How to Use AI/Machine Learning to Prevent Internal Communication Losses

By Danish Wadhwa - Apr. 1, 2019
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Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Danish Wadhwa – Managing Director and CEO at Webdew. His opinions are his own.

Many of you may have heard of the significant role of AI and machine learning in the recruiting process and customer service. We discuss these issues a lot. However, internal communication is one thing that many organizations neglect.

After reading this article, you will not neglect the role of internal communication again. According to one survey, a corporation loses on average a whopping $62.4 million each year due to poor internal communication. The loss for a small company can be as high as $400k annually.

It is impossible to utilize the full potential of an employee without an effective communication system. Furthermore, you will also lose your valuable employees due to poor communication.

How do you overcome this massive issue? You can do it with the help of AI and machine learning. AI and machine learning are not limited to recruiting and customer service. In this article, you will learn some of the ways to solve the problem of a weak internal communications process through AI and Machine Learning technology.

1. Understanding your employees’ core competency is the key, and AI can help you with that

According to one study, over 50% of American employees do not engage in their jobs. An employer must understand that money is not the only factor that contributes to job satisfaction.

The first task of an employer is to understand their employees. However, it is not possible to manually interact with employees to know every single detail about that employee. With AI and machine learning technology, you can understand them.

An AI-based system can predict the knowledge and skill of the specific employee with the help of a small piece of information that we collect from employees. After knowing their skills and expertise, we can communicate with them and let them do the task that best fits their knowledge and skills.

To get the best out of the AI/Machine learning technology, you can enroll in a suitable Machine Learning Training Certification Course. A good course will give you enough knowledge, according to your field to help you understand the use of AI and machine learning tools to increase your profit and efficiency.

2. We can make groups active and cut out unnecessary noise

We can create social groups for our employees, but they can be noisy at times. We cannot always ensure that the right discussion takes place and sometimes there are many unproductive discussions within a group. There are also times when the groups become inactive.

Thanks to AI/Machine learning technology, it is possible to ‘engineer serendipity’ with the right employees by making use of the matching algorithm. It will make sure that every conversation in a social group brings productive results for a business. In the meantime, it will also help in reducing the circulation of useless messages reaching out to all group members.

3. Understand the emotions of employees

The rise of AI/Machine learning technology has given birth to a sophisticated face recognition algorithm. The face recognition technology can find out the emotional state of employees when they enter and leave the workplace. What is so great about this technology is that you can get a real-time report of the employee’s emotional state.

Here is another excellent technology and, i.e. an AI-based system that can identify the emotional state of an employee by scanning through emails. It can help us know employees who are highly dedicated and who are not committed. After knowing that, we can take actions to motivate undedicated employees.

In one event, SAP identified unconscious biases in a job posting development, calibrating team performance, chatbot service request, and so on via their Success Factors Solutions, which use Machine Learning technology.

4. You can feed your employees with what they want

It is almost impossible to create pieces of content that would engage your employees. However, the use of AI and machine learning will help us create customized pieces of content for our employees. You do not need to rely on guess works anymore.

The machine learning algorithm can go through the history of your employees to enable you to deliver the right content at the right time that will bring the maximum level of engagement. It will drastically increase the efficiency of the communication and will also increase the employee engagement in the organization.

5. Gamify to make learning interesting

The combination of AI, machine learning, and virtual reality can revolutionize the learning process. An educated employee will be motivated to communicate and perform better in the workplace. The traditional learning pedagogy is just that, and you can change it via technology.

You can make use of AI/machine learning to understand employees’ interest and skills to know what they need to learn.

After understanding it, you can make use of virtual reality to make learning fun, goal-oriented, and multi-sensory. What you are doing is that you are identifying the interests and needs of your employees with AI/machine learning technology and then using VR to make learning fun. You will get tremendous results if you use the combination of AI, machine learning, and VR.

6. Utilize your knowledge workers in the best possible way

No one wants to perform tedious tasks. Your employees want to grow, and they will not improve by performing boring and repetitive tasks every single day. However, AI technology offers a solution for you.

You can automate repetitive tasks in every department from accounting to customer service via AI tools. You can use chatbots to answer all sorts of repetitive questions. It will free up the time of your knowledge workers, allowing them to utilize their time on challenging and productive tasks. It will motivate them and encourage them to participate in meetings and other strategic or tactical level tasks.

7. Let AI translate for your employees

We work in a global corporate culture. At times, the internal communication can be a mess when you have employees who do not speak the same language. I’m not saying that they will have no understanding of English or your local communication, but there will arise a problem in understanding non-native words.

With AI translation tool, your employees can get the translation service in a real-time. There will be no obstruction whatsoever due to a language difference. Installing AI translation service can drastically improve the internal communication.

What should be your next step?

Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Group, emphasizes a lot on employee satisfaction. He puts employees first and foremost, and he has a strong reason behind it. The goal is that a satisfied employee takes good care of the customer. This principle has worked wonders for Branson.

If you are not utilizing AI and machine learning for enhancing internal communication, you should rethink your strategy. You may have the best AI marketing, but without a smooth internal dialogue, you will not be able to expect customers’ want. Around 60% of customers stop dealing with the company due to poor customer experience.

It will not cost you your arms and legs for implementing AI and machine learning for your internal communication purpose. The investment will prove to be fruitful in the long run. I hope this article has broadened your knowledge base. If you want to add some more value to this article, you can post your opinion in the comment below.

Danish Wadhwa is a HubSpot certified marketing expert and IT pro. With a handful of experience in the web, he has served a number of clients across the world. As a techno-savvy person, he believes in experimenting with new tools and techniques.


Danish Wadhwa

Danish Wadhwa is a HubSpot certified marketing expert and IT pro. With a handful of experience in the web, he has served a number of clients across the world. As a techno-savvy person, he believes in experimenting with new tools and techniques.

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