The world of health care, paid leave, and insurance is often overwhelming to the average person. This is for a good reason – it’s a tangled mess of caveats, fees, and legalese. But understanding the benefits your employer gives you can make a big difference in your finances and overall well-being.

We’ve put together a number of guides that explain the basics of the various benefits and compensation plans your employer may offer.

Check out these articles to learn:

  • The basics of different types of benefits and compensation.

  • How specific benefits such as tuition reimbursement and job relocation packages work.

  • What you can use different types of leave for.

  • How to make the most of your flexible spending account or pension plan.

Everything You Need to Know About Paid Time Off (PTO) in 2022

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The 10 Best Lending Companies To Work For In New Jersey

Even if you enjoy your actual job, the company you work for can make or break your overall satisfaction at work. Because of this, it’s important to find employers that will treat you well and provide plenty of career opportunities. To help you with this, we’ve put together a list of ten of the best […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Paid Time Off (PTO) in 2022

Everything You Need To Know About Paid Time Off (PTO) In 2023

Paid time off (PTO) refers to a period of time when an employee does not work but is still compensated for the time as if they had worked.

Unlimited Vacation Policy: What Is It And How Does It Work

Unlimited vacation policy, also called unlimited paid time off (PTO) allows for an employee to take as many sick, personal, or vacation days that they want, as long as their work is complete.

Everything You Need To Know About UPS Pension Plans

For many Americans, pension plans are a crucial part of working toward a safe and secure retirement. And, as a UPS employee, you have a whole lot more peace of mind when you know all of your hard work contributes to your pension plan. However, you may not be fully aware of how UPS’ pension […]

What Is COBRA Health Insurance?

Summary: COBRA health insurance is a program that allows eligible employees and their family to maintain their health insurance coverage that would otherwise be lost due to termination or a reduction in hours. There’s plenty of worries that come along with separating from a job, some of which include maintaining finances, managing a professional exit, […]

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What Is Workers’ Compensation?

Whether you’re an employer or an employee, knowing the ins and outs of workers’ compensation is essential. Every state has different workers’ compensation laws, but there are some similarities between them. Workers’ compensation insurance helps protect both businesses and employees in the case of workplace accidents and injuries. It allows companies not to take on […]

Overtime Pay: What It Is And What You Need To Know

If you find yourself with a long work week, you might feel quite daunted. It takes extra time and energy to work those extra shifts and hours. Thankfully, if you live in the United States and meet certain qualifications, you are guaranteed by law to be compensated. This is called overtime pay, and it is […]

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Everything You Need To Know About Flexible Spending Accounts (With Examples)

Understanding all the elements of your employer benefit plan can be tricky. Perhaps no benefit generates more confusion than a flexible spending account. In this article, we’ll discuss what a flexible spending account is, how it works, and how to decide if it’s something you should be taking advantage of. Key Takeaways: A flexible spending […]

Mileage Deduction: IRS Standard Mileage Rates

Big businesses typically have the luxury of hiring full-time drivers to distribute their products and handle all of the business’ transportation needs. The same can not typically be said of small businesses. More often than not, small business owners – especially those who are just getting started – have to rely entirely on their own […]

What Is A Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA)?

When you start a new job, your employer will likely give you some papers containing your explanation of benefits, and these can be daunting. It often seems like the insurance companies are using a language made up of acronyms, and somehow you have to understand it and choose the best option for you and your […]

What Is Hazard Pay? (With Examples)

If you work a particularly dangerous job, you may be eligible for hazard pay. Any paid work that causes extreme physical stress that cannot be fixed with an external device will be a physical hardship for the person performing the action. To that end, if you are performing a physically distressing job, you should be […]

Commission: What It Is And Examples

If you’re a top-performer at your job, you may feel dissatisfied with the standard 2% raise you’re given each year. After all, it only seems fair that greater contributions bring greater rewards. For professionals like you, commission-based jobs may be the perfect solution. While they carry greater risk, they also provide the opportunity for unlimited […]

Family And Medical Leave Act (FMLA): What It Is And Examples

When a circumstance arises that involves an employee’s family duties or a health situation, the federal government provides them with time-off under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). While there are stipulations that affect an individual’s eligibility to receive FMLA time-off, it acts as a service for individuals to give them job security in […]

Paid Holidays: What And When Are They?

Employers compensate their teams in more ways than just a salary for their work and effort. It’s standard to provide a benefits package that includes some form of paid time off. Incorporating paid time off can improve employee satisfaction and motivation. There are a few ways that an organization can go about supplying their employees […]

Discretionary Vs Non-Discretionary Bonus

Are you a business owner who’s ready to give out bonuses to hard-working employees? If so, you’ve probably run into the question of whether to hand out discretionary or non-discretionary bonuses. So which type of bonus should your organization reward employees with? Choosing the right type of bonus to award will help you reward your […]

What Is A Floating Holiday? (Policies, Examples, And Differences From PTO)

Offering your staff paid time off benefits improves motivation, productivity, and overall employee satisfaction. In addition to providing a good salary, paid time off in a benefits package is an investment in an organization’s long-term success. The way that each company chooses to handle its employee’s time off is unique to their values and goals […]

Comp Time: What It Is And Examples

When an employee puts in more than 40 hours in a given week, it’s considered working over a full-time schedule. Most organizations will compensate this time by paying them overtime pay for the extra hours they worked. Some, however, will opt to supply their employees with compensatory time instead. Key Takeaways: Compensatory time, also known […]

How Does Tuition Reimbursement Work?

It’s no secret that college is expensive. Whether you’ve just graduated from high school or have been a member of the workforce for a while, this cost is a significant deterrent to many potential students, as it can be difficult to work and study at the same time. The good news is that there are […]

How Does Holiday Pay Work? (With Examples)

The holidays are a time to eat homemade dinners, spend time with loved ones, and appreciate the good things in life. For some professionals, though, the office stays open through the holidays, and they’re expected to be there. If this is the case for your job, you could be wondering whether you’ll be compensated extra […]

What Are Union Benefits?

Labor unions play an important role in our economy. They are an aspect that promotes economic democracy and ensures the protection of their members. If you’re considering joining a union, taking a union job, or simply wanting to know what the pros and cons of doing so are, keep reading to find out more about […]

What Are Stipends And How Do They Work?

Stipends are payments made to individuals who are ineligible to receive a regular salary for one reason or another. In this article, we’ll go over exactly what a stipend is, who usually receives one, and the key differences between a stipend and a salary. Key Takeaways: A stipend is a form of income that covers […]

Everything You Need to Know About Employee Stock Options

Everything You Need To Know About Employee Stock Options (With Examples)

Compensation packages can be tricky to understand. One increasingly common benefit, especially among start-up companies, is offering employee stock options. Once reserved for top-level executives, stock options are now being extended to all levels of employees. In this article, we’ll go over what employee stock options are, examples of how they work, and the tax […]

What Is A Comprehensive Benefits Package? (With Examples)

When it comes to deciding how attractive a job offer is, salary plays a pivotal role. But savvy job-seekers know that base salary, while important, is just one piece in the decision-making process. To get a complete picture of what your employment contract is worth, you also have to look at what benefits the employer […]

How to Cash a Paycheck Without a Bank Account

How To Cash A Paycheck Without A Bank Account?

Getting a paycheck is exciting, but it can be difficult to know what to do with it, especially if you don’t have a bank account. In this article, we’ll talk about where you can cash a check if you don’t have a bank account, which of those options is cheapest, and what you need to […]

Leave Of Absence: What Is It and How Does It Work?

There could be a number of reasons for needing to take a leave of absence, but know it can benefit you in the long run. Before you begin to pack up your things and prepare your departure, you will need to take the time and strategize your game plan. Prior to speaking with your supervisor, […]

The Best (And Worst) Jobs For Maternity Leave

Maternity leave in the United States is complicated, to put it mildly. The United States remains the only developed country in the world with no paid leave for new moms after child birth. This means there is no one standard policy for everyone. With no paid leave at the national level, it us up to […]

Differences Between Semimonthly Vs Biweekly Pay Schedules

When you’re job hunting, it can seem like there’s a whole ocean of information to consider. Navigating this ocean may be difficult at times, but ultimately, you need to know which jobs will best fit your qualifications and lifestyle. This will save you a heap of time and effort. Considering the fact that one of […]

How To Make Work From Home Permanent After Covid

While the pandemic has been horrible, working from home has been an unexpected silver lining for many workers. Not only are they saving money on commutes, lunches, and fancy work duds, many find they are actually more productive at home than the office. In fact, over half of workers want to work from home permanently […]