This Map Shows The Largest Individual Political Donor In Each State

by Chris Kolmar
Study - 3 years ago

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Largest Political Donor In Each State

There’s the rich, the really rich, and Linda McMahon.

How rich is Linda McMahon?

She gave away $68mil+ in political donations over the past decade. For reference, it would take the median household in America earning $59,000 over 1,172 years to just earn that amount of money.

That sum of money is basically an unimaginable amount of wealth for all but a very few people in the world and she just gave it away.

While Linda McMahon may have given the most money in political donations over the last decade, she is not alone in her ability and propensity to throw money into politics. So we decided to map the largest political contributor in each state based on FEC filings.

And before we go on, yes, Donald Trump did make the map. In fact, he has donated over $19mil from New York.

You can search political donations by company here.

Summary Of Findings

  • Linda McMahon tops of the list with over $68.8mil in political donations
  • In total, over $148.6mil was donated by these 50 individuals
  • Women only make up 10% of the map (5/50)
  • 48% of people on this map used their middle initial when making donations (24/50)
  • Generally, you’ll find giving hubs on the the coasts

Notes On Our Methodology

We dug into the donations to political parties and PACs by individuals over the last decade.
We obtained data from the Federal Election Committee. They provide detailed donation data for individuals from 2007 onwards — around 32,000,000 political donation records.
We then matched donors to the companies where they reported they worked. We considered a donor to be a unique combination of:

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. State
  4. Company
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