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Empower people with the information and tools to achieve their career aspirations.


Henry and Chris started Zippia in 2015 after seeing how powerful career mentorship is and how unequally it’s distributed. They recognized that getting lucky enough to have an engaged mentor at work made career advancement exponentially easier. They also noticed that those without mentors often fell behind their peers with engaged mentors. The two friends decided to use vast amounts of data available on and offline to provide high quality career mentorship so that everyone would have the opportunity to succeed in their career.

It started with exposing all the relevant information about career paths and the options along the way. This data is usually distributed randomly and not easily accessible. Zippia’s first goal was to bring all that information into one easy to understand and access portal. The next step was to use the best computational and artificial intelligence technologies to create an actionable plan for career achievement unique to each job seeker. We wanted Zippia to be more than just a search engine. It needed to make personalized recommendations and guide you from start to finish. With this in mind, Zippia envisions a space where every person has access to information about their career options and how each job impacts their broader professional lives.

Our Core Values

  • Be Honest

    You cannot be successful if you can’t trust the people, process, and data around you.

  • Pursue Growth

    Everyone should strive for improvement in everything they do.

  • Build Team and Family Spirit

    No one person can move a mountain. Only working together can we achieve our long term vision.

  • Work Hard

    There’s no substitute for hard work in getting things done.

  • Achieve Results and Excellence

    Always know what success looks like and have a plan for achieving it.

  • Have Fun

    You spend about a third of your time each day at work, make sure it’s doing something you enjoy with people you enjoy being around.

  • Do More with Less

    Our big goals put us up against competitors with big wallets. We need to be smarter and more agile.

Zippia’s Core Values
Zippia’s Mission

More About Zippia

  • Zippia has analyzed millions of resumes to understand the career tracks and paths for professionals across all industries.
  • Looking at workers’ career decisions, we can tell what companies hired which people, what their skill sets and background encompassed, where they worked and for how long.
  • We now understand the differences in career trajectories based on your decision to join one company vs another or in obtaining one degree vs another.
  • Our goal is to be the most intelligent and personalized career resource where job seekers go to for career advice and guidance.


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Email: support at zippia dot com