The 10 Happiest Places To Live In Wyoming

By Kathy Morris
Nov. 10, 2020

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Ever wondered where in the country people are happiest? Better yet, what cities in your state have the secret sauce for happiness?

Just like where you work and what you do, where you live can have major implications for your quality of life. We set out to find the cities in Wyoming where life is sweetest, the wages are high, and people aren’t wasting their lives away in cars,

The results? Happiness comes in small packages.

The result is this list of the best cities for :

  1. Cody, WY
  2. Ranchettes, WY
  3. Rock Springs, WY
  4. Jackson, WY
  5. Sheridan, WY
  6. Gillette, WY
  7. Green River, WY
  8. Cheyenne, WY
  9. Casper, WY
  10. Worland, WY

These are the happiest places in Wyoming. Keep reading to see what has everyone grinning so much.

How did we determined the happiest places to live in Wyoming?

We turned happiness into a science and scoured the state to find the cities with all the ingredients for happiness:

  • Being well educated (Population with at least a bachelor’s degree)
  • Percent of households earning above $75,000
  • Median home prices
  • A short commute to work (Traffic = unhappiness)
  • Having a family (Getting, and staying married, has a ton of happiness benefits, on average)

We examined over 18 cities, to find the cities that have all of the above in spades.

While some may be confused to see marriage rates included in our metrics, studies show that married people are typically happier than unmarried people. However, it is worth noting that marriage doesn’t cause happiness. In fact, people leaving a bad marriage experience spikes of happiness. However, a happy marriage and positive social interactions are important for mood and mental health.

Similarly, if you’re scratching your head to see $75,000 as the cut-off for happiness, blame Purdue University. Their study found that amount meets basic needs and frees people from the pitfalls of deep financial insecurity that cause unhappiness.

All of our data comes from the most recent American Community Survey.

Keep reading for more on why each of these 10 places is brimming with happiness—or hop to the bottom to see where your city landed on the list.

1. Cody

Cody, WY

Population: 9,761
Earners Over $75k: 37.9%
Average Commute: 12
Marriage Rate: 18.0%

Cody is the happiest city in all of Wyoming. What makes Cody residents so happy? They aren’t wasting their lives on long commutes for one. The average Cody resident only drives 12.2 minuted to work. Toss in affordable housing and the fact that most Cody residents are coming home to a loving partner and it’s easy to see the city has a lot going for it.

2. Ranchettes

Population: 6,097
Earners Over $75k: 63.3%
Average Commute: 18
Marriage Rate: 20.0%

In 2nd place we have Ranchettes. Residents of Ranchettes are highly educated, with an impressive 42.0% having at least a bachelor’s degree. And in this modern day, education means options, and folks in Ranchettes have plenty of them.

3. Rock Springs

Rock Springs, WY

Population: 23,633
Earners Over $75k: 50.6%
Average Commute: 18
Marriage Rate: 18.0%

Rock Springs is the third happiest city in Wyoming. Why so happy? 18.0% of Rock Springs residents come home to a partner to share their life burdens. Bonus? Short commutes give them more time to spend with all their loved ones or on hobbies they enjoy.

4. Jackson

Jackson, WY

Source: Public domain

Population: 10,483
Earners Over $75k: 50.1%
Average Commute: 13
Marriage Rate: 3.0%

Folks in Jackson have a lot to smile about. An impressive 50.1% of Jackson households earn $75,000 or more. That means families in Jackson can afford peace of mind.

5. Sheridan

Sheridan, WY

Population: 17,825
Earners Over $75k: 33.4%
Average Commute: 12
Marriage Rate: 19.0%

Sheridan is the 5th happiest city in the whole state. Sheridan residents’ moods are kept high by reasonable home prices (the median home price in this Wyoming city is only $217,900), happy marriages, and short commutes.

6. Gillette

Gillette, WY

Population: 33,056
Earners Over $75k: 48.8%
Average Commute: 19
Marriage Rate: 15.0%

Looking to relocate? Data says you should give Gillette a second look because it has all the ingredients for happiness. A staggering 48.8% of households earn over 75,000. Toss in high marriage rates and reasonable commutes, and it’s easy to see those who call Gillette home have a lot to be happy about.

7. Green River

Green River, WY

Population: 12,278
Earners Over $75k: 47.3%
Average Commute: 23
Marriage Rate: 15.0%

Green River is the 7th happiest city. Green River residents pull in respectable salaries and manage to do it, on average, within 23.3 minutes of their home. They can use all that extra time saved from a long commute to indulge in hobbies they’re passionate about.

8. Cheyenne

Cheyenne, WY

Population: 63,243
Earners Over $75k: 40.9%
Average Commute: 14
Marriage Rate: 14.0%

Cheyenne residents are highly educated with good incomes, decent marriage rates, and reasonable commutes. What’s not to be happy about?

9. Casper

Casper, WY

Source: Public domain

Population: 58,756
Earners Over $75k: 38.6%
Average Commute: 16
Marriage Rate: 18.0%

The 9th happiest city in all of Wyoming is Casper. The average commute in Casper is only 16.0 minutes. That means they are only 16.0 minutes away from the loving spouse 18.0% of them have.

10. Worland

Worland, WY

Population: 5,236
Earners Over $75k: 27.5%
Average Commute: 10
Marriage Rate: 21.0%

In 10th place is Worland, Wyoming. What makes Worland so great? Affordable housing, reasonable commutes, and healthy incomes. If happiness is contagious, moving here might be worth a try.

And that’s our list of the happiest cities in Wyoming

There you have it, happiness is a place.

While we can’t guarantee everyone living and working in the top 10 cities is happy, they have a better chance the most.

If you are looking to improve your own happiness, check out how you can help improve your personal factors: housing costs, job satisfaction, income, and education.

If your city didn’t make the top 10, check out the list below to see whether it missed the cut by a hair or if folks there are struggling to escape despair.

Detailed List Of The Happiest Cities In

Rank City High Earners Average Commute Marriage Rate
1 Cody 37.9% 12 18.0%
2 Ranchettes 63.3% 18 20.0%
3 Rock Springs 50.6% 18 18.0%
4 Jackson 50.1% 13 3.0%
5 Sheridan 33.4% 12 19.0%
6 Gillette 48.8% 19 15.0%
7 Green River 47.3% 23 15.0%
8 Cheyenne 40.9% 14 14.0%
9 Casper 38.6% 16 18.0%
10 Worland 27.5% 10 21.0%
11 Lander 32.7% 14 14.0%
12 Rawlins 42.2% 13 14.0%
13 Torrington 27.6% 14 21.0%
14 Laramie 27.3% 12 11.0%
15 Riverton 34.1% 13 18.0%
16 Douglas 40.3% 19 23.0%
17 Powell 28.2% 16 16.0%
18 Evanston 32.0% 16 13.0%

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