These Are The Highest (And Lowest) Paying Jobs In Each State For 2018

By Chris Kolmar - Oct. 8, 2018

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Have you ever wondered which jobs in America get paid the most?

One of the foundations of capitalism is that some jobs are compensated at a higher level than others. The particular jobs that are being paid more vary widely depending on a number of factors, including the current year’s events, recent technological developments, and economic factors like recessions.

However, much like the Highlander, at any particular time there can be only one (highest paying job, that is). We were curious what those were for every state, so we looked at the BLS statistics on the subject, along with the lowest paying.

Alabama comes out on top with the highest paying job, orthodontist, which has a sweet annual salary of $289,740. On the other end of the spectrum, South Carolina holds the lowest paying job, baggage porters and bellhops, with an annual salary of $17,810.

Based on the maps we have so far, it looks like square states (and the Midwest states in general) are the places to be for many of these white collar positions.

Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs by State

  1. State: Alabama
    Position: Orthodontists
    Salary: $289,740
  2. State: Florida
    Position: Oral Surgeons
    Salary: $288,450
  3. State: Maine
    Position: Surgeons
    Salary: $287,030
  4. State: Delaware
    Position: Surgeons
    Salary: $286,400
  5. State: North Dakota
    Position: Anesthesiologists
    Salary: $286,250

Top 5 Lowest Paying Jobs by State

  1. State: South Carolina
    Position: Baggage Porters and Bellhops
    Salary: $17,810
  2. State: Iowa
    Position: Motion Picture Projectionists
    Salary: $17,820
  3. State: Nevada
    Position: Gaming Dealers
    Salary: $18,000
  4. State: North Carolina
    Position: Gaming Dealers
    Salary: $18,040
  5. State: Kentucky
    Position: Entertainment Attendants and Related Workers, All Other
    Salary: $18,110

How did we figure this out?

This one was fairly simple: by looking at the Bureau of Labor Statistics website, we were able to compile a list of the jobs in each state that had the highest annual salaries based on information from 2017 (The most recently available data set.). That was all it took for the highest paying jobs list.

For the lowest, certain jobs did not have hourly salary ranges, and so were excluded from the ranking; besides that, the list was compiled in the same way as the highest paid list.

There You Have It

Here’s hoping that this information helps you find what you’re looking for in your career. If you need more information about any of these jobs, be sure to check out our website to compare salaries, look at job listings, and get additional information about the career paths of dozens of different jobs, such as anesthesiology, orthodontistry, or surgery.

Detailed Breakdown Of The Highest Paying Job In Each State

State Job Title Salary
Alaska Pediatricians $265,750
Alabama Orthodontists $289,740
Arkansas Internists $247,280
Arizona Orthodontists $284,310
California Anesthesiologists $283,860
Colorado OBGYN $277,770
Connecticut Anesthesiologists $269,350
Delaware Surgeons $286,400
Florida Oral Surgeons $288,450
Georgia Surgeons $277,260
Hawaii Podiatrists $280,880
Iowa Oral Surgeons $264,910
Idaho OBGYN $281,710
Illinois Anesthesiologists $259,520
Indiana Anesthesiologists $273,570
Kansas Surgeons $278,060
Kentucky Surgeons $270,300
Louisiana Anesthesiologists $284,510
Massachusetts Oral Surgeons $283,350
Maryland Surgeons $269,590
Maine Surgeons $287,030
Michigan Surgeons $281,570
Minnesota Internists $260,500
Missouri Orthodontists $271,750
Mississippi Pediatricians $274,470
Montana OBGYN $262,060
North Carolina Surgeons $279,530
North Dakota Anesthesiologists $286,250
Nebraska Surgeons $283,760
New Hampshire Physicians $275,050
New Jersey Orthodontists $263,880
New Mexico Surgeons $281,960
Nevada Anesthesiologists $268,920
New York Anesthesiologists $271,510
Ohio Anesthesiologists $277,020
Oklahoma Anesthesiologists $273,020
Oregon OBGYN $256,100
Pennsylvania Anesthesiologists $267,960
Rhode Island Surgeons $278,300
South Carolina Oral Surgeons $267,960
South Dakota Anesthesiologists $285,880
Tennessee Anesthesiologists $253,180
Texas Anesthesiologists $261,670
Utah Dentists $257,800
Virginia Oral Surgeons $281,130
Vermont Anesthesiologists $277,620
Washington Anesthesiologists $260,390
Wisconsin Surgeons $279,510
West Virginia Physicians $239,630
Wyoming OBGYN $263,490

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