How To Make Work From Home Permanent After Covid

By Kathy Morris - Nov. 25, 2020

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While the pandemic has been horrible, working from home has been an unexpected silver lining for many workers.

Not only are they saving money on commutes, lunches, and fancy work duds, many find they are actually more productive at home than the office.

In fact, over half of workers want to work from home permanently

Yet, their employers may not be so keen. While some prominent tech companies have announced remote work is here to stay, other companies are looking forward to a return to normal- including the office.

How can workers convince their employer to let them work from home permanently? We have some tips to convince your boss that work from home is the perfect workspace for you.

1. Lay The Necessary Groundwork

Before you work from home, you want to establish a foundation that you are a work-from-home rock star.

This means hitting deadlines and being on top of communication.

If your boss isn’t satisfied by your current work and constantly has to check in on you, don’t be surprised when they say “no” to your work from home request.

In fact, you might not want to bother asking at all.

2. Can You Actually Work Remotely?

As much as you may enjoy spending your 40 minute morning commute doing anything else, remote work doesn’t work for everyone.

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If you lack the broadband, home space, or other equipment, you may need to take a realistic look at your situation and realize working from home might not be right for you.

3. Schedule A (Virtual) Meeting

Face-to-face meetings can be uncomfortable. However, sending an email, or worse a Slack message, is not the right way to ask to work from home.

You want to have a conversation about permanently working from home. This means back and forth, where both parties are able to seamlessly communicate. No rapidly checking your inbox needed.

4. Highlight The Benefits Of Working Form Home

Come ready to explain why work from home is not just something you want, but a perk that can benefit your employer.

Consider bringing up..

Try and make your pitch personal. Be sure to mention how your productivity has been improved, not just general numbers.

If you have gotten more work done during this time, now is the time to concisely outline your increased productivity. Similarly, if not having to schedule meetings based on meeting room availability has made your life simpler, that is an asset.

Of course, you aren’t chop liver, either. If working from home makes you happier and more likely to stay, that is a benefit. Employee retention isn’t cheap. In a world where employers are always trying to save a buck, working from home can be a financial win-win for both parties.

5. Anticipate Your Boss’ Concerns

You know your boss. No doubt in the past 6+ months of working remotely, you have learned some of their grievances and thoughts on working from home.

Come prepared to explain how work from home won’t exacerbate those grievances.

For example, if your boss dislikes not knowing when remote workers are working, you might suggest posting when you virtually “arrive” and “depart” for the day.

6. Be Ready To Compromise

Your happiness and productivity alone might not be enough to sway your company to go all in. However, even a reluctant boss may be prepared to compromise.

Consider suggesting a temporary work-from-home trial. Or perhaps starting out with one or more days working from a home a week.

Let them give you an inch and you can take a mile.

Working From Home Isn’t A Fad

Regardless of what your company says to your request, work from home is here to stay.

Each year the number of remote workers grows. No doubt this unprecedent work from home experience will only accelerate the trend.

While some companies may balk at a full remote workforce, it is one of most desirable work benefits.

To lure talented workers in the future, companies may need to expand past their comfort zone and consider a more flexible work environment.

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Kathy Morris


Kathy Morris

Kathy is the head of content at Zippia with a knack for engaging audiences. Prior to joining Zippia, Kathy worked at Gateway Blend growing audiences across diverse brands. She graduated from Troy University with a degree in Social Science Education.

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