How Many Jobs Are Available In Computer Software Prepackaged Software?

By Matthew Zane - Jun. 22, 2022

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Hundreds of thousands of jobs are available in computer software prepackaged software in the United States. From software engineering to applications development, working in computer software prepackaged software has plenty of high-paying and interesting roles.

Here are some of the most common jobs available in computer software prepackaged software:

Job Title Number Of Jobs In The U.S. 2020-2030 Job Growth Rate Job Openings
Software Developer 462,000+ 21% 337,000+
Applications Developer 391,000+ 21% 335,000+
Software Engineer 329,000+ 21% 438,000+
Programmer 315,000+ -7% 275,000+
Programmer Analyst 271,000+ 9% 316,000+
Web Developer 241,000+ 13% 284,000+
Database Administrator 93,000+ 9% 66,000+
Hardware Engineer 48,000+ 6% 46,000+
Software Engineering Manager 32,000+ 21% 281,000+
Infrastructure Architect 25,000+ 5% 117,000+

Final Thoughts

Working in computer software prepackaged software can be both satisfying and financially rewarding, but you’ll need to be ready for hard work and continuous learning. Nothing stays still for long in the field of computer software, so you’ll be expected to keep on top of trends.

The key trend, though, is that projected job growth in the field of computer software is extremely bright. The Bureau of Labor statistics projects that many jobs in this field will experience a 20% or greater increase in available jobs through 2030.

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