WingSwept: Building An Employee-Centered, Friends First Culture

WingSwept provides managed IT services and computer network support to small and mid-sized businesses in the greater Raleigh metro area. It has quickly gained a name for itself for not only its amazing customer service and professionalism, but a company culture that has job applicants chomping at the bit to work there.

Diving Into The Values At WingSwept

Your technology should work for you.

WingSwept began with founder Jay Strickland. A few years later his wife April joined the company. Now the VP of Human Resources, April has taken on the role of mama hen, motivator, leader and matchmaker.

Some 15+ years later, the team of computer programmers, salespeople, designers and big thinkers is now 60-plus - and still growing. In fact, WingSwept is one of the fastest growing companies in America.

Zippia spent some time talking to the VP of Human Resources April Strickland to find out what they're doing right culture-wise over at WingSwept.

Respect One Another

We get to the HEART of the matter.

The company motto is H.E.A.R.T. At WingSwept, that means:

  • Honest
  • Eager
  • Accountable
  • Respectful
  • Team Player

Employees are encouraged to try new things, and to own up to their own mistakes.

Companies don't evolve - nor do breakthroughs happen - when people play it safe. Therefore, WingSwept folks take risks and try new challenges without fear of failure, which breeds growth and innovation.

WingSwept Five Year Anniversary Vacation

People Over Profit

We make time for your family.

One aspect that makes working for WingSwept so rewarding is employees are treated like family - not another number. That means if you have a family function, or your grandmother turns 100, it's important to the company that you can handle your business away from work.

"If you treat people well and help them realize their entire life isn’t about working for you, then you're going to get better employees," Strickland said. "If your dog dies, I care. If your kid did well in a soccer game yesterday, we care.

WingSwept Five Year Anniversary Vacation

Family Spirit

WingSwept is a family-friendly, people-care kind of place.

New employees are paired up with company ambassadors who have been with WingSwept for a while. Whether newbies get introduced to the best local place to eat, or how to use the fax machine, having someone to lean on during your first few weeks has been critical to WingSwept's internal success.

"When you have a friend at work, you're much more likely to want to come into the office," Strickland says.

Strickland also makes it a habit to get out from behind her desk as well - and to get to know employees more, further emphasizing the teamwork mentality.

WingSwept Five Year Anniversary Vacation

Friends First

Fun events make for tighter company bonds.

WingSwept has a ton of company-sponsored events. Examples include a yearly WingSwept Olympics each July when teams of three compete for three weeks in a variety of events, hoping to win a medal (and office bragging rights).

There are company cookoffs, quarterly family events, and each department is supposed to regularly bond over a company-sponsored outing of their choosing.

Whether it's paintballing or a Zombie Run - you can bet WingSwept employees are getting to know one another on a deeper level.

WingSwept Five Year Anniversary Vacation

Collaborative Team

It takes the entire team to have a great company culture.

At WingSwept, it's not just human resources or upper management that dictate the culture growth. Everyone else has to be involved, too. That means if something needs to be changed or fixed, employees are encouraged to speak up.

"My personal mission statement is, 'Hold me accountable,' " Strickland says. "I want to be held accountable to being a faithful steward for taking care of you, the employee. Push back if there's something that's not being done right."

WingSwept employees also step in and pick up the slack when their co-workers are away. That means if you have to step away for a breather - or for a personal matter - you don't feel like your job is overwhelming when you return.

WingSwept Five Year Anniversary Vacation

Faith Centered

A special perk like no other.

These days, office beer taps and ping pong tables are appreciated. But to really stand out, startups and tech companies need additional perks and benefits. WingSwept has a very unique benefit: A corporate chaplain.

Their own personal Chaplain, affectionately called "Chuck" meets with everyone in the company, offering advice, counseling, and other services. His presence has been tremendously popular at WingSwept, one of the many reasons why employee retention is so high.

"I want people to come and stay forever," Strickland says.

With perks and a company culture like this, it's a wonder anyone ever wants to leave WingSwept. And it's also no surprise WingSwept is consistently ranked as one of the best places to work in the Raleigh metro area.

WingSwept Five Year Anniversary Vacation

Company Values

  • Respect One Another
  • People Over Profit
  • Family Spirit
  • Friends First
  • Collaborative Team
  • Faith Centered


  • Health Insurance
  • Disability Ins.
  • 401k
  • Flextime Options
  • Company Chaplain
  • Monthly Bonus Pool
  • Free Snacks