentoring. It creates a higher level of ownership and performance." The company even experiments with new ways of reorganizing staff to improve communication. Recently, they started a 45-day experiment on improving cross-departmental communication. The experiment moved all of the department directors' desks to the same part of the office so that they were sitting together. Staff are also encouraged to explore their own personal growth. Every TransLoc employee receives an annual $1,500 education stipend, getting a chance to take courses and attend conferences that will help them develop both personally and professionally.

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Sparking Ideas

Find creative solutions.

It's no surprise that a company so dedicated to growth, experimentation, and cross-department communication sets aside time for employees to step outside of their normal roles and projects. Every quarter, TransLoc has a Spark Week. Vice President of People Katie Strickland says, "Spark Week is a quarterly week where you get to work on any project in the company that will have a positive impact on our employees, customers, or riders. If you think that you can make this company better somehow, you get to do it." Projects range from new data collection methods to improving internal systems to creating new solutions for clients. One of the tools that TransLoc uses today originated from Spark Week; the project simulates TransLoc's transit solutions to potential clients. Instead of hearing about how TransLoc intelligently re-routes vehicles to handle pickups, clients get to watch simulated vehicles update and follow their routes in real-time when receiving multiple pickup requests.

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Work-Life Balance

Get paid to go on vacation.

Employees at TransLoc have exceptional work-life balance. TransLoc not only offers unlimited vacation but also gives employees a yearly $1,000 bonus for taking a full 5-day vacation. A Senior Manager was able to take a three week motorcycle trip, and his team kept moving without him. A Vice President has two small children who she picks up and drops off at school every day. She's even been the room mom for her daughter's class every year. And folks with pets can pop home to give Fido a quick walk. As Eric Hannan put it, "It's about trust. We all have different things going on. We trust that you are going to get the job done. With that trust, we get flexibility."

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Transparent Communication

Performance reviews based on company values.

TransLoc has six straightforward values: aspire for greatness, do the right thing, be grateful, move swiftly and smartly, embrace challenges, and take ownership. In a show of true commitment to value-based work, their performance management system is designed around those values. At quarterly reviews, managers talk to employees about how their work embodies each of the values, ensuring that employees personify company values and that their work connects to the company mission, as a whole. From the CEO down, TransLoc's leadership works hard to be transparent, clear communicators. And as Brandon Miller, Talent Acquisition Manager, says, "Those conversations about our values allow for career mobility. Our employees know what they need to work on." In the first six months of 2019, over 10 of TransLoc's 125 employees experienced career mobility within the company, either shifting roles or receiving a promotion.

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Company Values

  • Aspire For Greatness
  • Do The Right Thing
  • Be Greatful
  • Move Swiftly and Smartly
  • Embrace Challenges
  • Take Ownership


  • Health Dental Vision
  • 401k Match
  • Paid Parental Leave
  • Unlimited Vacation
  • Paid Paid Vacation
  • Biweekly Catered Lunches
  • $1,500 Education Stipend
  • Short Term Disability
  • Long Term Disability