10 Best Startups to Work For in San Mateo

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by Ryan Morris
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San Mateo, CA — home of the massive San Mateo Performing Arts Center and the scenic Horseshoe Cove, and located right next to San Francisco, San Mateo is often called the “Paris of the Peninsula” due to its Mediterranean climate and excellent culture.

San Mateo is also home to a vibrant tech startup scene with clusters of companies popping up all over the city. Being so close to San Francisco and Silicon Valley has naturally led to San Mateo having a very close relationship with the tech industry — it’s where YouTube was founded, after all — but the city is looking more and more attractive to newer businesses looking to escape the crowded San Francisco without having to sacrifice on their company’s physical location.

Today, San Mateo is still one of the fastest growing cities in America. But with all the new tech companies cropping up every day, it begs the question: which companies are the best for employees to work for?

We were curious — so, using company scores from websites that aggregate reviews like GlassDoor and Indeed as a baseline, we created our own list of some of the best companies to work for that were based within a 30-mile commute of San Mateo, CA.

The full list can be found further down, but first, here’s a quick top ten.

  1. Neptune.io
  2. Roam Analytics
  3. Jelli
  4. Scalyr
  5. Maverix Biomics
  6. Man Crates
  7. Simppler
  8. Goalbook
  9. Engagio
  10. PacketZoom

Does your company make the top ten? Read on to the full list to find out.

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1. Neptune.io

Company Description: Neptune works for businesses in order to help fix server and application alerts for companies that significantly depend on cloud services.

Employees of Neptune enjoy the opportunity that Neptune offers them to learn on the job, as well as the fact that Neptune is a quickly growing company.

2. Roam Analytics

Company Description: Roam uses advanced machine learning methods to organize the world’s healthcare information into a highly structured format that draws on thousands of data sources. The resulting data platform, known as the Roam Health Knowledge Graph, powers a suite of web applications that enable efficient, iterative analysis of patient-level data with an unprecedented level of depth. Roam’s technologies have been used to improve drug development, product launch, patient adherence, and patient outreach.

3. Jelli

Company Description: Jelli is a technology company based in San Mateo whose goal is to completely revolutionize audio advertising with their cloud-based ad platform.

Employees like working for Jelli due to its fun culture, diverse team, and the close family-like atmosphere that the company promotes.

4. Scalyr

Company Description: Scalyr wants to help engineers understand and create operating systems by creating scalable and reliable tools to help them do so.

The company is loved by its employees thanks to its surprising success despite its relatively young age.

5. Maverix Biomics

Company Description: A biotech startup that provides a cloud-based platform where users can collaborate and share data, Maverix Biomics helps researchers better focus on their projects and make more and more breakthroughs.

Employees love the company for its excellent application and experienced management team running the show.

6. Man Crates

Company Description: Man Crates is a subscription service that sends gift boxes full of items specifically targeted at men.

Despite the name, employees insist that the company isn’t a hypermasculine kind of company culture, and they love the way that the rest of the team is thoughtful and consistent.

7. Simppler

Company Description: Simppler is a bit like a staffing service, only automated — the company uses a platform that, through machine learning, finds people who can work for your company.

Employees love the service thanks to its tight-knit, family-like atmosphere, excellent team relationships, and perfect work-life balance that the company helps its employees cultivate.

8. Goalbook

Company Description: Goalbook helps teachers innovate in the way that they instruct students by partnering with more than 500 school districts to create a platform that helps teachers get the educational resources they need.

Employees of the company appreciate the strong team culture, interesting work, and how quickly the small company is already growing.

9. Engagio

Company Description: Engagio offers a platform that helps sales and marketing teams measure engagement with their accounts in order to help them make more human connections and expand their relationships with their customers.

Engagio’s employees like the way the company gives them the chance to push themselves and think big — they also love the great team of coworkers at Engagio, all of whom help one another be the best that they can be at their work.

10. PacketZoom

Company Description: PacketZoom helps improve performance on mobile apps by eliminating roadblocks and increasing the app’s overall reliability, all in the name of making the customer’s experience as great as it can be.

Employees of PacketZoom enjoy the way that they are able to learn how computer networking is done while on the job, as well as other opportunities that the company provides for learning things quickly like picking up programming languages or learning how startups function.

Wrapping Up

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Detailed List Of The Best Startups In San Mateo

Rank Company
1 Neptune.io
2 Roam Analytics
3 Jelli
4 Scalyr
5 Maverix Biomics
6 Man Crates
7 Simppler
8 Goalbook
9 Engagio
10 PacketZoom