Your Birthday May Have Something To Do With Your Job

By Kathy Morris
Aug. 10, 2021

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Ever read your horoscope?

If so, you’re familiar (and maybe skeptical) of the idea that everything from your life love to your health is written in the stars.

While the idea that when you’re born is responsible for your life direction seems a bit much to us stodgy career experts, it turns out there may be some merit to the idea.

According to data from the Office of National Statistics, some birth months are far more likely to work in some jobs than others.

Jobs You’re More Likely To Have By Birth Month

  • January: Debt collectors and general practitioners.
  • February: Artists and traffic wardens.
  • March: Pilots and musicians.
  • April: Dictators.
  • May: Politicians.
  • June: CEOs and Nobel prize winners.
  • July: Bricklayers, train drivers, and artists.
  • August: Bricklayers.
  • September: Athletes and physicists.
  • October: Centenarians or people who live really long lives.
  • November: Serial killers and schizophrenics.
  • December: Dentists.

How We Determined This

Our data comes from the Office of National Statistics, who conducted a study correlating birth month with profession and certain characteristics using census data. They examined 19 different occupations.

It is important to point out this looks at UK births and occupation data. Since the UK is different than the US, the results might not be identical if the data were compiled in the US. After all, British football isn’t exactly the same as American.

Neither is the UK education system, which surely has an impact on career choices and trajectories.

Don’t worry, not all November babies are serial killers

Right now if have a November birthdate, you might not be super stocked by these findings. But don’t fret, the vast majority of Novemberians work the same boring jobs as every else.

Sure, they may have a disproportionate number of serial killers, but those are far outnumbered by teachers, customer service workers, and other non murder-y job titles. This also means that your September baby isn’t guaranteed a job as a pro athlete, or even a decent throwing arm.

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Kathy Morris

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