Am I Making Enough Money?

How do your earnings compare to other people of the same age, sex, and education?

By Kavita Pillai & Chris Kolmar

Am I doing well in life?

If you are a masochist like me, you can't wait to find out.

First off, asking yourself this question may provoke feelings of dread, but it is a question that pops into my head quite often

It can be an especially depressing question when you are thinking about career, education, and money; but it's definitely worth asking. A solid assessment of your current situation can be an immeasurable help while you formulate your plan for the future.

Whether you are a young person in the fledgling stages of school or a middle aged professional looking for a salary boost, knowing the facts is key to success.

To better provide you with a complete picture of the factors that impact income, we took a deep dive through the last census data. Based on the three variables of age, education, and gender, you can see how you compare to groups of people around America.

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In the following graph, each dot represents a unique demographic set -- education, gender, and average annual salary -- of workers aged 25-66.

Each vertical column of dots represents a salary range of roughly $2000. A column with a higher dot count means a broader range of people earn average annual salaries within that $2000 range.

As you scan from left to right across the data, you see the vast majority of people earn less than $150K per year with only a scant few demographic dots in the top salary range from $150K - $216K.

Where You Fall Compared To The Average Income Of Various Demographics

Rather revealing, isn’t it?

If we break the above histogram down, we can divide the average incomes into ranges:

1. Lower third: $18K-$83K It's a huge range, I know, but it includes the most dots, which means most demographics fall within this range. Comprising 59% women and 41% men.

2. Middle third: $84K-$149K. Comprising 41% women and 59% men.

3. Top third $150K-217K. 100% men.

Now some things are glaringly obvious:

Compare Yourself To The Average Earnings By Age For Various Levels Of Education

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